Thursday, March 31, 2005

Living Will

Rest in, peace Terri S. In my eyes you have suffered more then 13 days!

This sure opened my eyes about my end or how I want to live. I’m hoping my husband and family aren’t going to be, selfish to keep me alive just for the sake of having me around. Especially when I’m brain dead or having no fun! This isn’t living “to me”! I don’t care what all you people want. I am going to decide not you!

Mind you I am talking about me here! You really don’t have to be concerned. I will be working on my living will to make sure I get what I want not my family, husband, or you! I’m a little angry, yes! I will be free to make my choice just like I am now! Now go live life to the fullest and don’t you mess with me!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

School Shooting in MN

by KevinH 20 minutes and CNN and other cable networks have yet to pick up the story. I wonder if the case would have been the same had this been a white suburb rather than a Chippewa reservation
From AP:
RED LAKE, Minn. (AP) -- Gunfire broke out at a Minnesota high school Monday, killing an undetermined number of people and injuring as many as 14 others, authorities said.
Tom Lyons, chief deputy for Beltrami County, said up to 14 people were injured in the mid-afternoon shooting at Red Lake High School in far northern Minnesota. Lyons said a suspect was in custody, but he had no other details.
The FBI did not say how many people had been killed and also declined to release details.
Students and a teacher at the scene, Diane Schwanz, identified a male student as the gunman. Schwanz said the shooter tried to break down a door to get into a room where some students were.
``I just got on the floor and called the cops,'' Schwanz told the Bemidji Pioneer. ``I was still just half-believing it.''
Red Lake High School, on the Red Lake Indian Reservation, has about 300 students, according to its Web site.
Audrey Thayer, who lives in Bemidji and works as a researcher for the American Civil Liberties Union's Minnesota chapter, said the reservation was locked down by police with roadblocks.
``They have got it closed off,'' she said.
The reservation is about 240 miles north of the Twin Cities. It is home to the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians.

Andrea wrote; "to the red lake band of chippewa,so very sorry for your loss of so many lives..i hope you all find strength in each other andfrom those who send you their prayers and thoughts".

dcat; "My Prayers are also with you all at this time. I hope you can feel the warm hugs, of comfort.

Monday, March 28, 2005

A Death Sentence

I did think about doing my living will lately and hope no one can over ride it with a blood sucking lawyer. (A thousand curses would follow anyone who would break my request!) Meaning: “they would have a very bad life”!

I would hope my family or husband would sue for my privacy being breached if broadcasted all over the world! Letting everyone know my condition would breach my privacy rights! I don't want to live if it means that kind of quality of life! However starving?!

We are not the subject at hand so I am praying that she isn't suffering. That she is in a state of utopia if you will. This whole thing is horrible!!!

Ok hear this! “If I end up on the news like, the victim we are hearing about and people are fighting to keep me alive..."I don't want to! However give me lots of morphine for any pain I may have!”

Saturday, March 26, 2005

On Trolls

I was doing an experiment about trolls and found them! Egad what ironic morons they are! My friends all know me and so we had a bit of fun however these are people you don’t want to waste your time on at all!

Here is a link to the reference of Trolls: FYI about trolls

I will start to add my email address so that people I know can email me and I can then let them know it wasn’t me! Yes I have been on line for many years so, trolls you have no impact on me. I’m thick skinned!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Gregorie and the Bureaucrats

Well the only thing I can say about Gregorie so far is that she did what she said she would do and that was to go after the Bureaucrats in Washington State!

I have been saying that about the Bureaucrats along time ago! Maybe she is reading the blog site?

That is good however more Bureaucrats need to go out the door! I did agree with her saying “there are way too many paper pushers”. Now I’m just waiting for the more taxes to be added for the wasteful projects in mind for Seattle!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Iraqi Parliament

Well today is the day for the Iraqi parliament. I think it will go just fine and Iraq will be making history! It will be their day for making a successful country.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Churchill's Shtick

Well I stand Corrected! They are buying Churchill’s Shtick! That is just what he was too an entertainer that nobody should take seriously!

So he got his idea patented hmmmm? Only a nut case would want to use his product of the mind! I hope that buying it was only to keep it from ever being taught again!!! As for his reputation; “I think it is too late for that wouldn’t you, say”?

Friday, March 11, 2005

One Socialist in Check

Speaking of keeping in check! They are paying him to stay away. Give the baby Churchill a pacifier to shut up. Too funny!

Focus on Middle East Future

I’m going to be positive here. This was all interesting history at Free Iraqi , however it is now in the past and people will slowly put it in the past where it belongs to only learn from it. Democracy will work and the concentration on what is ahead is what is important. Slowly just like everywhere there is evolution in thinking. The people that don’t study the intellectual side will never achieve it. No, matter what you do you will always have criminal minds starving for power. So they will have to be kept in check. I do believe pride of back ground and religion will be part of it all, but to have the intellect to know one is wrong will be a great achievement in educating people to work with each other. Making laws to put the criminals away and move on to a better future, opportunity yes the people will do the rest after that.

As, for communist and socialist they are where they should be! Under a microscope and they know it. Tricky little moves will always bring attention to the intellect to see it happening so they can be put back into their place. Or should I say corner!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bye, Bye, Dan

Rathers Farewell Broadcast

Little green footballs, is now added to this blogspot for all to enjoy! A job well done LGF!

Video Time

News from Iraq Thank you Bob from ITM!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bonnie and Clyde Version

The reporter's car!

Giuliana Sgrena stated the car was riddled with 300-400 bullets!

Should she be like “dead” then? This is her Bonnie and Clyde version.
Click above on the link and see if you can count one or two bullets hitting the car.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

About Giuliana Sgrena

It figures
If you click on it figures it will take you to what I thought about this journalist before I heard information about her. Her body language spoke very loudly! What a dumb a…

Mt. St. Helens isn't the only one blowing a stack here!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Italians Speeding To the Check Point

Maybe they should have done the speed limit you think?

Can you say Ransom? I know you can!

Giving in to terrorist isn’t a smart move! Now they have spending money!

Yes by all means the investigation will be done and then we will know for sure! You bet we will! That will shut them up about who was in the wrong. In fact it may even be kept from the public. We will see the hero welcome in a coffin, then that will be it!

I dare them to bring up other speeding cars that have killed our service men! Why was there no communication about this ransom pay off? I’d say this needs to be investigated for sure!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Set into Motion

The Domino Theory has been set for the better of all of mankind!

by dcat

Bush gaining in the Middle East

Middle East gaining in Democracy

Daily kos

FYI: Don't read anything Green span has to say

How to Shape a Country

Well we are still shaping up in the United States so, how can we tell another country how to run affairs?

I would like to give a suggestion instead. Having a religious based country is fine as long as you don’t tell someone to wear a burka that is Christian or Hindu. Religions are ok as long as the laws are to govern the people from crime, taxes…etc. Have a strong leader that is fair to all the people. Make it so it is a crime to harass people of different faiths or background. Put into law a “hate crime”. Then anyone that goes against it can be dealt with.

We, for instance here in the United States, a judge was the victim. It was in Chicago. She came home to find being burglarized by this sophomoric group (they are supposed to be Christens by the way). They stole something very precious from her. It was her family’s lives! It wasn’t done humanely either! Now this law I feel in Iraq that should never go away and that is, beheading! In fact maybe we can use it here for the group of people that did this horrific crime! Our prisons are what, is draining us! As well as all the legal crap even when the evidence points to the fact “yes this person did it”! The appeals are what get us in cost! Rule one no appeals for killers, unless it is for self defense (someone wants to do you harm or take your life)!

Iraq, if you can curb corruption in the court systems, have, people living in peace with all races and religions, then you may be able to show us a thing or two.