Saturday, June 11, 2011

Palin’s email going public so is it to release death threat emails to her?

NBC and lame stream are really going all out! 

Can they and will they do the same for al o butthead whom is so secretive about the school he went to and so on?  I didn’t think so!

What made me chuckle is the statement done:  “Some will still feel the same good feeling about her no matter what is found on her”! 

It seems so far they haven't found a thing only the excitement of being vice president to Cain!  I feel she could have run as President without Cain!  But hey that is just my take.  The ole rhino needed some staunch Republican to hide the fact he was and is a rhino! 
After the dig up of nothing on Palin can we concentrate on our Country for once and the people!?  Also the FACT al o butthead has many skeletons in his closet of bringing this country down! 
Gee were those threats from liberal Belgium and that is just one.  Not to mention all the other communist Marxist socialist muslims out there plotting death threats on a daily bases! 

Islamic organizations and leaders, aided by blatantly dishonest reporting by The Tennessean newspaper, pulled out the stops to try to defeat the bill. Some even claimed, quite falsely, that the bill would make it illegal to practice Islam!

But in the end, the bill passed overwhelmingly, with bi-partisan support, in both the Tennessee House and Senate.

The law closes a gap in Tennessee’s prevention of terrorism legislation, passed back in 2002.
And, significantly, the law prohibits the use of religious doctrine to justify acts of terrorism or provide material support to designated terrorist organizations.

There are several States on the same page!  to islamic radicals: NO SHARIA FOR YOU HERE!

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