Friday, May 19, 2006

Love That Vacation Time

I will enjoy every moment and think of all of you. As I clutch the sand I will realize that time marches on as it sifts through my fingers.

We all need to do something fun everyday. Funny you don’t think of this sort of shit when you are in your 20’s or 30’s! But 50 seem to hit you harder. People think they have forever. But we don’t. Never think about the time we have left just think of the good times to come!

Sure glad I worked out! I will also be enjoying my new body. And I didn’t even need plastic surgery! Eating right and exercise makes a person look younger. I am in my 20’s again!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and find that special fun someone to share it all with before it is too late. You can take them to see the Da Vinci code after all it is only entertainment! Sometimes people just take things to serious. You can’t tell people what to think either so knock it off! Let em think what they want to even though they are all wrong!

Look for the pictures to come in just over a week from now.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Trust and Watching Ones Back

You know when I make friends I am usually happy about it and give my all when I see an interest in a friend ship. However recently I have been lead on only to find the truth! In the back of my mind I knew it all along but some how I thought ‘well this person must be sincere because, of their actions toward me. But a gut feeling (my instincts) (spirit guides) kept on telling me other wise.

This has nothing to do with all my new friends on the blog or old friends that I know. It is a rather foreign relation sort of thing. Now I will never trust again! My border is now closed! Don’t tell me about your *^#!ing culture because I don’t give a damn! Why the hell are you here!!! I am an American! Got that! You don't look me in the eye when I look at you tells me not to trust you! That you are full of guilt and that you can't handle it that I am a woman and that I can look you in the eye! I know why you look away it is the guilt by how you treat woman isn't it! I knew it all along!

My will and my instincts come from God and the other side! I will not be swayed or brain washed! You probably already found that out if you are reading this! I am not sympathetic to your radical views and I will never be a part of a crazy ass religion! I know you would have no problem in killing me. Guess what I will take you out and be ready for you when you try! Got that one too!? I am not a sensitive person so don’t try it out! If a person leads me on there is hell to pay and just try to get back into my life! I am not a box of tissue that you can throw away but in doing so you will be at loss not I! Oh one other FYI sort of thingy I know when you are lying to me!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Moussaoui with Private Quarters Now!

My ‘my, aren’t we posh! We have privet quarters now for the low life, because they are afraid for his meaningless life! Oh poor little shit bag won't be a martyr now and won’t get any virgins. Maybe we can also supply him with a bible to make his stay a more miserable one! I hope there are no windows either!

I hope that the guards will have some fun with him! It’s not like his word will be over the guard’s word and the media isn’t aloud!

Hey Mr dcat and I met a gal and her husband when we were in Jamaica last fall. The gal was a prison guard! She was the life of the party and a republican! I wouldn’t mess with her if I was a criminal! Hell I wouldn't mess with me either for that matter. She was good looking and tough to cross! Funny how you meet up with people that have the same interest!

Be afraid Moussaoui, be very afraid!

Oh and I bet the dip shit media just had to see what I had to say! They threw in this little tidbit on the way to work this AM that “Candy ass little France’ fu, fu wants to have him housed at their place!” I say like hell! They have the most of those thugs living there and it isn’t like he would stay in jail now would he! It wasn’t like they came to our rescue when we were attacked either! DUH!!! Not on your life France'! We don’t need your assistance now!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Moussaoui LIFE!!! WTF!

Ok that means all the animals that we put down are martyrs because they are hungry and they kill to eat! You would think that humans would know the difference! Thugs like Moussaoui are not nor will they ever be martyrs! He is a sick rabid being and he will burn in hell when he does die! Hopefully soon! Yes he lives in a deep dark place I can see it! And he will go to that deep dark place when he dies!

Prove you love your country you killers in prison that are in with this rabid being! Make him bend over for that soap! Take advantage of him! Have your way with him! then take him out like you did others that landed you in that cell! Come on you prisoners of crime show us what you are made of!

It makes me sick that this rabid being will be in prison getting better health care then many other hard working Americans. I show no mercy and I see what is in his heart and it is dark and empty. Another fool with an ingrained brain of darkness not light!