Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I am John Doe

You see something unusual or strange report it! I am John Doe

Monday, March 26, 2007

What Jihad do you Trust to listen to?

Former Jihadist Speaks Out

Oh sure blame the bride! Can’t they just do what we do here in the USA? Screw em, leave em, pay child support? I don't know? I didn't get in any predicaments like this. And I never had to merry someone 'I didn't want to. Oh and I wouldn't! You see ESP comes in very handy to some of us. And for others it's mess after big mess all their life it seems.

I think I would have left home!… Um… oh yeah I did leave home…

Oh come on! I can’t swallow that anyone in a dysfunctional, family (Jehad family) has that kind of hold on someone! Why 'I heard kids are the same all over the world and none of them really listen to you! How many are plotting their escape from your firm, hold? All of them! Don’t you kid yourself! If you don’t agree ‘just go your own way.

I have come to the conclusion that the Jihad parents are nut bags and their kids are not normal. I suppose they have those bumper stickers that say: "My son is a Jihad". I think another one to that would have to read. My son is going to take your little Jihad out!

Yes indeed many meanings there. Heh. You can tell I like to have some fun.

Then there is the drug thing he talked about. I don’t understand addiction? My addiction is reading all the crap that is going on right now. My best addiction is to have a good life.

Excuse me I have to go plan another trip!

Jihads are far from normal I know that! How do we know he is telling the truth? I heard, they will do all they can to win your trust even if it is a sin to them (it’s ok though cause Allah said so) just to take you down!

Anything they say or do is for Allah. Remember that!

I am to the point I can’t even trust this bloke

And thanks bg for sending this link.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Global Warming Culprits


Terror in the Making You may have to copy this link and place it to the browser. (In fact you will have copy and place it in your browser to view it) Pretty sick I'd say!

Terror in training:


JON SCOTT: That's a video being broadcast to the Palestinians on Hamas TV. Now it's just a dramatization but the message is real. It's of children as young as 4-years-old being used to glorify suicide and homicide bombings. Steve Emerson is a counterterrorism analyst and author of "American Jihad, the terrorists living among us." Steve I do not know if viewers got a sense of what is going on in that clip. A little girl comes into her mother's bedroom and the mother tries to hide something turns out it's a bomb and the little girl finds out later that the mother blew herself up and then says you did a great thing. I want to do the same thing. How sick is that?

STEVE EMERSON: Unfortunately it is quite ramped throughout Palestinian society but also within large sections of Arab society, within Syria, Iran, even within Egypt. There is an attitude that they love death more than we love life and thereby infecting them with this attitude that being a martyr is something that they look up to. When I hear a Congressman calling for constructive dialogue with countries that laude suicide bombings, I sort of shake my head and say what are they talking about? If a society lauds suicide bombings, what is there to talk about? I wait for the day that imams and clerics are going to condemn this. That is the only way to eradicate this suicide bombing theology. I have not heard one major cleric in any Arab country or one major Islamic leader in the United States alone condemn this.

SCOTT: There are a lot of people who say the big problem is that the United States always takes Israel's side, always supports Israel despite the aid that we do give Palestinians.

EMERSON: They will say that the United States takes Israel's side even if Israel controls only one inch of Tel Aviv. The fact that Israel exists in their mind means that the United States is biased. They want to see Israel eradicated and the only way they can explain Israel's existence is by explaining the American position is bias. They want to see Israel eradicated. There is no doubt about that. Polls show that up to 70% of Palestinians view armed resistance, i.e. terrorism as acceptable. And in other parts of the Arab world, up to 80-90% view suicide bombings as acceptable. The only way it will stop from the media from the text books from the clerical establishments is to see it eradicated and to see it delegitimized by the clerical establishment. That is not happening. And it's not happening in the United States either.

SCOTT: Obviously still working on poisoning some minds over there. Thank you.

Hat tip bg.



Handout picture supplied by the Berlin Zoo on Jan. 22, 2007 shows polar bear 'Knut' in the first week of his life. Knut was born Dec. 5, 2006 in the Berlin Zoo and is the first newly-born polar bear in the zoo since more than 30 years.

Here are some of the bad and the ugly animal rights group!
(Published on Thursday, March 24, 2005 by the Agence France Presse
No Bull: Animal Rights Group to Stage 'Running of the Nudes')

entire slideshow here.

"The South Carolina conservative at Mike's America Mike's America pokes fun at the contradiction in liberal stereotypes: 'And the same loony tune lefties who would go ballistic if a sparrow were killed to build a freeway are still demanding the death of Knut... for his own good. No doubt to save him from global warming.'"
Make sure you see my point of view at Mike’s place in the comment section… He also moderates his site from the loons so you may have to wait till he pulls it up.
My opinion is just that and I mean every word! Anyone that can take the life of this adorable creature should in turn loose theirs! Animals to me are above all human life! They are God’s creatures! And if I was attacked by a cougar I would not want it put down! How stupid would that be! A human yes but not an animal!!! ^..^

Friday, March 23, 2007

I Support This War And Our Soldiers!

I agree with this link

Another link is: "And they ain't just shooting kids in the face but also doing shit like this..."

The problem is the ones against the war don’t get it and don’t care! Hell they don’t even care if their own freedom gets taken away! Right Indigo!? Nice post by the way love the comments ;)

Oh yes bg I love reading Jihad Watch and thank you for this link!


Yeah democrats it will be vetoed!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

To The Canuck’s At Whistler Blackcomb

Thanks A!

All ya need to do now is get rid of the CNN channel and replace it with FOX NEWS and you will be good to go, A!

We are back from the wonderful ski trip to Whistler Blackcomb

There was this little bit of news the day we arrived. One was that there was a murder. There was a fatal shooting that has stunned the locals. The last murder happened thirty years ago.

Then this: “Missing Quebec skier was found dead ” this second story was about one skier that became disoriented and went off a ski trial. His friends all thought that he had just met up with other skiers because he was known to just take off, with other people. Guess he did not find other skiers to ski down with.

It seems people that meet up at Whistler do become life long friends. Some even make a trip with the same people year after year.

Thanks for the company Brian H. from Toronto. “I want that picture you took A!”

And thanks to the nice friendly people from all over the world that we shared chairlift after chairlift with. From the morning ride in the gondola to the top and the rest of the chair rides we had nothing but great people except for a few rude pot smoking snowboarders in the gondola and skiers cutting in line, hogging the chair with the ski rest bar. Not to mention the out of control idiots cutting people off on the slopes! How rude! I guess there has to be a few morons! (Seems to me just like, on the blogs the idiots and the rude people are always out numbered! Oh and likewise with our smelly little friends “the jihad” are also out numbered!)

Most of the people I talked to agreed we need to finish the war! It is looking like to me, more and more of your loser types are hanging around blogs just to bring more of their horrible existence to the surface. By that I mean, trying their dam-nest to bring “the more positive and all the supporters of our country, down." This behavior is so typical of lowlifes. The D. Trump is one that irked me this last week! Looking on to the mountain and back at him and still knowing that people like him and the media idiots are all out numbered!

Here are just a few that out number the moonbats and I join them with sharing this on my blog: Grizzly Mama, The City Troll, Skye and a big thank you to CJ! Way to go gang! I loved what you did and the pictures were great! It was nice to come home to this!

All in all, our trip was just fantastic blue sky and new snow in one week! Who can complain about that!? It was rare to have blue sky and it was not taken for granted. It poured rain all the way up to the mountain from home and all the way back home again. One likes it that way best when skiing. Wednesday and Thursday were the two of the golden days of the week.

Did I mention the food? Oh my! There were so many places to eat in the village and on the mountain that we could not have possibly hit them all in a week. We can’t say that we didn’t try.

Oh yeah another kudos for Brian H. from Toronto, ‘that place you suggested was very enjoyably delicious. And the Irish pub was a must do for that Sheppard’s pie. Thanks A! Hope you had a wonderful Irish kind of day! ;)

The Canuck’s are ready for the Olympics in 2010. Cypress is all ready finished and what a run! 7th heaven was a good run when it was open. I buzzed over to the crystal chair for the overbite of it all. Jersey cream was a dream and to those of you non skiers check out the map link at the link I provided of Whistler Blackcomb. Those that I have mentioned are at the Blackcomb Mountain side.

Symphony express is a new chair to us since over 10 years ago when we were there last. Not sure about Harmony express. I can’t seem to remember too much. But I do remember skiing, a ridge at the top and dropping down on a steep mogul run sort of like the whistler bowl a run called Monday’s on Whistler Mountain. That is one Monday to think about. The peak chair can take ya there.

I know that this coming Monday will be a double diamond run but hey I’m an expert on Monday’s so no worries A!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

It’s Spring Skiing Time!

Move along! Nothing to see here folks! Set those clocks ahead!

Gone skiing!

So when Hillary ‘along with the rest of the democrats does anything dumb, drop me an email or just post it in the comment section. Thanks ^..^