Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Amendment should trump sharia!

Well DUH!  REALLY?!  That is why islam want to "CHANGE" The amendment and the Constitution!  You live here you abide by OUR LAWS here in the USA!  Or get the hell out! 

I will remind you that I will fight to the death for my freedom!  FAIR WARNING!  JERKS!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's blame the Jews

I love this guy!

Dear President Obama

I am writing today with a somewhat unusual request. First and foremost, I will be asking that you return America to its August 20th, 1959 borders so that Hawaii is no longer a state and you are no longer a citizen.
 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Friday, May 27, 2011

For all who fought for Our Country

Fly That American Flag High!

God Bless America!

Here is what Texas governor Rick Perry (Who is considering a presidential run) does for fun...  

Here we have the weakest link                         

The nasty Note in Redmond

Oh this isn't over!

READ it "Here"

Robert Spencer gets death threats all the time and they here in Redmond WA worry about a stupid note probably wrote by CAIR themselves?!

muslims are always shooting themselves in the foot aren't they!  Most folks are on to them BIG TIME!  Some are still stupid!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Stevie!

May 26, 2011
Me and John Wayne!

Marion Mitchell Morrison (born Marion Robert Morrison; May 26, 1907 – June 11, 1979), better known by his stage name John Wayne, was an American film actor, director and producer.[1] He epitomized rugged masculinity and became an enduring American icon. He is famous for his distinctive voice, walk and height. He was also known for his conservative political views and his support, beginning in the 1950s, for anti-communist positions.
A Harris Poll, released January 2011, placed Wayne third among America's favorite film stars,[2] the only deceased star on the list and the only one who has appeared on the poll every year since it first began in 1994.
In 1999, the American Film Institute named Wayne 13th among the Greatest Male Stars of All Time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Redmond note on car? REALLY CAIR!?

Read about it all "here"  I ain't buying it either!  See the comment section I took a picture of the page just in case CAIR decides people are not fooled! 

Yes I thought there was something fishy with the note! I see a CAIR note is what I see! I hope the people of Redmond WA aren't fooled is what I hope for!

Look at the comment section I took a picture of the page because just in case the liberal media wants it to go bye bye or CAIR decides they are not getting anywhere!

Don't bother with comments CAIR is now there defending themselves:
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Blissful25 105p
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-1 Vote up Vote down

Blissful25 105p • 1 hour ago
Anyone think it is strange that they wrote it in Arabic? I wouldn't be surprised if it came out that she wrote it herself.
7 replies • active 15 minutes ago

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content_people 96p • 49 minutes ago
The message in Arabic IS strange. But what fuels your assumption she may have written it herself?

+1 Vote up Vote down

sorbothegeek 81p • 49 minutes ago
Yea your logic is so clear (if you're Muslim then naturally you know how to write Arabic.) that of course then means all Christians must be able to write in the language of the bible, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, etc.

+4 Vote up Vote down

hello 118p • 43 minutes ago
Why would she do that?

+1 Vote up Vote down

Dwayne 81p • 22 minutes ago
Sympathy is great for muslim PR.

-3 Vote up Vote down

hoodratfriend 46p • 34 minutes ago
You really just couldn't keep that thought to yourself?

+3 Vote up Vote down

ktt 80p • 22 minutes ago
that's what a forum is for

+1 Vote up Vote down

hmolsen 92p • 15 minutes ago
That is a very stupid thing to say. It's someone like you who most likely wrote it.

+3 Vote up Vote down

SeattleJoe 84p • 1 hour ago
So lame. Even if someone doesn't like someone for whatever reason, religion or otherwise, its a free county so leave them be. Interestingly I'd bet if we were in some other country (islamic) and someone said "Christians go home" the Council on American-Islamic Relations wouldn't say a word. Not even a "This is just the type of thing we are trying to fight in America." type denouncement. Its hard to take these guys seriously when they are not interested when the shoe is on the other foot.
4 replies • active 12 minutes ago

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content_people 96p • 43 minutes ago
I guess the difference between hate crimes against Muslims here vs hate crimes against Christians in another country is there wouldn't be a note; just a bloody masacre.

+3 Vote up Vote down

ktt 80p • 20 minutes ago
Correct, as has happened in Egypt, Pakistan, Niger and many other countries, the muslims would simply terrorise and kill the Christians, or anyone who didn't agree with islam

+1 Vote up Vote down

hello 118p • 39 minutes ago
I don't know why you are getting a T-D. You have the best best comment yet.

+1 Vote up Vote down

hmolsen 92p • 12 minutes ago
"I'd bet if we were in some other country (islamic) and someone said "Christians go home" the Council on American-Islamic Relations wouldn't say a word."

Of course not! CAIR is a supporter of Al-Qaeda and Hamas. They also say that having realistic terrorist attack drills in this country is racist. Obama should have them investigated, but he won't. He supports the terrorists himself.

+6 Vote up Vote down

KJ_duc 75p • 53 minutes ago
"But I can't believe that someone could hate me because of my religious beliefs,"

Is there something ironic in that statement or is it just me????

+6 Vote up Vote down

hopestrong -85p • 52 minutes ago
I spent a bit overseas and know a few arabic words but don't have the slightest clue on how to spell, it takes some one real talent and education to do that. It seems really weird to me that it was partially written in Arabic.

+5 Vote up Vote down

Gillisgrocery 77p • 51 minutes ago
I did not read anywhere in the article that anyone hated anyone. Did I miss it? I have heard and seen Muslims state they hate AMERICANS though.
Whoever wrote the note may want them o leave because they are female? After all how could one tell if they were Muslims?

+1 Vote up Vote down

bad_friend 104p • 42 minutes ago
Picking on individual people here in the states is BS. Straight up hate crime.

+1 Vote up Vote down

the_j3rk 93p • 32 minutes ago
How is this a hate crime? No threat was made. No property damaged. It's a poorly worded note and a questionable translation. Everyone is guessing at the intent of the note's writer.

+1 Vote up Vote down

pacman357 100p • 21 minutes ago
Well, you can probably rule out anyone who finished high school. I mean, the sentence in English doesn't even contain a verb.
1 reply • active 21 minutes ago

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Dwayne 81p • 15 minutes ago
Either that, or someone who speaks English as a 2nd language. I'm guessing Arabic would be their first language....

+2 Vote up Vote down

JFR 86p • 21 minutes ago
Hey at least the person that wrote the note left it at that and didn't fly a plane into a mosque or something.....just sayin.....

Let the thumbs down begin!

+2 Vote up Vote down

Dwayne 81p • 21 minutes ago
I'm thinking, if she didn't write this, then someone else of the same faith must have written this. Tell me, statistically, how many Americans know Arabic?

+3 Vote up Vote down

ktt 80p • 19 minutes ago
It's a publicity stunt by someone...we'll find out who in time.

0 Vote up Vote down

valleybronco 87p • 17 minutes ago
Seriously, this isn't right and the racist comments are not needed. There are nutcases in every religion and they don't define every believer. (this is coming from a person who believes in no religion but knows right from wrong)

HAMAS=CAIR stupid Redmond!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

USA Stands with Israel

Don't pay any attention to O butt head in office he is gone in 2012!

Read more at: The Silent Majority no More

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Herman Cain GOP

I think I like him!

I see the liberals shitting bricks!

Stopped watching?!

If they lived next to me I would have had a glass against the wall! These people need to be under a microscope!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

obama SHAME ON YOU!!!

I WILL STAND WITH ISRAEL!  obama is shameful!  "Oh how I want to cuss"!!!

Oh and this was the wonderful thugs Here May 15, 2011 they are the occupation!!!  What idiots!

obama needs to be schooled!

Hey obama stop trying to school people that know the enemy!

Sit down and try to pay attention:

We are like so on to you!

You want trouble big 0?! YOU GOT IT!!! READ more "HERE" and "HERE"



Read more at "Atlas Shrugs"

This is going to get ugly thanks to the islamic loon lover in office!

READ ON...  You can't negotiate with thugs!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Osama bin laden rot in hell for all eternity!

I'm Catholic and I ask God to strike osama bin laden's soul to hell for all eternity!  That goes for all the followers!

I pray for Israel so that they can take these parasites down!  May God give us the strength to fight the enemy is what I pray for!

Watch the video and the story "here". 

Yeah I pray for osama to be burning in HELL! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Losing Our Community

view this must see video produced by Americans for Peace and Tolerance on radicalism in the Nashville area. In it you will view the documented ties of several local Islamists to their radical counterparts in various parts of the nation and the world—all operating with the stated desire to bring down America’s freedoms and replace them with Shariah Law!

1. Make this video go viral! Please send this link and the action items below to your email blast lists and social networking sites.

2. Call Nicholas Zeppos, Chancellor, Vanderbilt University: 615-322-1813

Respectfully ask him if he would allow other known radicals, such as a David Duke, to openly come on the campus and espouse anti-semitism?

Then why are Islamists such as Awadh Binhazim, Vanderbilt Adjunct Muslim Chaplain, being allowed to openly preach on the Vanderbilt Campus that shariah law should be followed over our Constitutional form of government?

3. Call Mark Silverman, Editor at the Tennessean Newspaper: 615-259-8003

Respectfully ask him why Religion Editor Bob Smietana didn’t report the news “straight up” on this story when the facts were clear had he performed just a minimum amount of research work? And now that the facts have surfaced publicly, will the Tennessean report them?

4. That’s it. When we all do a little, together we accomplish a lot! Your 5 minutes making these 2 phone calls will send an unmistakable message. Keep trying if you get a busy signal!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

islamics are already on a killing spree!

Yeah well no respect for islamic garbage here! Go back to hell where you came from MO and followers!!! islam is the worst things on earth!

Same for zero!

Last fall, after NPR fired Juan Williams for his remarks on The O’Reilly Factor about Muslims, we sent out an email describing this as an example of the de facto imposition of sharia law in America.

Our point was this.

Sharia law prohibits any criticism or “defamation” of Islam or Mohammed. When a government-funded entity like NPR punishes one of its contributors for a perceived slight against Islam, this is in effect the enforcement of that provision of sharia law.

Recently, an insightful and entertaining video was posted on YouTube that makes the claim that the government’s treatment of the Koran, compared to its treatment of the Bible, has the effect of establishing Islam as a preferred religion in America.

It’s a fascinating analysis that is well-worth your time to watch, and you can view it here.

When you watch it, you’ll understand why we say the threat of radical Islam to America is not confined to terrorism. If we defeat terrorism but lose our freedoms to sharia law, we still lose.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

White House has been trashed!

Well it was just a matter of time!  I mean look at what we have in the White House to start with!  It is obvious that the first trash in the White House has no class.  This is no secret...  Hmmm This can be considered a start of a new rap song. 

Gee I sure hope I have the same rights!

Talk about the neighborhood getting trashed!

Fine poetry should be freedom of speech so I will use the same vile that is being used toward what I love and respect right back to the vile perp rappers name!  I won't leave out the first trash in the White House either!  So eat that with your waffle!

Read the vile going on in the White House "HERE"

Monday, May 09, 2011

Crew subdues islamic thug

With a name like "Almurisi" I will do the headlines correctly!  A fact is a fact!

Read about it "HERE"

Sunday, May 08, 2011

CIA book review

Ok here is an email sent to me: 

As President George W. Bush's top speechwriter, Marc Thiessen was provided unique access to the CIA program used in interrogating top Al Qaeda terrorists, including the mastermind of the 9/11 attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (KSM).
Now, his riveting new book, "Courting Disaster", How the CIA Kept America Safe (Regnery), has been published.

Here is an excerpt from "Courting Disaster":
Just before dawn on March 1, 2003, two dozen heavily armed Pakistani tactical assault forces move in and surround a safe house in Rawalpindi . A few hours earlier they had received a text message from an informant inside the house. It read: "I am with KSM."

Bursting in, they find the disheveled mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, in his bedroom. He is taken into custody. In the safe house, they find a treasure trove of computers, documents, cell phones and other valuable "pocket litter."
Once in custody, KSM is defiant. He refuses to answer questions, informing his captors that he will tell them everything when he gets to America and sees his lawyer. But KSM is not taken to America to see a lawyer Instead he is taken to a secret CIA "black site" in an undisclosed location.
Upon arrival, KSM finds himself in the complete control of Americans. He does not know where he is, how long he will be there, or what his fate will be.

Despite his circumstances, KSM still refuses to talk. He spews contempt at his interrogators, telling them Americans are weak, lack resilience, and are unable to do what is necessary to prevent the terrorists from succeeding in their goals. He has trained to resist interrogation. When he is asked for information about future attacks, he tells his questioners scornfully: "Soon, you will know."
It becomes clear he will not reveal the information using traditional interrogation techniques. So he undergoes a series of "enhanced interrogation techniques" approved for use only on the most high-value detainees. The techniques include waterboarding.
His resistance is described by one senior American official as "superhuman." Eventually, however, the techniques work, and KSM becomes cooperative-for reasons that will be described later in this book.
He begins telling his CIA de-briefers about active al Qaeda plots to launch attacks against the United States and other Western targets. He holds classes for CIA officials, using a chalkboard to draw a picture of al Qaeda's operating structure, financing, communications, and logistics. He identifies al Qaeda travel routes and safe havens, and helps intelligence officers make sense of documents and computer records seized in terrorist raids. He identifies voices in intercepted telephone calls, and helps officials understand the meaning of coded terrorist communications. He provides information that helps our intelligence community capture other high-ranking terrorists, KSM's questioning, and that of other captured terrorists, produces more than 6,000 intelligence reports, which are shared across the intelligence community, as well as with our allies across the world.
In one of these reports, KSM describes in detail the revisions he made to his failed 1994-1995 plan known as the "Bojinka plot" to blow up a dozen airplanes carrying some 4,000 passengers over the Pacific Ocean.
Years later, an observant CIA officer notices the activities of a cell being followed by British authorities appear to match KSM's description of his plans for a Bojinka-style attack.

In an operation that involves unprecedented intelligence cooperation between our countries, British officials proceed to unravel the plot.
On the night of Aug.9, 2006 they launch a series of raids in a northeast London suburb that lead to the arrest of two dozen al Qaeda terrorist suspects. They find a USB thumb-drive in the pocket of one of the men with security details for Heathrow airport, and information on seven trans-Atlantic flights that were scheduled to take off within hours of each other:
* United Airlines Flight 931 to San Francisco departing at 2:15 p.m.;

* Air Canada Flight 849 to Toronto departing at 3:00 p.m.;

* Air Canada Flight 865 to Montreal departing at 3:15 p.m.;

* United Airlines Flight 959 to Chicago departing at 3:40 p.m.;

* United Airlines Flight 925 to Washington departing at 4:20 p.m.;

* American Airlines Flight 131 to New York departing at 4:35 p.m;

* American Airlines Flight 91 to Chicago departing at 4:50 p.m.

They seize bomb-making equipment and hydrogen peroxide to make liquid explosives. And they find the chilling martyrdom videos the suicide bombers had prepared.

Today, if you asked an average person on the street what they know
about the 2006 airlines plot, most would not be able to tell you much.
Few Americans are aware of the fact al Qaeda had planned to mark
the fifth anniversary of 9/11 with an attack of similar scope and magnitude.
And still fewer realize the terrorists' true intentions in this plot were uncovered thanks to critical information obtained through the interrogation of the man who conceived it: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

This is only one of the many attacks stopped with the help of the CIA interrogation program established by the Bush Administration in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Editor's Note: For other foiled terrorist plots, see page 9 of "Courting Disaster."
In addition to helping break up these specific terrorist cells and plots, CIA questioning provided our intelligence community with an unparalleled body of information about al Qaeda Until the program was temporarily suspended in 2006, intelligence officials say, well over half of the information our government had about al Qaeda-how it operates, how it moves money, how it communicates, how it recruits operatives, how it picks targets, how it plans and carries out attacks-came from the interrogation of terrorists in CIA custody.

Former CIA Director George Tenet has declared: "I know this program has saved lives. I know we've disrupted plots. I know this program alone is worth more than what the FBI, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Agency put together have been able to tell us."
Former CIA Director Mike Hayden has said: "The facts of the case are that the use of these techniques against these terrorists made us safer. It really did work."
Even Barack Obama's Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, has acknowledged: "High-value information came from interrogations in which those methods were used and provided a deeper understanding of the al Qaeda organization that was attacking this country."

Leon Panetta, Obama's CIA Director, has said: "Important information
was gathered from these detainees. It provided information that was
acted upon."
And John Brennan, Obama's Homeland Security Advisor, when asked in an interview if enhanced-interrogation techniques were necessary to keep America safe, replied : "Would the U.S. be handicapped if the CIA was not, in fact, able to carry out these types of detention and debriefing activities? I would say yes."

On Jan. 22, 2009, President Obama issued Executive Order 13491, closing the CIA program and directing that, henceforth, all interrogations by U.S personnel must follow the techniques contained in the Army Field Manual.

The morning of the announcement, Mike Hayden was still in his post as CIA Director, He called White House Counsel Greg Craig and told him bluntly: "You didn't ask, but this is the CIA officially nonconcurring". The president went ahead anyway, over ruling the objections of the agency.

A few months later, on April 16, 2009, President Obama ordered the release of four Justice Department memos that described in detail the techniques used to interrogate KSM and other high-value terrorists. This time, not just Hayden (who was now retired) but five CIA directors -including Obama's own director, Leon Panetta -- objected. George Tenet called to urge against the memos' release. So did Porter Goss. So did John Deutch. Hayden says: "You had CIA directors in a continuous unbroken stream to 1995 calling saying, 'Don't do this.'"

In addition to objections from the men who led the agency for a collective 14 years, the President also heard objections from the agency's covert field operatives. A few weeks earlier, Panetta had arranged for the eight top officials of the Clandestine Service to meet with the President. It was highly unusual for these clandestine officers to visit the Oval Office, and they used the opportunity to warn the President that releasing the memos would put agency operatives at risk. The President reportedly listened respectfully-and then ignored their advice.
With these actions, Barack Obama arguably did more damage to America's national security in his first 100 days of office than any President in American history. (But how many people know this???)


Here we have Part 3 of the muslim brotherhood!

Oh honey you know damn well I made the call! A long, long time ago!!!

Why you should CAIR

Here we have an explosive story by investigative writer Patrick Poole, where he, quoting an unnamed DOJ employee whistleblower, claimed that the brass at the DOJ, under Eric Holder, ordered the squashing of indictments of several national Islamic organizations and their leaders due to their ties to the Obama White House. Poole’s whistleblower specifically singled out CAIR and its Chairman Emeritus as beneficiaries of the squashed indictments.

In this context, United States Representative Sue Myrick released the third video in an excellent three part series on the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. This new video focuses on the early days of the Council on American Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R.) and documents their ties to the federally designated terrorist group Hamas.

Hat tip to ACT for America! BTW I am one of the members.

Bin Laden was a coward and so are the rest of his followers!!!

Ah yes he was a islamic muslim big zero! "Link"

islam and shariah law some get it

Some are just brain dead to the destruction of America with islam!  
BTW DO go to Jihad Watch!  It's on the side bar of this blog! 

Lawrence O'Donnell is a goose-stepping media monkey

"Click here" for the smack down! 

Hat tip:  Pamela Geller!

islamic sensitivity from me?!

It ain't gonna happen!  EVA!

Hurting our troops? 

They already hate us and are plotting away!  WE ARE ALL IN DANGER YOU DUMBASSES!!! 
You don't want retaliation?  GET A CLUE!  Remember they are already plotting!   
Oh and here is a "link" 

Bloggers have talked about how islamics are going to target our children and schools in many ways!  Socialism is one and so is indoctrinating and if that don't work well you know!  They like dropping folks from buildings too!  I hope you didn't forget that little mention oh about 9 years or more ago! 
Update:  "Another link"

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

OBL pictures are nothing but a dead thug!

I don't see the issue! We need to see them!

I don't care about their sensitivity I have had enough of islamic crap! They sure as hell don't care about our sensitivity! His body should have been washed with pigs piss!!!

Show the pictures already!!!  Flush em out of the caves and take em all out!

Lefties don't get it!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Fox News congratulates Bush for bin Laden

About damn TIME!

Now to take out CAIR and the rest of the muslim brotherhood!

IMHO This isn't going to stop!

Click Here for the story

Way to go Navy Seals! 

shut the hell up obama!  Thank you BUSH!