Sunday, May 06, 2007

London School’s soon To Be Submissive

I went to Betsy's page for her info on separate schools for separate faiths.

The Catholic school here in the US has done well. But then again we didn’t go around hating other religions and talk of killing now did, we!

Christopher Hitchens has a chilling look at how far Radical, violent Islam has penetrated into daily culture in England.

Tony Blair is far too indulgent to this phenomenon. It is his policy of encouraging "faith schools" that has written sectarianism into the very fabric of British life. A non-Muslim child who lives in a Muslim-majority area may now find herself attending a school that requires headscarves. The idea of separate schools for separate faiths—the idea that worked so beautifully in Northern Ireland—has meant that children are encouraged to think of themselves as belonging to a distinct religious "community" rather than a nation.

My fear is that we will soon see a similar phenomenon in America and, like Britain, we will wake up only when it is too late to realize that our welcoming attitudes and acceptance of other cultures has allowed this violent virus to grow among us.

Yes Betsy it should be all of our fear!

I’m for cultures as long as they leave me the hell alone! Obviously Islam is not about to do that now are they!

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