Wednesday, May 30, 2007

All about flight 327

Hat tip to bg for the review...

Review of Department's Handling of Suspicious Passengers Aboard Northwest flight 327

This at LGF and go spread this one around You Tube Deletes Copy of Hamas Video!

Go see Jihad Watch and this little looser traitor that the FBI is ready to take down!

And now this little bit "Vietnam Beyond Appearances" Make sure to see the video at this site.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Battle Hymn of the Republic

His truth is marching on!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

See Something Say Something!


Update May 25, 2007: Islamism, not Islam, is the Problem hat tip bg ;)

My name is John Doe! We can all watch and then take them down. Document and have video will travel. Behavioral actions speak very loud! Suspicious people get arrested that is the law! Demand them to be followed and watched!

Let us all ask the question of: “Gee why were you acting nervous and staring at me and looking around as though you were about to do something?”

To the Islamists: "I am offended by your actions." I have a right for my safety to do something about it! No, ‘you are NOT the one in control! Stop trying to manipulate me and my country!” I will make you just as uncomfortable so just go ahead keep it up! You piece of trash!

It is very obvious what these thugs are playing at here!!!

Too many people have been injured by these kinds of actions by real “crazy’s” so I think it is fair to turn people in that appear threatening. It is a scientific study of behavior in Sociology! And yes I will tell it to a judge! Those hoodlums can deny all they want to I will make sure to have a few witnesses and facts! 9-11! So yeah you Arabs Middle Eastern looking types are stuck with that fact! Deal with it!!! Show me if you can to act civil and within our laws without whining about it!

Respect us for what happened during that day of 9-11. BTW (I didn’t hear anything from you people for a sincere regret for this tragedy) so excuse me while I continue to question you! Fool me once shame on YOU it won’t happen again! If it does happen again? You can make sure that you will be hunted!

I would do the same to a white person and I have! This act that I observed was at a mall once! He was white and stalking women. It was so obvious yet everyone around didn’t see! I followed him enough to know what he was up to and even warned a lady I saw him watch going out the door to the parking area. I told her that security will assist if she needs help and that a man was following and stalking women at the mall. At that moment she caught his eye and we both went to the security fellow that had just showed up behind him. He was caught because you see I told security first by going to a store employee and she made the call! Sex offender level 2 soon to be 3! On…ahem “probation”! Yeah in a pigs eye I say!!!

It reminds me when I was in school and the bullies would try to intimidate till the time came for them to carry out their meanness after school or when you would be isolated. Quiet harassment only gave me enough time to prepare and form an alliance to take them over instead! So you see how we have to do this now. ^..^

...and Go get em Fred!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

An Open Mind

I have an open mind for this video!

CIA Watching

They best be, doing their job!!! We need tight security with ID!!! Sure come to this country but make it so damn hard for em that they go running back at least! Sheeesh!!!

Oh yeah they are working in those offices too handing out the paper work at the DMV!!! UGH!

Michelle is right about illegal immigration being a national security issue!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Islam! It’s what's for TRASH DAY!

Spewing more garbage all the time Islam has to use a fake Mickey Mouse to win kids over! That should tell you something right away!

Islamists aren’t going to win!

After reading about breast feeding at Little Green Footballs let’s see if their religious moral crap adds up! They are sick pricks I'm telling ya!!!

Our kids should be smart enough to figure it out! Obviously their kids are too damn dumb to!

Talk about raising children to be bigots!!! Islam sure pushes it hard!

The terrorist Mickey said something about 'liberate the Muslim countries, invaded by murderers. Um who was killing people there before we showed up? There were mass graves of people all over and some still to be found! Sounds like something Germany tried before WW11!

I guess you all in Palestine need to meet more predators of the forest. When you do, ‘you will meet your end! Cat’s love mice and rats like you!

Here ya go you poll crazed people:
Pew poll of American Muslims chock full o' nuance

Bomb Iran NOW!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Islamist Need to be STOPPED!!!

Listen Up!

Michelle speaks to students at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles

This was the best one and may open your eyes a bit!

I will speak my mind!!!

Part 2!

Michelle did a great job in talking about who is the extremists! Seems the liberal school system wants to call people that support the first amendment bigots without realizing who the real bigots really are!

Yeah I will discriminate against people that want to kill me or want me dead!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Honor, Killing? Who’s Honor?

Du'a Khalil Aswad's stoning will be avenged MARK MY WORD!!!

Ok so it was the Kurdish! Everyone should work to stop this sort of nonsense!!! Ahem... deep breath... Thanks Mike H. for this link to let me know just who I can blame! I blame everyone that didn't step in!!! Why is this still going on in the world!?! You bet I'm pissed off!!! You should be pissed off as well!

Bringing in more of the same “twisted faith” women police!? Yeah right! Like the male population will let that happen! They are liable to take the women police officer down as well! Do they give her a gun? Or is it going to be something like Barney in Mayberry? Would they give her a gun with no bullets? I wouldn’t trust anyone over there right now to tell ya the truth!

You try that shit here in the USA and we will lynch every one of you little ass wipes!!! That’s after we use your face as a dust mop on the floor first!

What a bunch of candy asses!!! I never thought little boys could be so callous and threatened by such beauty such as 17 year old Du’a Khalil! She was in LOVE and now you all are in big trouble over there!

Ok folks now for my curse to be bestowed on these hoodlums and the like of the world:

You that kill innocent victims of your twisted religion will find nothing but darkness through life! Women will never be yours to control. In death you will stay in darkness and be nothing! If you do find women of your own religion just as twisted, the children you bear will only turn on you both for they will come from the cup of life and will have spiritually met Du’a Khlil and others that were put to death for no reason what so ever! Except for your twisted and very sick beliefs! The Love that Du’a Khlil had will be seen by all! For you that put her to death you will only find misery for it will follow you for all eternity!

I ask in the name of the Holy Spirit AMEN!

Du’a Khalil and others will be avenged!

Oh, yeah and abusive men in the USA all you jerks out there listen up! You will have the same faith and let’s hope the law throws away the key! Then you can all just decompose!

I'm holding my nose too!
Just don't come knocking on my door! K!
Black on White I hope it’s the death penalty!!!
Every twist and turn!

Surrender monkey Monkeys are cute but this one has to be a dimmy!

Gateway Pundit observes moment of silence

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Smack Down Now Go Ahead and Give it to em!

And take them through the night… It’s alright… It’s alright!

Fred Thompson's smack down of Michael Moore's trip to Cuba.

Yeah sweet Mr. Dcat! Bumps all over me too! Heh! Hat tip to ya!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Commander of Commanders DEAD!

Yeeeeehaaawwwwww! Thanks be to Allah!

God Praise The USA!

"Yes, Dadullah has been killed. Obviously it will have an impact on the current insurgency because he was a key Taliban fighter, a big commander," he told AFP. Dadullah is the most important rebel commander to be killed since the Taliban was driven from government by a US-led coalition in late 2001. Intelligence agency spokesman Sayed Ansari described him as the "biggest Taliban commander ever killed." "He was the commander of commanders," he said. Click here for the link

A real SCORE

Live from NATO!

Dead as dead can be He was the ruler of the Taleban, and it will affect the Taleban influence in the south, for sure

"We don’t care and the more of this kind of scum show up dead the better! Oh Zarkowe come out and fight like the loony, jerk that you are! The next person to take this rulers place will have the same faith! Because Allah makes that happen! Thanks, be to God!"

For your eyes only! Pass the popcorn!

Nazanin Afshin Jam: Video on child executions

Nazanin Afshin Jam's video

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Alright all you Mothers out there listen up!

Rudy Giuliani has a message for all!

Yes they are coming to our country to form their own melting pot! And they want to kill us!

Islamic fascism is alive and well. They are still brainwashing the young into having them think that: “When the world turns Islam then there will be peace!

No there won’t be peace!

Don’t you dare accept that crock of bull! It will mean giving up your freedom! It is not a religion of peace! If it was they wouldn’t be forming to take us down they would be in the news supporting our ways in helping others. I don’t see Islam helping with nothing but brain washing to kill people that don’t agree with them to convert! Islam is a poison! Just like Jim Jones Kool-aid!

I am for having a registered gun.

I also agree with his take on abortion.

I believe in the constitution!

We need to stay on the offense.

I feel that socialism and any form of fascism will NOT stand a chance against a strong country like ours! So those that think they can form their own melting pot should be packing to leave this great country, because we don’t want or need their socialistic fascist’s views!!!

God trumps Allah and God always wins!

Hat tip from bg: Sharia creep on campus
Michelle Malkin

Tyranny at Tufts


Monday, May 07, 2007

Congratulations Sarkozy!

Video on Tony Blair addressing the new President of France.

…And how is it going here at home? Heh!

Video: Hillary voter versus Obama voter

Then we have: Fred Thompson

Sunday, May 06, 2007

France is Seeing the Light!

Nicolas Sarkozy

Well now Yay for Nicolas Sarkozy!

Sit back and watch for youth riots in France. Heh!

Ok click HERE. for the video.

I also noted the part where women will NOT wear burkas!

London School’s soon To Be Submissive

I went to Betsy's page for her info on separate schools for separate faiths.

The Catholic school here in the US has done well. But then again we didn’t go around hating other religions and talk of killing now did, we!

Christopher Hitchens has a chilling look at how far Radical, violent Islam has penetrated into daily culture in England.

Tony Blair is far too indulgent to this phenomenon. It is his policy of encouraging "faith schools" that has written sectarianism into the very fabric of British life. A non-Muslim child who lives in a Muslim-majority area may now find herself attending a school that requires headscarves. The idea of separate schools for separate faiths—the idea that worked so beautifully in Northern Ireland—has meant that children are encouraged to think of themselves as belonging to a distinct religious "community" rather than a nation.

My fear is that we will soon see a similar phenomenon in America and, like Britain, we will wake up only when it is too late to realize that our welcoming attitudes and acceptance of other cultures has allowed this violent virus to grow among us.

Yes Betsy it should be all of our fear!

I’m for cultures as long as they leave me the hell alone! Obviously Islam is not about to do that now are they!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I QubeTV

Some of my favorites:

The turncoats

It was grave for Pelosi

I support the tax cuts!

The more AQ knows on line the faster they can fall into our hands!


The local rag had this:

Islamic extremists say Web as vital to them as AK-47

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Oh No Not Her Again!!! Run for Your Lives It's Pelosi!!!

See what happens! It will be good bye country!

Pelosi and Democrats=democrats ready to govern!?! What the poor house!?!

With Pelosi as the speaker who needs terrorists!!!


WE ARE ACTIVE! Thanks to you President George W. Bush.

And may God Bless Our Troops!

Let’s admit the obvious! How would you adjust? Jihad Watch made some very good questions!