Monday, November 11, 2019

A Freedom Kind of Day, Thanks to The Veterans

      The day at the end of the afternoon looked like this today, towards the Cascade Mountains from our deck.  We are in the Pacific North West.  So, it starts getting dark really early.  December will be here and we will have less daylight.  

     It was a fantastic day to do some outdoor decorations.  I am sure this is offensive to the heathens out there.  You all know how I feel about them!  

The tree indoors is all finished!

My outdoor tree is all decked out with lights and all.  However I will not light everything up till after the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Dog Show and our feast!  It's how I roll.

This is all from trimming trees in my yard.  I had the branches in my greenhouse.  Oh what a wonderful aroma!  When you cut up the branches you release more of the fragrance and pitch.  

So I save some of my old topping from my yard to add to the new mixture of fresh branches.  

     One by one I decorated them and put them all on my sitting wall that I built almost 2 years ago.  They are all in the house now.  Sprits with water and oh what a wonderful smell of Christmas!

     The old stuff will make a nice fire starter in my fire pit outside!  It's our anniversary!  A nice night for a fire and some home brew!  Cheers!

The Dianna Ploss Show

 Dianna Ploss

God Bless Our Veterans!

Vice President Pence Attends a National Veterans Day Observance

President Trump and The First Lady Attend the New York City Veterans Day...

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Hey Atheists!

     Atheists and every other loon out there!  You offend me!  So we are even!  The beauty of being American is that you can remain stupid, clueless and godless!  There!  There is your freedom!  Now take it and leave the country already!  We don't want you or do we need you here!

In God We Trust!

     We certainly can't have any trust in Atheists, or the empty headed soulless loons on the left!  Like the President, I will be in your face!  So done with mongrels like you!  YOU OFFEND US! In fact you are a darn disgrace to this country!  An embarrassment really! 

     Oh, I am so mean, so nasty... Gee, why the hell is that I wonder?  It's because of morons like you!  Godless lowlife of the left trying to control everyone, because they don't believe in God, NO!  They all are for the socialist, commies with corruption!  They believe in godless acts of stupidity and I am glad to say, there are more of us than you!  I know that it bothers you.  A pity that you are a miserable wretched breed of lowlife.  Dictatorship will not fly in the USA!  You have your stupid right to go on living in your godless life!  Don't bring the rest of us with you!  In other words, go to hell!  Take that pathetic group of devils of islam with you! 

Thank you Diamond and Silk for kick starting me today!  I am firing back too!  "Link" 

2019 Marine Corps Birthday Message

Happy 244th Birthday United States Marine Corps!

Happy 244th B-Day to the USMC!!!

Mini AOC impeaches her parents

Saturday, November 09, 2019

MiniAOC learns the Alphabet

Watching Listening and Oh Yeah!

     I'm so tired of the fascist crazies out there!  But you think I will give up?  Oh hell no!  Not after I saw this,

IT BEGINS: Now Facebook Is Threatening to Delete Accounts that Publish Trump Campaign Rallies — Saying It’s “Clickbait” 

     I have been blocked 22 x's now so, yeah!  

     Back to what I was doing, the outside is finished except for the Manger.  It's a rainy day today.  I got a lot done already.  Weed and feed added to the lawn, hummingbirds are happy with their new juice I made for them.  I am still worked up over Seattle suing because, we voted and won the $30.00 car tab in the vote.  Now they all of a sudden have cash to sue?  Yep Sanctuary City and all!  The city is dying.  To me it is dead!  

    Now to listen to more on line and keep trimming the tree!  The little Angel next to a blue ornament is a reminder of just one Angel, that was given to me from a friends Angel tree.  She is no longer with us.  Only a few received one from her tree.  I put it up and center every year!  

President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure

Robert Spencer

Friday, November 08, 2019

$30.00 Car Tabs

     Yeah so, the people voted for it and it came in winning!  People are tired of you Seattle!  What are you doing with the money that you got already?  Why is Seattle dying?  WTF are you doing with the money you do have? 

     Seattle must be pooping money to be able to sue, because they lost on the vote that, "We the people" voted on!  How in the hell can you now sue, Seattle?  I suppose the crooked lawyers will be in on all this too!  People we need to fight back!   

Whistle A Happy Tune Edition 8nov19

United States-Mexico-Canada-Agreement (USMCA)

America's First Lady, Melania Trump, visits Boston Medical Center (BMC).

Sheriff Joe Arpaio celebrates his 85th birthday in Massachusetts!

The Left are Phony I Agree!

Press Briefing with Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie

By George, She's Got It!

So just because, I am blocked for the 22nd time on fu*Kturdbook that won't mean I will stop!  Jennifer dear you are doing a superb job!  The education though should have started way before Obama got elected!  Just saying!  I won't hold it over you at least some are smart enough to get it!  

Oh hell yeah this will be on!  Good job Jennifer! 

Everyday He Thinks of Us All

 Donald J. Trump

Thursday, November 07, 2019

President Trump Presents the Presidential Citizens Medal

Love The President, and His Tweets!

The Good Godly We Get Freedom Taken Away

Prayers for David J Harris 

Yep, as of yesterday today and probably tomorrow, the election page will not show the results to me!  This is King County in Washington State.

It must be an algorithm thing they are doing to us.  This is corruption at it's best!  

I too am blocked 22x's now so....  Yeah they are going to play nasty now.  Here is my video that I made and will be tweeting this out linking it to the President that I elected!   Click here on My Video too.

My Freedom!

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

President Trump Delivers Remarks on Federal Judicial Confirmation Milest...

Sawant is Losing... That's a Good Thing!

I just got the memo....

"Well, the hard work is paying off. Last night, Washington voters sent a clear message to the out-of-touch Democrats across the state - everything from restoring $30 car tabs with I-976 to rejecting R-88 and saying no to discrimination, not to mention the BIG thumbs down to nearly every one of the Democrats newly-passed tax increases with the advisory votes.

Great candidates are winning in important races like Spokane Mayor, Whatcom County Executive, Snohomish County Treasurer and Sheriff, Port of Tacoma, and many more. The voters are ready for a new direction led by common sense, conservative policies.

Today we can celebrate, but tomorrow we have to get right back on the campaign trail and keep this momentum going into 2020!

Jay Inslee is still running for a third term for governor, Bob Ferguson is stillrunning for Attorney General, and House and Senate Democrats are stillplanning on implementing a state income tax, capital gains income tax, and increasing home-ownership costs.

Our numbers are looking good. So far we have:
  • held 22 training sessions
  • trained 30 counties
  • registered nearly 2000 attendees
  • recruited more than 875 first time activists...
... and we're not stopping anytime soon."

President Trump Delivers Remarks on Federal Judicial Confirmation Milest...

Too Close To Call: KenWTFtucky! 5nov19