Tuesday, June 07, 2011

You Weiner!

Did Weiner lie during his apology?

Congressman Anthony Weiner yesterday afternoon issued a tearful apology for his actions - or did he? Glenn replayed the press conference from Weiner yesterday and there were a couple of curious descriptions by Weiner. The most interesting was, as he was apologizing, he claimed he sent pics of his private parts as part of a 'joke' between him and a female friend. A joke? That's one not often told - do tell, Anthony. WATCH

Rewind -- Listen to Weiner's cocky denial: Pat plays the audio of Weiner just several days prior to the walls crashing down around him. It's quite an amazing thing to listen to how forceful he is with his lies. He even scolds the interviewer and shames him for making such an accusation. Get the reaction HERE.

MORE on Weinergate: Check out Stu's in-depth coverage of Weinergate, as well as some future career possibilities HERE. Be sure and follow Stu on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Thanks Glenn Weiner gets all the thrashing he deserves just like islam does from me! 

I say never let up on the morons!!!

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