Saturday, June 30, 2018

Goose Ready for the Pot!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Another Happy Soul

Thank you Will Johnson!

Supreme Court Ruled!

The information is out and thank you Supreme Court and our President Donald J. Trump!  

It isn't unconstitutional!  What is, is that the illegals are illegal!  HELLO?  Are you that damn dumb?  I guess the dummy rats really are that damn dumb and stupid!  Using God and children all of a sudden?  Your moon is showing once again on the left if you think we fell for it!  People are slowly walking away from you liberal loons!  Since you mentioned the children?  We can now close Planned Parenthood and you should be fine with that now right?  

Make sure to watch:

Monday, June 25, 2018


Gee I was separated from friends and family...  Again for the 6th time!  Since why should I care if I offend someone that is worshiping the devil and are nothing but thugs!  Oh and if overseas stay there in your little shit hole and leave the Americans and free speech the hell alone!

All I have to do is show up anymore at fatawabook and they can't handle it!  Another feather in my cap!

Talk about the unhinged left.  I am betting they are pushing buttons like mad only because they are losing big time oh and no the FBI isn't over with I assure you!  This is another reason for the socialist commie leftist crowd side show.  They really hope that they can trigger a conservative but that won't happen.  No it will only happen with their own and maybe a rhino!

Guess what! I don't care!

I am American!

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