Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glenn, no I didn’t miss it because of Japan

Mainstream media best be careful!

I Didn't miss it at all thanks to Pamela Geller. <-click on her name! No it's not her site but read it all! It's at my site! This is why I promote her blog at mine! I see it before anyone else! Especially the media!

I posted this when it happened you just needed to click on the right link! Pamela's blog name. If you click on Atlas Shrugs right before her name Pamela Geller at the end you will see it! All the bloody pictures that folks do need to see!!!

Thank you Glenn for being the only one to report such a heinous crime! What makes me sick are the sick pig islamics that will say they are the ones that are the victims! Israel needs to keep a check on these islamics because this is really what they want to do! I can't believe the morons out there that are on the islamic's side!

Make sure to "click here" for the fogle pictures.


Mike H. said...

I saw the real photos and they make one want a fire that can burn the hearts of those that revel in the acts of people who do those things.

That act was inspired by the Angel of Light.

dcat said...

Right you are and here is the link for those out there that don't know about it

Mike H. said...

When they catch the perps they should give them a chance to commit suicide or help them with it!

And anyone with a box of candy should be helped in the same manner. Just consider the candy as a potential weapon recruiter!

dcat said...

Ah yes lets serve some of our own candy to them!

I hear you and coat it till the trap is sprung!

Stick to the code Mike H!