Monday, May 30, 2005

Day of Honor for Our Brave Soldiers
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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Hit by a nice Human Being

Coming home from work with the top down on my sporty little car I sit in the sun waiting for the light to change. Then suddenly…BAM! I am at the moronic driver’s door within seconds ranting at him! I hope the hell you have insurance "I said"! What the hell were you thinking?! Meanwhile the urge to get out of others way kicks in and I then command him to pull into an empty lot. I get into my car and the driver in front of me asks "do you need a witness?" I said yes!

So here I am with my paper in hand of the witness’s information (which by the way I will send a thank you card to him and a Starbucks gift card for volunteering his services.) Meanwhile the guy is perplexed and scared of me. I did attack very aggressively after all. He did say he was from China (with a New Zealand license) (He has a ME name) (in a rental car) he was lost and just happen to look down at a number… Screaming at him about when your lost you pull the hell over or ask for directions not look down with a rolling vehicle in motion!!! But NO you wouldn’t know anything about that! You’re a MAN! They are too damn dumb to ask for directions! As I went on, and on…I work hard in this life and nothing is given to me! I finally get a wonderful car and some ass hole hits me! It had to be YOU and you’re not even from this COUNTRY!!! ARGGGGGG!!!!

In China do you all drive in bumper car mode?! Do you realize I have a stellar driving record?! You are going to pay big time!!!

As I am raving I finally get the police connected from my 911 call to them. What are you reporting…Me: “I have been hit!?” 911: “Are you ok?” Me: “NO!” 911: “Do you need an ambulance no but if an officer doesn’t get here the guy who hit me will!”

Now things start to settle down a bit. I realize it is a nick and the frame is fine it is only one part of the bumper that will need to be replaced because I can’t stand to drive around with a little ding by the license plate. I like perfection! Thank heavens it is a BMW and is built well!

The officers’ questions are really annoying me though at this point he asks me was I ok? "I said NO" my car has some damage! (Why don’t they consider your property? Some of us value our property!) How fast, do you think he hit you at? My reaction to this question was gee I don’t really know it was a good jolt! (I haven’t done any testing as a crash dummy so how would I know this?!) The officer took my information and his and asked him if he hit me and you know what!? HE TOLD THE TRUTH!

He admitted fault and I felt better. So the officer said it was clear that it was his fault and that he gave me a case number and everything seemed ok. The guy got a ticket and he asked the officer what is the penalty? (In my mind I could not resist to think “beheading”! But this would have not been funny to say I just thought it in a joking sick way still upset mind you!)

I thanked the man for his honesty and instructed him how to get to a place he was looking for. I told him to follow me “at a safe distance of course”! We even laughed. He said you have a wonderful car and it and you are blessed. He also said he was so sorry. I then told him yes I totally lost it didn’t I? He said he didn’t blame me that he would have too. I think I may even write to him.

Now the fun part of insurance went on for a while when I got home. I was asked all the information. I told the insurance guy that the man wasn’t even from this country! Then I find that this person taking down information was a liberal. He proceeded to tell me that I wasn’t from here either! WHAT!!!? Excuse me!?

So now I have another little battle! So I set him striate I wasn’t going to agree with this stupid comment that he decided to tack in! With both barrels I told him that I was born here! I am an American citizen! He said look at your name you came from some where! As if I had that choice! The American Indians came from someplace too I stated! They lost the war honey! I and my family had nothing to do with slavery either! It isn’t like it is my fault anyway! I wasn’t there! I am an American Citizen deal with it! Then I instructed him to get on with the information and then I wanted him to direct me to the claims department!

The claims department was very nice to me and then asked me was there anything else they could do for me. So I told her about the insurance personal that took my information. I turned his little butt in! She felt that was unnecessary on his part and thought that it was equally a dumb statement to make! He will be address and then she thanked me for telling her this. For he was way out of line!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

This cracks me up! What a repulsive loser but the reason I am posting it here is to piss off the Western liberals. Rumor has it that this really upset the liberals. So I want to make sure to do my part in helping to aggravate them more. You know how sensitive they are! But hey who gives a rat's ass for the graves of the victims of this tyrant! They would have just as well have turned a blind eye then do anything to help the people of this dictator! Oh yeah liberals are just wonderful human beings...NOT!

After all the liberals feel that criminals should be treated humane! My question is why? Criminals didn't treat the victims humanely!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Well do you think Zarcowpee is really dead? Or do you think this is another Arafat episode to when he died? Gee is he or isn�t he? Only his mortician will know for sure.

Another issue is the 25 million if he is found? Could it go to a lucky blogger that finds out from Syrian sources just the information needed to collect?

It would be nice to see that money go to a worthy blogger then to a media news source! Posted by Hello

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

al-Zarqawi Injured...good!

This would realy be good news if it was true and I am keeping the faith! However this piece was done by CBC News which makes me wonder if it is legitimate in their findings. Or are they trying to cause trouble? The story did make me feel good.

Well if it is true I hope he is suffering long and hard and that he is scared shitless! The coward! I laughed at the part that said they are asking “all followers to pray.” I heard this part on the news just when I got home. I’m not a follower as you guessed what I’m going to pray for! Can I turn the knife a little more? I need a new shaker of salt for that wound please! Ok Al-Qaida cronies your next!


Yeah we know the Democrats don’t want any Republicans in office! If there are too many Republicans then they can just filibuster again!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Allah is on George W. Bush's Side

Sorry Jihad but here is a sign for you! A grenade that was thrown toward President Bush during a visit to the former Soviet republic of Georgia last week was a threat to him and failed to explode. The FBI confirmed it was real! What does that tell you? There is a reason for his survival that forces protected him. He was protected! If he was evil he would have blown up. It is more then luck here. There is a reason for everything. He is to survive to carry out your so called holy war! Good always over powers evil.

Now I know that the Jihad is too proud to admit anything of course. If our soldiers wouldn’t have been able to kill Saddam’s son’s you bet they would be out there saying it is a sign from Allah! Well guess what losers most of us do pray and some have a reason to be here. It is to fight the evil that are trying to destroy a life of freedom for the people. When you were so stupid to attack the US it started that night!

The nail is in the ground and you the Jihad, days are numbered! Zarqawi you have no where to go even if you do yourself in! Which I don’t think your man enough to do! You will have your little brainwashed cronies do it for you. The sooner they find out or “except” what is really happening the sooner they will see the light. I seriously think this will happen so they will perish.

I knew the first time when this grenade episode happened that the media would shrug it off! You bet half of the liberals wanted him blown up and even made comments at my job that: “Too bad it wasn’t real!” (But now we know it was!)

Now to those people I want to warn that negative things that come into your life you have asked for it! You opened the door! Plus when you get on my list it is very, very hard to get off of it! Darn right impossible to tell you the truth.

TV Mindless Polls

Today the media came on to take their proverbial poll on the war in Iraq. Well they didn’t ask me or the others in the country personally! In fact you would have probably had to be glued to the TV to hear it and vote on it at that moment! NBC isn’t in my favorite folder! They get the results in limited time to guess whose benefit!?

A lot of us were all rowing with the slaves. Some of us have jobs to perform and are not always at their beckoned call to do a mindless little vote that isn’t scientific! So how can they go on to rant on “their” out come about the polls? It isn’t a scientific poll yet they went on to say that "most disapproved on the war in Iraq?" This is right up there with the voting systems in our State of Washington!

When they say at the end this wasn’t a scientific poll I usually say “NO SHIT!!!”

Monday, May 16, 2005

Between You and God

Religion is good for the soul. It is good to praise God for all that we have. We learn to ask for forgiveness of our sins and all the rest of the rules that we are supposed to live by. A book was even written for this order of life in how we should live by God’s commands. Now with many Interpretations included.

My question is who wrote all this and how was it handed down to mankind? You know a lot of the great writers have problems like hearing voices. Manic depressive feelings maybe or schizophrenia was around back then but people didn’t understand it. There is a joke about this “you’re just jealous that the voices don’t talk to you.”

I do believe in gut feelings and being guided and I believe in God. I don’t believe in mankind! Women have been treated badly from day one! This is supposed to be just? I don’t think so! “My opinion” some men feel threatened so they have to “so call” put women in a place so their dirty little minds don’t get corrupt! Never mind that they all need counseling! So do the women for being passive!!! It’s their culture?! Don’t make me laugh! I’ll tell you about women's suffrage here in America in the time of 1850-1900’s!

Religion dictates and can be very corrupt if not kept in check. Freedom of both sexes’ can be taken away for the sake of a religion. God does not condone the death and destruction of another because of Him. He is the God of peace and love.

Religion was created to keep order. However so far we are having chaos! How is it that people follow a religion then go and kill for the sake of thinking someone else isn’t living right? They aren’t living up to “their” standards therefore they are infidels? Who made them God to tell them how to live?

As long as a person hasn’t taken a life and they live a life of freedom I really don’t think one has a right to attack! If a person works, comes home and takes care of a family but doesn’t go to church it isn’t up to us to condemn them. If they are out doing good in the community this is Gods work too. Cutting people off on the freeway and going to church thinking they are so great isn’t our right to judge either. Frankly “my opinion” is this person is going to hell in a hand basket!

You have a religion; fine, go with it! But leave others out of it and don’t go around calling people names or taking innocent life! It isn’t about you! It is about you only when you die and face the Almighty! That is your issue not a book in a toilet or of killing because of differences! (That is just what terrorist do!) Now go get a life!

My opinion again is that the media is evil! So is anyone else who tries to jeopardize democracy and peace.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Book of Koran and the John

I believe it is propaganda of the media to inflect on the freedom march. There are people that are against the war. They want this to fail so they will feed off the show of ones frustrations. I am sure that some are very frustrated about the war and people that are extreme about their beliefs to the point of blowing themselves up. I say go a head and blow yourself up but leave the innocent village people out of it!

I know extremist drive me crazy and I would do something like throw the book in a toilet out of frustration anger whatever. Then I would hope that they would see me do it out of "my frustration" and their reaction to it. The intellectual “once again” will know the difference and try to understand this frustration and move in the right direction of freedom. After all we are his people “all of us” regardless of differences. We can not allow the torture of innocents under dictatorships. That includes religion that seems to come into play.

“forgive them father for they do not know what they do.”

A blogger in a comment section attacked the Christians by saying they killed people like witches. Let us not forget the Spanish inquisition did this as well. Talk about your extremist! This is in the past folks and it won’t happen again because there is freedom to choose and laws to protect. Lawyers standing by to take cases so lets move on to a freedom for all campaign instead of the blame game on a few frustrated individuals!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Democrats Say Frivolous

What is frivolous is the fact that democrats called foul in the first place on the elections in Washington State! Now they are getting upset because the investigation comes out that there were issues of uncounted ballots as well as felons voting. The Democrats clam that it should be dropped because “their” numbers that “they” came up with show Gregoire still in the lead. Yeah right and we are going to trust those numbers. Inaccuracy was already found with that statement.

I say keep going in the investigation and lawsuit! We are wasting money already by a certain party being in charge! Gregoire is signing stuff left and right!

I was given a voters pamphlet in the mail for firemen to get a certain percentage. Now I would have gone ahead and voted yes. Reading up on what is being spent and the percentage wanted I find that greed is playing a factor now. I vote NO!

If you ever come to Washington State to live you really have to pay attention to every detail otherwise you could lose your shirt!

Hand Grenade Incident

The reason why the grenade didn’t go off is because GWB is protected. You know about the three, foe well now something horrible will happen to that person that threw the grenade.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Freedom March

I knew I was right to think that the Muslim world would join in the march for peace! Not everyone is a babbling idiot only the posters like Scott from Oregon, Eddie, Linkin, well just about anyone else that has a hate thing going on for the fight for freedom.

For all the attention these posters in the comment section at ITM want it seems to me they are manic. If I ever would stumble on a site that I didn’t agree with I would simply get out fast. Sometimes I do read and post at “my own place to draw attention to what is being said out there" by these parasites. Now that I don’t get the far left paper anymore I guess that is what I will have to do for entertainment and to alert the media of the twisted facts coming from these sites.

I still feel that ITM is a good insight to Iraq and they have many friends that agree with them. Friends don’t abandon friends just because someone else has come along to spew off on a tangent. Friends do have a tendency to let these parasites know they are not at all welcomed and what ever they say they are being laughed at and dissected in other sites. It isn’t very pretty either folks. Support the march for freedom!

I feel a song coming on for the far left side… Enjoy!

Photo of Soldier holding Little Iraqi Girl

The story behind an emotional Iraq photo was on our local TV station. The wife of the Fort Lewis soldier was looking on the internet and was able to make out the name tag. They live here in Washington State. I couldn’t get the picture on the Video however the news is here to listen to when you click on the selected video that would be the story behind an emotional Iraq photo. The photo was first seen by me at Iraqi Expat's.

It's Show Time Kiddies

Wake Up America! Hat tip to Old Blue Jacket “Warren Willis”

What do you know a double feature! The Ole West

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Opera

I didn’t think I was the type to go to the opera until now. Last nights performance was just fabulous! The Tales of Hoffman was better then the other two that I have seen. I think I am having an addiction finally! Opera has some humor in which I have never new before. This was only my third show. It took the The Tales of Hoffman to convince me. It did show that “Catholic guilt thing” at the end. The you screwed up but everything will be good again and you are forgiven…yada, yada, yada.

At first I thought, “When we were asked by an acquaintance to go to the opera.” “OH NO!!!” This is going to be worse then having to watch The Lawrence Welk show with grandma! I guess I am getting old because the sets dazzled me as well as the costumes. Thank God for the reader board so that you know what is going on!

The trip back stage after each performance to meet all the divas / baritones was enough to hook you. I found out that all in the arts are not Liberal either! They are so much fun and nothing like a snob at all!!! (This is what really hooked me.) They were all fine human beings and not stuck up like actors seam to be. I got hugs and hand shakes (not the wimpy limp handshake either!) A picture was even taken with one of them! I need to get that picture somehow. I guess I’ll ask. The spouses were just as nice that were back stage. They were joking how their spouse would perform over and over in the bathroom or in the kitchen…etc.

The first one I saw was done by an Italian. This Italian did the opera in French. Like I said thank God for the reader board! Now I don’t care what language they are in. I did take a semester of language however I don’t think it sounds the same when singing. So I don’t think it would have helped me.

Anyway what a wonderful experience once again and if you are in Seattle you must check out the new McCaw Hall.

News Media Fading Fast

The blogs will be the next info in news. All the papers are declining in sales and so trusted blogs will be the news source of the future. Places like Little Green Footballs . We don’t get the news paper anymore not even the east side, journal.

Fox will do fine though and will be up there with the trusted news source. “I didn’t care for the runaway bride though!” I guess they have to throw something in as filler every now and then. I am surprised though they held off talking about the capture of Ben Lau den’s best friend! It won’t be long now Binny boy! Just a little reminder!

With all the news that is out I think people should be aware of what is going on from the people who are living it. The news on religion will always be bias because of all the culture stuff people are brought up on. I just hope with the right understanding and in helping those that are abused by a society of terrorist we just may be able to focus on a better life for all.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Secure Border

DEAR SUPPORTERS OF A SECURE BORDER,For a week now, Bill O'Reilly has been giving a lot of attention on TV and radio to an on-line petition to President Bush. It asks him to immediately secure U.S. borders.
The petition can be found at
If you have not signed this petition, you may want to do so right now to help build the size of its impact.
O'Reilly has quickly grown impatient with the pace of progress even though the petition only started on Monday morning, April 25 and has already gotten more than 300,000 signers.
In one of his editorials, he has noted that 1% of the population is about 3 million Americans. He said a petition campaign like this ought to be able to at least get 1% of the population to take the time to do something so simple as to fill out their name in the petition.
He said we have the lousy insecure borders with hundreds of thousands illegally crossing every few months because the American people have been quiet in their disapproval. Nothing will ever get better unless individual Americans rise together with something like this petition.
A million signers by Memorial Day would be enough to get the attention of a lot of people.
TAKE A SECOND STEP AND SEND A MESSAGE TO CONGRESS TODAY TO FUND MORE BORDER PATROLYou may also want to make sure that your U.S. Representative and two Senators are fully aware of how you feel about immigration issues.
Send FREE FAX messages to them over the internet by using this link: will find a number of fax messages about different aspects of the nation's out-of-control immigration policies. Right now is a particularly important time to contact your Members of Congress. The House and Senate have passed Iraq Spending Bills with very different immigration provisions. Right now, official negotiators from House and Senate are trying to figure out which to keep and which to delete for a final bill for Pres. Bush to sign.
The congressional negotiators are trying to decide whether to retain major new funding for more Border Patrol and interior enforcement agents against illegal immigration. They are also trying to decide whether to ban states from enticing more illegal aliens by giving them drivers licenses..
Hearing from you could make a big difference in how your Members of Congress act on these matters.
ROY BECKPresident, NumbersUSA

Monday, May 02, 2005

On with the Trial

The Judge allowed the trial to go on. Soon Gregoire may be relieved of her duty! This will definitely end a burden to the State of Washington!

Click here for the article

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Political Sign

We always look forward to this sign going South on I-5 or North on I-5

Going to Oregon it stated: Welcome to America! Now speak English!

Coming home the sign read: Democrats vote early and often.

These both got me chuckling. This billboard use to be on an old farm roof for years. Now the farm is gone and they placed a billboard to carry on the republican tradition in this small town. I’m sure the Seattle people really love this sign and look forward to it when traveling.

Time for the News

Rarely do I get to keep up on the news when I am on vacation. Mainly because Mr. dcat keeps me from it. I wish he would have kept me from it this time too!

The place where we stayed has a lovely library and lounge area with a fireplace. Our room had a fireplace too and it is just as cozy. Maybe even nicer with the Pacific Ocean right there out the door to a deck, you could just open a window and listen to the waves if you wanted to. With Mr. dcat in the library and myself finally getting a chance to watch “FOX NEWS” was like “oh boy here is my chance”!

What a disappointment! It was about some runaway bride “this mind you took up my half hour of pleasure to catch up on the latest.” I waited patiently and to no other coverage except of the runaway bride! I then shut the TV off in despair and thought she needs to be prosecuted for what she did! What a Looney! At least I didn’t have to sit there for much longer then that! I felt proud of myself for turning it off and going to Mr. dcat to go and walk the beach, instead.

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