Saturday, September 29, 2007

The New Dhimmy Drug for Election 08!

This has been a message from a very concerned neighbor! Thanks Nancy! :D

it’s all true you know the dhimmys really need to keep convincing themselves heaven forbid they would actually come to their senses!

Some out there even think that America isn’t the supper power. Well yes China has capitalism and socialism going for them. Maybe that is what Hilary wants to do to us? Oh lets have more government control starting with health care! Sarcasm off!

Ok the cost of the war vs Islam taking over our lives… hmmmm let me think! I HOPE THE HELL NOT!!!

What’s really on Bill Clinton’s mind?

You do get what you paid for and freedom is not cheap by any means! Neither is the brave men and women’s life fighting to up hold that freedom for all! Unfortunately that does mean freedom for the loons out there too!

Life is precious! And it is what you do with that life even when it comes to sacrificing for the good of all mankind! Let’s show our armed forces some respect! The respect should be given especially from the politicians along with other supporters against the war, that want to drag this nation down even more by subjecting to thugs!!!

“Oh well they aren’t stoning people here so lets not worry about it!” Why should we care or stick our noses in to their business…” We really do need a high dose of drug for these folks! A huge reality drug should be given to those that say stuff like this. Talk about a selfish lot! Those that say stuff like this really are!!! They show little regard for the future!

(Oh and they aren't going away quietly!)

If that kind of humanitarian way of thinking wins it will be a sad world to live in!

Update: The Mudville Gazette Thank you bg for bringing this to my attention!
There you go dhimmys of the new world order! From our brave men and women fighting for the USA and couldn’t even get a visit! Shame full completely and utterly shameful!!!


The Griper said...

hi dcat,
thanks for voting in my poll. i appreciate your input. believe it or not i have a reason for the poll and it isn't what people might think it is. so just keep an eye out. i think you'll be amused once i reveal the reason.

as for the post here, i found it very funny. good post.

as for the war, it always bothers me when people try to place it in monetary terms as i think you do too. when i see that i see a person advocating a surrender.

btw dcat, stop being politically correct. the opposition are not, in the most part, "anti-war". that is a position of a pacifist and most of the opposition are not pacifists. they just oppose the war in Iraq and support the one in Afghanistan.

what they should be called, truthfully, is being anti-victory.
calling them anti-war gives legitimacy to their position on the war in Iraq. the reason being is because they are using pacifist arguements which i think even you have respect for though you may not advocate it. this alone makes them hypocrites.

have a good day way up there. don't allow the rain to melt your personality. lol

The Griper said...

the second video was just excellent, excellent. a good video for those who complain that those of us that are not vets or was in uniform should just shut up.

dcat said...

You mean the third video don't you :D :D :D

Oops I moved too fast for you griper.

Let them do their job and support them!

dcat said...

BTW: Oh they got another 60 thugs in Iraq today! Yay!!!

The Griper said...

yup,,do mean third,,lol then smiles as he nods his head and claps his hands like a child,,,yes saw that 60 more are down and out forever too.

dcat said...

Party on TROOPS! :D :D :D

The more the merrier!

dcat said...

Boy the comment section is strange!

I didn't have this first comment sent to me? Hmmmm...

Oh well I'm fine griper and thanks! No one in the world can change my personality. Not even the rain!

mamapajamas said...

Hi Griper, excellent comments.

However, re: " the opposition are not, in the most part, "anti-war". that is a position of a pacifist and most of the opposition are not pacifists. they just oppose the war in Iraq and support the one in Afghanistan."

But there is still ANOTHER faction you haven't mentioned, and that is the one that is presently re-raising its ugly head: The people who are visciously anti-military. I remember them from the Vietnam Era, and these aging hippies have poisoned the minds of yet another generation or two of college students. They are not anti-Iraq and pro-Afghanistan, they are anti-MILITARY. They are the people who defaced the Vietnam Wall. They are the people who spit on us (yes, I'm a Vietnam Era veteran!) and called my brothers "baby killers".

Guess what... they're ba-a-a-ack!

The Griper said...

surprised me too, not seeing the first post here. looked all over the site for it. oh well, you finally did get it, that is what matters most. glad you liked it.

dcat said...

mama pj's,
Yeah and one name comes to mind but which one is it? Annoying Jane or Hanoi Jane ;)

mamapajamas said...

Either name works for me! :)

The Griper said...

mama pajamas,

every group has extremists, those that believe too zealously about the cause.

the anti-military of the viet nam era were a mix of the anti-victory faction and the pacifists. they were the extremists of both groups.

and yes, i do remember it. i am also of that era just as you were. in fact i implied reference to that time in one of the posts on my site awhile back. it was in my post "Exit Plans" back on Dec. 19, 2005.

Geeez, has it been that long ago?

dcat said...

Time sure fly's when your haven fun. ;)

Mike H. said...

The Griper, a quarterstaff up side the head would solve the ancient hippy problem. It could be called a clue bat to stay in keeping with PC.