Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Islam! It’s what's for TRASH DAY!

Spewing more garbage all the time Islam has to use a fake Mickey Mouse to win kids over! That should tell you something right away!

Islamists aren’t going to win!

After reading about breast feeding at Little Green Footballs let’s see if their religious moral crap adds up! They are sick pricks I'm telling ya!!!

Our kids should be smart enough to figure it out! Obviously their kids are too damn dumb to!

Talk about raising children to be bigots!!! Islam sure pushes it hard!

The terrorist Mickey said something about 'liberate the Muslim countries, invaded by murderers. Um who was killing people there before we showed up? There were mass graves of people all over and some still to be found! Sounds like something Germany tried before WW11!

I guess you all in Palestine need to meet more predators of the forest. When you do, ‘you will meet your end! Cat’s love mice and rats like you!

Here ya go you poll crazed people:
Pew poll of American Muslims chock full o' nuance

Bomb Iran NOW!!!

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