Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh look a dry run!

islamic muslim Dry Run! "Link"

Muslm Student Group is a Gateway to Jihad

Don't think just because you are not Jewish! "Link to the story"

Oh and "here" is another little incident!

Oh and I stand with Israel!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A country like ours

So do I Glenn! So do I!

Puzzle me this...

Is there anyone that can figure this out?

Some help can be appreciated.

islam CAIR smear Oh Come on!

They smear themselves all the time! Link to the rest of the nonsense!

New Face

  • Respect islam

  • The most beautiful sound is the call to prayer

  • arabs fighting along side of us

After that last speech most of us got his number! Some of us had it from day one!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

islam is NOT fair to Women!

I believe Wafa Sultan MD before I believe the two bit islamic from Portland with Bill today on his show! ~~~~~~~~~~ What was coming out of his mouth was practicing Takia to fool the Kafir. That would be anyone that is not of the faith! They call us names and lie to deciet! Don't buy it because this is what is being overlooked! Soon we will have our churches burnt to the ground because they will have taken over!!! ~~~~~~~~~~

Obama also said "arabs fighting by our side" did anyone else notice he didn't include Israel!? I will not let this go and I will not be fooled! I am not a cheerleader for islamic thugs!!! Enjoy this "link" and the videos!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

islam needs to understand they are in the USA!

The capital belongs to the people of the USA! No one has the right to tell you where to stand on Capital GROUNDS!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

islam and multicultural

Talk about a one sided islamic culture! Watch video here.

Yes islam really needs to be stopped!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

islam doesn't care about your feelings!

Come on they don't! Nice job there Pamela! Click here

Shame on the 30 that gave this video a thumbs down they must be islamic morons that don't care about what others think! Insensitive bigots are the islamic muslims!

Hey folks they are showing their true colors all the time!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hamas is so innocent! boo hoo! NOT!

Wake up and see how they really are! They fired on Israel!

Palestinian militants in Gaza fired more than 50 rockets into Israel on Saturday, the heaviest barrage in two years, Israeli officials said, while Hamas police beat up reporters and confiscated their equipment.

A Hamas official was killed and four civilians were wounded when Israel hit back with tank fire and air strikes, said Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Adham Abu Salmia.

Oh and then you have the palestine back lash "they did this to us" Why is that I wonder? Gee not because they hate the Jews and slaughtered a family. "A LITTLE BABY TOO" Then handed out sweets to their thug freinds in the street and danced like they did when we got hit on 9-11!

No I won't forget the truth!

If you support Ed Schultz you are with the communist party!

Ed Schultz is really misinformed! So is anyone that follows such slanders to hurt this country!

Don't go
Here either because she is just a blond dhimmi that is nothing but pure evil! She is another that slanders. Not a nice person either. I kept the proof and will share with those that have my email just ask. Yep a cat fight with me is being the winner!

People that do what Ed Schultz, spews out of their mouth are the communist party!

Read it here at
Gateway Pundit

Friday, March 18, 2011


CAIR WILL NOT WIN!!! Only morons will listen to such dribble from CAIR! You have to be a total idot to side with them!

March 16, 2011

CAIR targets Rep. Peter King

ACTION ALERT—Let’s stop CAIR in its tracks!

Dear Dcat,

During the House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Muslim radicalization last Thursday, Rep. King and other members of the committee exposed CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) in front of a national audience.

Now CAIR is striking back.

Yesterday CAIR National had the following message posted on its Facebook page:
“We're starting a coordinated ad campaign. No money required- just 5 minutes of your time. Only people passionate about cleaning out our government, please. If you have a large facebook or twitter following, or know someone who does, please reply asap. Email Pass the message on, please keep sharing people.”

A supporter of ours responded by sending an email to the address listed. Below you will find the response that was received.
Thank you Chris! We're coordinating an ad campaign that will basically flood FB and Twitter with calls for Peter King to resign. Sounds like fun, right? :) On Monday, 3/21, at 10am, you and our other volunteers will release a list of FB and Twitter updates that will make us the trending topic (hopefully). I'm collecting volunteer emails and will be sending out the finalized version of statuses to be updated on Friday. You will have to update your FB and Twitter status every 20 minutes. Please let me know if I can confirm you. Also, please pass along more names and email addresses of people willing to volunteer!

Thank you for your time and efforts!
Shazia Ali
Chief Peterkingresign Strategist

Clearly CAIR is hoping to create a social media bandwagon effect, such as a “trending topic” on Twitter. While we have no concern that Rep. King will back down in the face of CAIR, we don’t want to let CAIR succeed in creating social media momentum against Rep. King because of the impact this could have on other Members of Congress.

This situation illustrates why Brigitte Gabriel founded ACT! for America, to give patriotic citizens like you a voice to fight back!

We need you to take action and connect with us online TODAY!
1. If you have a Facebook page please join us today and take action by clicking on the following link:
2. If you are on Twitter click on the following link to get your call to action:
3. If you don’t have a Facebook page you can sign up here: and be sure to become an ACT! for America fan.
4. If you don’t get our tweets, be sure to sign up at and follow @act4america.

*Note: If you have any questions about how to use social media or need assistance signing up please email our staff at We will be happy to help you!
Let’s make sure the social media message in the next few days is not “Rep. King should resign,” but “We applaud Rep. King for holding these hearings!”

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


CAIR SMEARS AMERICA and anyone else that are against their sick laws like sharia ALL THE TIME! I will push back and so will ALL DECENT AMERICANS!

HEY CAIR YOU WILL NOT WIN HERE!!! Get over yourselves!

Glenn, no I didn’t miss it because of Japan

Mainstream media best be careful!

I Didn't miss it at all thanks to Pamela Geller. <-click on her name! No it's not her site but read it all! It's at my site! This is why I promote her blog at mine! I see it before anyone else! Especially the media!

I posted this when it happened you just needed to click on the right link! Pamela's blog name. If you click on Atlas Shrugs right before her name Pamela Geller at the end you will see it! All the bloody pictures that folks do need to see!!!

Thank you Glenn for being the only one to report such a heinous crime! What makes me sick are the sick pig islamics that will say they are the ones that are the victims! Israel needs to keep a check on these islamics because this is really what they want to do! I can't believe the morons out there that are on the islamic's side!

Make sure to "click here" for the fogle pictures.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finally a radio show that pisses on CAIR!

I love it! Yay Gopher!

They are a lump!

See it here!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hey welcome to MY PLACE!

You know as a blogger, I like to admire other peoples work. I go around reading all kinds of stuff that will ignite something inside me. Something that, I feel worth repeating again and again. Something that, I really feel passionate about gets me to post it at my place. Sure everyone has said it at least 1,000 times but hey what is one more! Especially when getting it off my chest will maybe open up the door to slap, someone in the face that has never seen it! Then to see all the others that I have at my side bar is a trophy of information!

I remember telling someone in a comment section to write a blog because I loved the way he wrote. He is very good! Indigo Red! The great adventures of Indigo Red! He must be on an adventure because he hasn’t written in a while.

Another is Dagney’s Rant. She probably is still in shock over what is happening to people in our Country. I welcome a new post from them any time soon! I hope!

I can always count on Mike’s America to keep me abreast. I usually don’t have the time to look at anything else about our Republican best. So Mike, keep up the great work! In the back of my mind he knows all about islam and is fighting to keep our country from the left loons that welcome socialist communist Marxist islamic thugs!

You see Liberals are just another breed. They usually stand by something just because they don’t want to be wrong or hurtful! That sort of thinking is what is going to have us killed as a country! It’s really a PC cowards’ way out and a gutless attempt of evading truth. They say they are humanitarians? They say they are for women rights? I don’t see rights in islam! Oh did I not capitalize the” I”? Well I don’t want to and this here is my place!

Always on Watch is one of my other favorite blogs. She has a hand full to deal with at home, but still gets the posts up! Sometimes it’s awhile till she does but with a good reason to follow. My prayers are always with her.

Gringo Ranch! YEEEEEEHAAWWWWW! ;] he knows me best!

Atlas Shrugs! Because Pamela Geller isn’t mentioned at ITM! She makes islamics quake! I admire her work! As I, also love Jihad Watch! These two are the dynamic dual!

Here are dcats blog awards!

Now if any of you out there can shut the brotherhood islamic organizations down then DO IT! You too can get the dcats award!

No one is going to run me off!

islam will have a shake down! Thank you King!

Pete King Hearings:

What happend to Carlos:

King on islam:

So don't call me a racist you FUCKING ASSHOLES!!! I had time to cool off.

NPR part ll

Click here for the story.

New Secret Video: NPR Promises to "Shield" Muslim Brotherhood Group's Million Dollar Donations from Gov't Audit and "Keep Anonymous" UPDATE: NPR's Liley Put on "Administrative Leave"

Robert Spencer is telling the truth on CAIR

I have seen the pathetic stickers around here "Seattle" and have seen the hate in the drivers eyes of these cars! Their women are their slaves and the women are their patsies!

Robert Spencer with Pamela Geller on FOX. Make sure to see the link here to Pamela's site.

Oh yes CAIR's track record is very clear!!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

islam is insensitive!

islam is islam!

They don't give a rats ass! Soon as people start to see that the faster this war will be over!

The thing is with the PC idiots is that they seem to have their heads up their ass! It isn't like the muslims bent over back wards to try and do a shake down at their masque! They don't really care! They are afraid themselves! If it was me I would have left that chicken shit cult long ago! I probably would have never gone along with it! Just like I haven't gone along with the religion I was brought up with! I do beleive in God and feel the people in a religion have no clue!

Muslims are scared?! They better be! Oh gee they had a fucking 9 years to do something and did they? NO! As for Dr. Rudy Jassar, 'with a degree you can wipe your ass with 'he didn't prove anything either, because it is against the koran to speak ill about a fellow muslim!

At this stage of the game nothing islamics try and do now will ever win my trust! I bet I'm not alone! Don't YOU DARE CALL ME A RACIST when you are trying to take MY country down!!! I'll call you a chicken shit for not calling the enemy what it really is! So in attacking me you need to be SHOT for TREASON! I stand for the USA! Not shariah or some pathetic cult that wants to get political with our US Constitution! Yer gonna lose asshole!

As for the victims of 9-11 I stand with them! Not with a bunch of THUG DOUCHE BAGS!

Pamela I love your site Click here to see her stuff!

Here we have a little shit:

They know it and he is one of them!!! islam should be attacked!!! Why don't you talk a little softer and faster you still will not win me over you little DICK!


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood ACLU CAIR ...asses are grass!

Folks know that NPR is right there with them all!

It's about damn time Juan! :D :D :D

Conservative HQ

NPR IN the shit hole: "Click Here"

Here is more of the same: " yup click here " Juan Williams seems to be waking up fast!

Monday, March 07, 2011

CAIR has issues

We have issues with CAIR!

Looks like by the time we get done with CAIR they will be changing their name. You know if they ever do anything good it will be only for their gain. They don't care about others feeling or needs. All they care about is islam taking over with their pathetic shariah law so it is a political ploy. If you are a woman you need to fight them! If you are gay you need to fight them! If you are a guy or a gal in love you need to fight them! Or if you want a fun life style you best get off your fat ass and fight them!

I have a new video from Pamela:

I also have a new Dear dcat from Act, only because CAIR wants to slander truth about the shady works in their organization! In other words they do not want people to know! We need to tell them not in our back yard and we are not like Europe! They are going to have one hell of a fight on their hands!

I wasn't there either so does anyone have video making the crowed talk back and just catching that part of it? One has to wonder.

Now I see the video is no longer posted LOL Huh!

CAIR-California’s Deceptive Video Smears ACT! for America

A video put out by CAIR’s (Council on American-Islamic Relations) California affiliate circulating the internet is grossly deceptive and demands a response.

The video is actually an edited stringing together of at least three different videos, shot at different times and in two different places.

FACT: There was a peaceful rally of approximately 800 people in Yorba Linda, California, which was addressed by numerous public officials. You can see a few shots of the speakers on the CAIR-CA video.

FACT: There was a small group of protestors who were disrespectfully heckling Muslims entering a building. This group of protestors was separate from the larger rally. Indeed, you will note on the video that most of the video of the protestors occurred when it was dark—well after the larger rally had ended.

The video falsely claims ACT! for America “sponsored” this protest where the heckling occurred.

FACT: ACT! for America did not sponsor either the protest or the peaceful rally. ACT! for America did not organize either event. ACT! for America sent out emails informing people that there was a peaceful rally scheduled to take place at the Yorba Linda Community Center.

FACT: ACT! for America does not encourage, support or condone the kind of tactics employed by some of the protestors. Anyone who reads our emails would know that we always encourage peaceful, respectful grassroots action. We are confident the truth about radical Islam speaks for itself, and the kind of tactics employed by some of the protestors we consider abhorrent, disrespectful and counterproductive.

FACT: The purpose of the event we informed people about was to let the Yorba Linda Community Center know that it had booked two radical Islamists, Siraj Wahhaj and Anur-Abel Malik-Ali. Malik-Ali has, among other things, denounced the “white man” as “the enemy.” Wahhaj has called for “war” and “jihad” against America, including jihad with “uzis.” Our email stated: Politely ask them to cancel the event.

ACT! for America believes men like Wahhaj and Malik-Ali should be exposed for their radicalism. This is why we informed people about the event intended for that purpose.

What’s more, emails put out in advance of the rally by the ACT! for America Corona (CA) chapter stated “Unite in Peaceful Protest…” and “This is a peaceful, lawful gathering…”

What Siraj Wahhaz and Anur-Abel Malik-Ali have said is repugnant.

What the heckling protestors did was repugnant.

And what CAIR-California did, smearing ACT! for America by falsely claiming ACT! for America sponsored the heckling protest and implying that ACT! for America encourages such behavior, was also repugnant.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

CAIR we don't CAIR!

So shove off CAIR!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

CAIR we have our back!

Thanks to the cozens across the pond that have to deal with your pathetic little scum bags!

CAIR and the ACLU's reputation is already in the sewer!

Thank you to Musings of a Durotrigan


Humn Rights anyone:

I didn't think so!


Here let someone with more intellect help you to understand: Pamela Geller

So don't you worry Pamela we know the lies of these thugs! You say the video was seen howmany times?

So will this and your blog will rule!!!


Listen up this isn't England!!! We won't stand for the bullshit of their lifestyle!

I'll fight them if I have to and so will other fine Americans! You don't come here thinking you can change my life pure and simple as that! BUB!

CAIR, allies fight anti-terrorism bill

Another dear dcat letter:

Dear Dcat,

In Tennessee, a bill that links the sharia doctrine of jihad to material support of terrorism is being fiercely opposed by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), other Islamist groups, and the ACLU.

ACT! for America strongly supports this bill and members of our organization in Tennessee have been working hard to get it passed.

The column below, posted yesterday on Big Peace, provides excellent insight into not only what the bill will do but why these organizations are opposing it.

When you get right down to it, CAIR continues to reveal its REAL agenda—the advancement of political sharia in America.

In Tennessee, the ‘Red-Green Alliance’ Defends Violent Jihad and Shariah

Posted by Dave Reaboi Mar 3rd 2011 at 5:50 am in Featured Story, Islam, Islamic extremism, Justice/Legal, sharia Comments (34)

Big Peace

Imagine a bill criminalizing only those individuals who knowingly engage in what has already been defined federally as material support for terrorist activity. Indeed, what if the bill were even more refined and targeted only the material support of jihad terrorist activity. Meanwhile, the bill in no way regulates or affects the peaceful practice of any religion. Who would oppose such a common-sense measure? Recently, in Tennessee, we’ve seen a ‘Red-Green alliance’ between the radical left and Islamists wound into hysteria over this very suggestion—that has, very plainly, revealed them as defenders of the jihad provisions in Shariah.

This crucial piece of legislation to prevent jihadist acts of terror is being considered now in Tennessee. The “Material Support to Designated Entities Act of 2011,” also known as House Bill 1353 and Senate Bill 1028, is on the cutting-edge of anti-terrorism legislation, because it would be the first of its kind to empower local and state law enforcement to deal with the enemy’s stated threat doctrine—the law of jihad, as enunciated in Islamic jurisprudence, or Shariah.

The bill’s sponsor, Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron (R-Murfreesboro), said “this bill does not interfere with the constitutionally protected rights of those who practice Shariah religious law.” Ketron added: “This is not about religious rights or about those who practice Islamic beliefs. It’s about protecting our citizens from acts of terrorism that come from Shariah jihad which is a growing threat in all our states.”

Pressure by a Red-Green alliance (a coalition of ideology and convenience of far-left groups like the ACLU, Soros-funded extremist blogs like Mother Jones and ThinkProgress, and Islamist Muslim Brotherhood-linked pressure groups like the Muslim Public Affairs Council and CAIR) to defeat the bill has been fierce and growing. Willingly influenced by misleading propaganda, the Associated Press ran a headline on the bill, incorrectly reporting it “would make following Shariah a felony.” In the article, AP reporter Lucas L. Johnson II claims the bill’s focus on the Shariah law of jihad “represents the boldest legislative attempt yet to limit how Muslims worship.”

Amplified by the far-left, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)—unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorist funding trial in US history—have launched a media campaign to distort the law and defame its author, Center for Security Policy General Counsel David Yerushalmi.

These groups have lied, squealing that the Tennessee bill “would jail Shariah followers” and make it a crime to practice Islam peacefully in the state. For example, from the AP report: “Muslim groups fear the measure would outlaw central tenets of Islam, such as praying five times a day toward Mecca, abstaining from alcohol or fasting for Ramadan.” The piece continued, quoting Remziya Suleyman, policy coordinator for the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition: “This is an anti-Muslim bill that makes it illegal to be a Muslim in the state of Tennessee.”

In an interview with Mother Jones, CAIR staff attorney Gadeir Abbas said, “essentially the bill is trying to separate the ‘good Muslims’ from the ‘bad Muslims.’” In a sense, Abbas is correct: The Tennessee bill is an attempt to cleave Shariah’s law of jihad (‘bad’) from peaceful practice (‘good’)—and it’s being fought relentlessly, and with much flailing.

That Muslim pressure groups like CAIR and MPAC are mischaracterizing this bill so aggressively tells us something profound about their intentions. Despite the bill’s very clear wording on protecting citizens’ First Amendment rights to peacefully practice their religion—including, of course, Islam—these Muslim groups are making two very clear statements: (1) they are drawing a line in support of the law of jihad in Shariah, and (2) are affirming that, as books like Shariah: The Threat to America have argued, Shariah is a unified theological, political, military and legal code.

The proposed law is pretty straightforward, and is based almost precisely on the federal material support of terrorism statute upheld recently by the US Supreme Court. The Court found that Americans found to be providing “training,” “expert advice or assistance,” “service,” and “personnel” to designated terrorist organizations constitute material support and, thus, would be in violation of the law.

If this seems a no-brainer—consider the effect of this ruling (and, by extension, the proposed Tennessee law) on some of the favorite causes of both the radical left and the Islamists in Muslim Brotherhood front groups, like CAIR and the Muslim Public Affairs Council. The federal law stands in the way of providing material support to the genocidal Hamas or Hezb’allah, leftist enviro-terrorists or FARC—all pet causes of the Red-Green alliance.

In its biased coverage of the Tennessee bill, and its commonsense and non-intrusive national security provisions, the media has completely ignored the bill itself. It’s useful to better understand the bill, and what has its critics so upset. From this standpoint, we can see the truly profound statement groups like CAIR are making by opposing it.

The bill’s first section includes legislative findings that conclude that authoritative Shariah is the basis for jihad both around the globe and domestically. The legislative findings make clear that the law refers to the objectively knowable Shariah that that calls for violent jihad against the West and is the law of the land in many foreign countries, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Gaza, Sudan, Somalia, Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and Pakistan, and parts of Muslim-controlled Nigeria, Indonesia and even the Philippines. In other words, the bill identifies Shariah’s brutal practices and dictates as they occur in the real world (rather than in an imaginary Shariah of one’s own interpretation).

The second section of the bill, the legislative intent, states clearly that the target is a violent jihad-driven Shariah, not any peaceful Islamic religious practice. This peaceful religious practice even includes the so-called non-violent definition of jihad—the personal struggle or striving to better ones’ self (which, as many know, is based on a ‘weak’ or unreliable hadith). So what’s the problem?

Since September 11, 2001, we have heard CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, and the other Muslim Brotherhood pressure groups condemn what they describe as “terrorism in the name of Islam”; why can’t they support criminalizing organizations that clearly promote what they’ve called, “perversions of Islam”? The media should ask them.

In the third section of the law, the Attorney General would have the authority to designate a Shariah organization but ONLY if that organization is advancing the violent Shariah AND either actually engaging in terrorism OR retains the capability to engage in terrorism AND intends to engage in terrorism. Once designated, the Shariah organization can have its financial assets frozen. These provisions track almost precisely the federal material support of terrorism statute upheld recently by the US Supreme Court. The final section is the criminal section, which makes it a crime to provide such a terrorist organization with material support, again tracking the federal material support statute.

Despite all the hyperventilating by the Red-Green alliance, the Tennessee bill does not impact the peaceful worship by law-abiding Muslims. If you are not advocating violent Shariah and if you are not engaged or planning to engage in terrorism, the law simply does not apply.

Is it fair to say that the law discriminates against Shariah advocates and devotees of terrorism by criminalizing any material support of their terrorist organizations? Yes, as well it should. The same way the federal discriminates against any foreign terrorist organization.

The howls of Islamophobia and bigotry from the now-familiar quarters of the far-left and Islamist pressure groups—the ‘Red-Green alliance—tell us more about their respective agendas than we’ve seen previously. For the far left, they oppose even any reasonable counter-terrorism measure that would make America more secure by addressing actual threats. Groups like CAIR, ISNA, and MPAC have shown their intention of protecting the principles of jihad and Shariah. It shouldn’t shock that, for both, these agendas come at the expense of the truth.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Jumping to conclusions?!

Isn't that the game they had in the movie office space? LOL

I guess when one squeals alah akbar it's ok and not a terror threat!

Hey Gateway Pundit had this to say!

Well the dipshit is islamic and on their side so after all so what else whould he say but "let's not jump to..."

imam chicken shit didn't show yesterday