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Steve the Commie

Once there was a guy named Steve.  He was a famous troll in the past, that hated Conservative comments.  I see he is still running amuck.  He did leave a comment on: "Why don't you post your comments?  It used to be nice coming to your blog to see what you thought.  Now your blog is crap!"

Obviously Steve was hitting the bottle and came here to start a fight.  Probably got booted off of every Conservative platform out there.  I am sure after today the left socialist commies will be doing more violence.  Then they will turn to us to lose even more rights.  That is what Hitler did!


This is absurd!!! Schiff, Pelosi, and Biden is in Trouble!!!

Schiff's Piss-poor Parody 26sep19

Trump Arrives Back In DC From The UN, New York 9-26-2019

Mini AOC

How dare you

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The Report

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Watch Us Dance

See What Fatawabook Won't Post....

They block you for truth like this...

On anything negative about islam! 

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