Monday, July 26, 2010

I met Brigitte Gabriel!

Don’t be a useful idiot!

Well what a night! I knew Brigitte Gabriel word of wisdom from hearing her on Fox and other blogs. This little Lebanese girl knows firsthand about radical islam and their agenda! It happened in her own country! This young lady was in hiding just like Ann Frank. Ann Frank didn’t survive! She talked about the liberal people how they fought for islam in 1982. When it came to a head for the radicals they then went after the useful idiots that helped them and killed them too, saying that they were just that “useful idiots” that got them to their goal!

In Washington State? You can still see her:

Date: July 26, 2010
Time: 7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.
Location: El Shaddai Christian Ministries
111 112th Street East
Tacoma, WA

Date: July 27, 2010
Time: 7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.
Location: City Harvest Church
8100 Northwest 9th Avenue
Vancouver, WA

Islam is here in the USA! They need to be stopped! Brigitte is fighting for the last place to run to from these islamic radicals, and that is here in the USA! Make sure to come to Act America and see for yourself! One person can make a difference look at what she has accomplished!

I’m here to say Brigitte is real and so are her hugs! A true American! Right after the World Trade Center attack she saw and then the towers came down! How much more proof do we need!!!

They “radical islamists” hate and I know we will win against them because we put laws into effect that will cover islamics trying to take advantage! It will include radicals so they will not put into place sharia law! Just look to London and most of Europe!

It was a nice turn out for Brigitte last night. I hope she has even more in the next couple of days here in Washington State!

She told me about
Dr. Jassar. “he is doing good but she said: "I can’t go along with everything he says”. I know it’s the religion he is in! How can it be beautiful to bow and pray to a child molester prophet!

Join ACT! We won't roll over!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Independence Day Hypocrites! This is the 5th!

That was yesterday! Yet some hypocrites in our neighborhood still are setting off fireworks! They are far from being Patriotic! I live in a liberal blue state Washington and I call on anyone that voted for such a buffoon a hypocrite destroying America to be celebrating what little we have left, ‘an IDIOT! It’s clear to me that the commander of morons is taking this country down! By the way in the last thread you can see that Mr. Ghost paid me a visit my telling me that 0 played 8 rounds of golf since the oil spill!

I clearly see that the idiots celebrating are on his side! These pathetic little fools have no idea what is going on! No clue what so ever! We are losing our country yet all they can think of is their own selfish little crap life (what is left of it that is!) Nope! They have not one clue!

I just come home from a horrible family issue that needs attention to a pink stain on my deck from their antics and it is all that I can do to keep myself from going postal. But I know I am better then that! They, on the other hand are lower than a slug! I call them the SLIME! The SLIME of America that will be sorry for not paying attention!

By the way neighbors you set one more, firework and I will call 911! It’s illegal you know! This is the 5th of July you hypocrites!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Pamela Geller Pre-order NOW!

I can't wait to get my copy!

islam...Yep it’s a pattern of theirs!


The dipshits are everywhere!!! They are worse than cockroaches!!!

Muslim father and brother of Harry Potter star charged with threatening to kill her


Run Afshan, dump that pathetic cult and don't look back you don't need them! I left my dysfunctional family and don't have anything to do with any of the religions either! You don't need them you don't need anyone! You have yourself and God! NO ONE ELSE MATTERS take my word!

They are not your family now! Enjoy your new freedom! Enjoy Afshan! :+:

Thursday, July 01, 2010