Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Harry Said It Isn't Over? Heh!

See the threat from Harry ass Reid:  Here

Harry Ried thinks he is above the law and makes it no matter what We the People think! He and his cronies have another thing coming! Maybe they can put him in a nice little nursing home with lots of meds! Along with some Psychotherapy! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

ALERT Sheriff Gillespie Seeks Slaughter


EVERY whitewash you hear about the “religion of peace” is nothing short of a monstrous lie. The red/green alliance sanitizes, Allah-washes, a violent political ideology. They both seek nothing less than the destruction of the “Big Satan”(America), the “Little Satan” (Israel) and the entire west. Therein lies their nexus.

Megyn Kelly: CAIR Demanded We Retract Our Report – “Guess What? You’re Not Getting It!” (Video)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Historic! Feds Forced to Surrender to American Citizens

Ranchers In Nevada....

Look what I just received from the horses mouth!  Reid you are a horses ass!!!

Read about it:


Everything is going great.  Been offering support to Bundy, his beautiful wife,  family and his outfit.  I personally have been talking to, pretty much one way, Senator Reid's offices, left a message on Rory Reid's Las Vega Nevada voice mail and to various Bureau of Land Management offices.  The main Bureau of Land Management office in Washington DC is not taking calls.  The Bureau of Land Management office in Washington DC has a new director that was a senior adviser to Senator Reid.

Cattle is a product.  To produce and grow that product requires a lot of grazing and water consumption by the product.  In the desert of states such as Nevada, there is not a lot of grass per acre.  Therefore to graze 1,000 head of cattle requires several thousand acres of desert area.  The US Government claims to own a large area of the desert around the VO (Bundy) Brand.  Ranchers own only several hundred acres due to the government refusing to sell what they call government land to the ranches.  20 to 30 years ago the federal government started charging a fee per head to graze per month.  On top of that, they started regulating the ranches out of business.  The ranchers were paying the fees which were being used by the federal government to hire people to staff offices to enforce regulations to wipe out the ranchers.  Out of 52 ranches at Gold Butte, he is the last one left.  20 years ago he refused to pay the fee.  He went along and was present at all the resulting court hearings but being federal courts, they were biased towards the federal government.  His family has been grazing on Gold Butte for 140 years.

The regime in power in DC are using one motive to please try to decieve the general public while in reality they are doing backroom deals to enrich themselves.  The DC people claim a species is endangered called the desert tortoise.   But in reality, Senator Reid and his son, Rory Reid in conjunction with Communist China to take that last ranch and the rest of Gold Butte to build a 5 billion dollar Chinese owned factory.  Of course the Reids would make millions under the radar.  The Amerian family, ranching being all they know would be destitute.

The standoff came to a head during the past few weeks, and was going to get worse until Matt Drudge at DrudgeReport.com and InfoWars pulled the desert tortoise disguise off of the Reids and told the world about the secret Chinese deal Friday.  By Saturday the feds assault came to an immediate halt, they agreed to return the cattle they confiscated back to the VO brand.  Reid and company panicked.  They did not expect there back room deal to be exposed since.   Evil does not own all the media outlets in America quite yet.  Instead of representing the people of Nevada, Senator Reid was representing the Chinese government against the people of Nevada.

People in the heart of America have been expecting this.  We knew why the Obama brand was buying billions of rounds of ammunition and building a domestic armed force by arming up numerous federal bureaus and staffing the management of those bureaus with corrupt and like minded people.  To forcefully take what belongs to Americans and "spread the wealth" of among themselves and foreign allies such as the Chinese and Mexican Nationals, etc..

They swarmed Gibson Guitar at the request of a competitor who was a donor to the DNC.  They raided a gold mine in Alaska in a tiny town population 17 with a 100 armed people.  They swarmed a 91 year old WWII veterans home with over a 100 people to take his private collection worth millions a month ago  They swarmed USA ammunition in a sparse area of Wyoming to attack our second amendment ability to arm and protect ourselves from this regime during the past 5 months Their targets are small, and they are using over whelming numbers of people and arms to hit those targets.  And their targets are good American people.  They are on the prowl.

The good news is, we are already.  The conservative political establishment from Texas, Ted Cruz, Lois Gohmert, John Cornyn, and governor Rick Perry are putting as much heat on the DC establishment as possible with the help of others in Congress  such as Issa from California.  Cruz is going after the Obamacare scam, Gohmert is going after Holder, Cornyn is trying to protect the rights of the people in the military to vote, and Issa is going after the IRS, Rick Perry is making Texas more powerful and f.ormidable to those in DC and Texas State officials are working against the EPA in federal courts  That is the current campaign happening in the legislative branch.  State houses are effectively passing legislation to minimize the regimes voter fraud schemes by purging voter roles and requiring valid IDs to vote.

On the judicial side Freedom Works and high profile people like Mark Levin are pursuing several lawsuits to gain information and to go after corruption as well.

On the ground we are making it known that the abuse inflicted on the American people by Obama's new national armed force for the purpose of theft and to enhance their position of power will be countered and we will shoot.  Numerous unhappy people who were excellent seals and special forces people in Iraq and Afghanistan are now in the mix.  They are well trained and will begin to respond and protect Americans at home.

In the attached photo the man on the right is in support of the VO brand and Americans in general as a counter sniper, on a bridge overlooking the bundy family making sure the feds do not assault them with dogs, tasers and arms on Saturday which is what the feds did to the family the day before.

I know that the feds are saving email correspondence such as this, if they are not watching you and me, they at least have such correspondence now saved into their system and can come back and dig it up if we ever do catch their attention.  But rest assured, they have no where near full access to communications.

God Bless the Good People of America, Sempre Forte!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

CAIRS Ibrahim Hooper Shows His Hate For Free Speech

Hey this all sounds familiar now did it not PAMELA GELLER?! They are the bigots!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014