Tuesday, June 28, 2011

islamic CAIR is going down!

Oh yeah CAIR has big issues!  Anyone mixed up in that cult has big issues and can't be trusted!  Lets face it folks Europe is having the first hit take notes people!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Terrorist from Seattle...

Ugly little creeps!

Read it all at "Atlas Shrugs"

When are people going to wake up in this cult!?  Probably never!  The dumb ass bitch still wants to see her perfect muslim in prison!  Never mind he wanted to kill innocent people and a DAY CARE WITH CHILDREN!  Don't protect these thugs! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Terror plot in Seattle with 2 homegrown islamic morons! Could it be because of? Geert Wilders is cleared!

Hurrah!  It isn’t hate when it is the truth!  Read it all “here”

Today in Seattle: "The muslims don’t deserve any apology!"   Yet just today we had a terror threat inSeattle and we have the left apologist codling the muslims like they do all criminals!  Forget about the people working and living by the rules!  Forget about the victims of thugs! 

This is the USA and I have free speech too!  I will not be silent and no one is going to stop the truth now that is going full throttle forward!  It’s up to us to wake up the rest of the apologist for islam!  It does teach violence!  Sure they are quiet and pleasant while plotting that is what the ideology teaches.  When you get enough muslims together you will find out how your freedom is thriving.  It will die and so will you if you don’t conform to the ideology!  It’s in the Koran.  Look what is done in Dearborn Michigan.  islamic muslims tried to man handle some Christians for handing out pamphlets! 

The U.S. law trumps islamic law!  The law finds it’s ok to pass out other then islamic pamphlets.  The islamists were so pissed they were manhandling the Christians!  Telling them they could not be in a public area?  They push you off the sidewalk you drag them to court and file harassment, charges if that happens!   Let our laws handle the maggots!  Our Constitution trumps islam!  So I am really impressed with Europe and having Geert Acquitted!  Ok now America needs to take notes!  Americans will not put up with the islamic muslims bullshit!  They will be under a microscope! 

Make sure if you see something report it!   

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dearborn Michigan is really messed up!

This needs to go viral!  When it was shown two years ago it wasn’t circulated enough!  This year was no better "Watch Video Here" for Christians not even allowed to, have freedom of speech!  Hey somebody remind the apes of the cult islam!  They need to abide by OUR RULES!!!     
See the whole video and witness abuse from the islamic THUGS! 
This needs to stop here in the U.S.A!  They don't like it here or the West they need to get the hell out NOW!

Just for the hell of it I will let you see this from 2010

Most of you know me well.  I am no Bible type person however I do beleive in God and in Jesus Christ.  I won't be going door to door to prove it but I do fight for others on line and against anyone that tries to take OUR U.S. Free Speech down!  So here you have it!  God heard me and on May 26th MY BIRTHDAY read it all  "HERE" for this years out come!

So did you get all that you bone headed islamist! It is our Constitution and you all violated that in Dearborn Michigan! You all need to leave this country because it is so obvious you don’t want to abide by our laws!

Right so take note people "shariah law" shouldn't have never had happened in Dearborn Michigan!  Those people should have had the law on their side not the muslims!!!  WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED THEN?!   "READ MORE HERE"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Racist for fighting against terrorism?

Ok!  SO AM I THEN!  Leftest morons are so damn dumb it isn't funny!!!

Yesterday, the U.S House of Representatives took another giant step forward in addressing the threat radical Islam poses to America. Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Peter T. King (R-NY), held his second in a series of hearings on Muslim-American radicalization; this one entitled “The Threat of Muslim-American Radicalization in U.S. Prisons.”

As I watched the discussion during the hearing, I Tweeted about it too, so that our ACT! for America members—as well as others who are concerned about this threat—could see what Members of the U.S. Congress are saying and doing about it. While there certainly were not as many “rabble rousers” as there had been for Chairman King’s first hearing on Muslim radicalization, there was some political drama, nonetheless.

For example, Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA) alleged that the focus of Chairman King’s hearing “can be deemed as racist and as discriminatory.” The Chairman immediately fired back by saying that “the purpose of this Committee is to combat Islamic terrorism because that is the terrorist threat to this country.” Watch the exchange HERE.

In response to Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA) commenting that “the political correctness in this room is astounding,” Rep. Shiela Jackson-Lee (D-TX) held up a copy of the Constitution replying that the document is where she finds her “version of political correctness.” She went on further to state that there is a parallel between Christian militants and jihadists when it comes to bringing down the Constitution.

Rep. Hansen Clarke (D-MI) ranted on for several-minutes about the real problem being the overcrowding of prisons due to unfair sentencing guidelines and claimed that prisoners were turning to Islam to “protect themselves.”

All that said, and as I remarked in my hearing Tweets, the discussion about Islamic radicalization by the House Homeland Security Committee was one of the most productive I have seen, not only during the 112th Congress, but for years. Aside from the ludicrous statements uttered by some on the Committee (a few noted above), most of the comments focused on important issues about who is being radicalized within our prison system, and who is doing the radicalization.

There was ample discussion about very pertinent issues, such as the rise of Islamic ideology in the U.S. prison system; sharia law and its incompatibility with the U.S. Constitution; the groups who are certifying prison chaplains; and the threat of ex-inmates from America traveling overseas to locations such as Yemen to receive militant training.

While I felt that two of the witnesses spoke eloquently and accurately about the matter, two were a big disappointment to me:

  • Deputy Chief Michael Downing, Commanding Officer of the LA Police Department’s Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau, and
  • Professor Bert Useem of Purdue University.

Chief Downing repeatedly tried to distinguish “Islam” from what he referred to as “Prislam,” and said that all jihadis had “hijacked” the Islamic faith. As I listened to him, I wondered if he has taken the time to read sharia law, the Qur’an and the hadiths? If he did, I think he would understand that what the “radicalized” Muslims are adhering to is an ideology that is clearly enunciated within Islam’s holy books and has been practiced for 14 centuries. His statements reminded me that a great deal of educating at local, state and federal levels still needs to be done.

Professor Useem made several amazingly na├»ve assertions, one of which was that “correctional leadership (at both the agency and prison-level) has consciously and successfully infused the mission of observing signs of inmate radicalization into organizational practices. Rather than being sitting ducks, waiting for their facilities to be penetrated by radicalizing groups, correctional leaders have fashioned, staffed, and energized the effort to defeat radicalization.

Successfully? Energized? Hardly. This was clearly demonstrated when Chairman King had his turn to question the witnesses and asked Retired Deputy Inspector of the NY Dept. of Correctional Services, Patrick Dunleavy how a convicted murderer got certified by the Islamic Leadership Council to serve as a prison “Chaplain.” See that exchange and others between Chairman King and the witnesses HERE.

It was also refreshing to see so many freshmen Members of Congress ask excellent, pointed questions of the witnesses and demonstrate a clear understanding the issue. We saw this also during Chairman King’s first hearing. There is not much “getting up to speed” that these folks need to do. They have obviously already done their homework and are ready to go. A few examples:

  • Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN) asked if Shariah law would supersede the U.S. Constitution for radicalized Muslims. A chorus of “Yes” was heard from most of the witnesses.
  • Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA) remarked that he was disappointed to see some members of the committee question why a hearing of this nature needed to take place. That the threat of Islamic radicalization in our prisons is clear.
  • Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) commented how remarkable it is that a discussion about the threat of radical Islam appeared to be “off limits.” He also expressed concerns about literature found in U.S. prisons, such as writings by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, that ask: Which do you choose, the flag of Islam or the flag of America?
At ACT! for America, we’ve been encouraging our members to reach out to elected officials who clearly have taken the time to educate themselves about the threat radical Islam and sharia law pose to our nation. The outreach is to encourage them to continue doing so. It is evident by the comments made by so many members of the House Homeland Security Committee yesterday that this grassroots contact is making a difference.

Action by our grassroots is the fuel that makes the ACT! for America engine run. As we wait for Chairman King’s third hearing on Islamic radicalization (date and topic still to be determined), it’s nice to see that the engine is roaring loud and strong.

Please keep it up.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bachmann and Palin

I think the women will make it big! Can I call the liberals racist if they are aginst these women!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

islam will be defeated!

It's not just Pamela Geller saying all this! NOW it is all of us!

We all need to fight and stand up to the thugs that want to take this Great Nation down! We will! It is just going to take some work but we will want it bad enough! islamic thugs will be high tailing it back to the desert PDQ!

Freedom CAN'T be sold! WE THE PEOPLE!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre

By Andrew Klavan:

Palin’s email going public so is it to release death threat emails to her?

NBC and lame stream are really going all out! 

Can they and will they do the same for al o butthead whom is so secretive about the school he went to and so on?  I didn’t think so!

What made me chuckle is the statement done:  “Some will still feel the same good feeling about her no matter what is found on her”! 

It seems so far they haven't found a thing only the excitement of being vice president to Cain!  I feel she could have run as President without Cain!  But hey that is just my take.  The ole rhino needed some staunch Republican to hide the fact he was and is a rhino! 
After the dig up of nothing on Palin can we concentrate on our Country for once and the people!?  Also the FACT al o butthead has many skeletons in his closet of bringing this country down! 
Gee were those threats from liberal Belgium and that is just one.  Not to mention all the other communist Marxist socialist muslims out there plotting death threats on a daily bases! 

Islamic organizations and leaders, aided by blatantly dishonest reporting by The Tennessean newspaper, pulled out the stops to try to defeat the bill. Some even claimed, quite falsely, that the bill would make it illegal to practice Islam!

But in the end, the bill passed overwhelmingly, with bi-partisan support, in both the Tennessee House and Senate.

The law closes a gap in Tennessee’s prevention of terrorism legislation, passed back in 2002.
And, significantly, the law prohibits the use of religious doctrine to justify acts of terrorism or provide material support to designated terrorist organizations.

There are several States on the same page!  to islamic radicals: NO SHARIA FOR YOU HERE!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

islamic terrorists and the seals

You Weiner!

Did Weiner lie during his apology?

Congressman Anthony Weiner yesterday afternoon issued a tearful apology for his actions - or did he? Glenn replayed the press conference from Weiner yesterday and there were a couple of curious descriptions by Weiner. The most interesting was, as he was apologizing, he claimed he sent pics of his private parts as part of a 'joke' between him and a female friend. A joke? That's one not often told - do tell, Anthony. WATCH

Rewind -- Listen to Weiner's cocky denial: Pat plays the audio of Weiner just several days prior to the walls crashing down around him. It's quite an amazing thing to listen to how forceful he is with his lies. He even scolds the interviewer and shames him for making such an accusation. Get the reaction HERE.

MORE on Weinergate: Check out Stu's in-depth coverage of Weinergate, as well as some future career possibilities HERE. Be sure and follow Stu on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Thanks Glenn Weiner gets all the thrashing he deserves just like islam does from me! 

I say never let up on the morons!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

islam won't have a chance with U.S!

We won't let them!  So you don't know what islam is or sharia?  WATCH: