Monday, April 30, 2007


Stak attack has a few words! My words are even more, brief! Watch the end of the video with that 11 year old kid! UGH!!!

It's like lets not make a deal folks!!!

Islam belongs in the trash!

Fun guys, Iran’s mullahs. Unless you’re an Iranian woman. Or a female mannequin.


Brian said...

Urk! Mannimamectomy! or Mammiquinectomy! or ....

I think Iran's women should pick a day, and on that day wear paper bags with eyeholes and ugly "black crow" and mullah-cop faces drawn on them. And smuggle out lots of videos. How ridiculous can the MM's stand to look?

dcat said...

Don't give them anymore room Brian!

I would be doing more then smuggling videos!!!

I think the women should be paking and smuggling lots of amo just for times like in this video!