Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in peace Ferrah!

She really was an angel! Born the same year my late brother was 1947 she was a beautiful star! Cancer what a horrible killer!

I will make a donation in her name to fight cancer.

My favorite works of hers was Extremities
In a “riveting performance” (The Hollywood Reporter) that stunned critics and audiences alike, Farrah Fawcett is the heart and soul of this “edge-of-your-seat suspense drama” (The Film Journal) about a woman who turns the tables on a would-be rapist. Nominated* for a Golden Globe, Fawcett “is genuine, and heroic here” (Los Angeles Times) and her “unadorned artistry singes” (Time)! After narrowly escaping an attempted rape, Marjorie (Fawcett) is haunted by the fact that her attacker (James Russo) knows where she lives. But when he appears on her doorstep and subjects her to a non-stop barrage of physical and mental assaults, Marjorie manages to disarm and capture him. Filled with fear and hostility, she conspires with her roommates (Diana Scarwid and Alfre Woodard) to take the law into their own hands. But as her rage consumes her, Marjorie shocks her friends with a proposal that challenges the perilously thin line between justice and vengeance. *1986: Actress in a Leading Role
I know I'll go with vengeance!
Welcome home Farrah!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama! It’s enslavement you FUCKING MORON!

News on Obama's take with enslavement of women!

WTF!?! Freedom of religion!? YOU Obama ARE A, F@#%KING IDIOT!

Ok deep breath here! Is it freedom of religion or human rights? Hmmmm! Can they pick which one they want here? The answer is: “NO THEY KILL YOU IF YOU CHOOSE OTHER THEN ISLAM! THEY MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL! YOU DISAPPEAR! THEY KILL YOU!

Religion is not about what you wear, it isn’t how you pray or what building you are in! It’s about GOD! MAN IS NOT GOD! Those in power better straiten up or they will have a horrible faith waiting for them in the next life!

So all you holier then thou you best stop dictating to women and free men with your full of shit corrupted crazy ass religion!

Thanks for getting my BP up with the article bg. I guess you can call this a hat tip!

Monday, June 22, 2009



The good people of Iran already made this young woman a martyr! The Government lost and the people will not forget or give up! This will make freedom stronger against Government regimes! I heard that the burka's are out of style in France. Can you say banned? I know you can! So all you Islamic regimes get a clue you are done for!

Neda Iran, one life lost for a greater cause More at the inquisitr

This girls death has already hit the blogs and news. The Irainian Government is pushing to make sure this goes unnoticed. Guess again!

Bush was right! It will be a domino effect for freedom! Sorry bambi you don't or won't get the credit!

Rest in peace Neda. May the thugs drink their blood soon and suffer for all eternity in hell!

God has taken you Neda into his arms, you are safe and free now. So will the ones that fight for freedom. You are an icon for your people, a hero!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Flag Day!

May it wave forever without CHANGE!

Friday, June 05, 2009


:+: Well said! No bambi I like Reagan's speech much, much better!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Obama talks to nothing but evil!

Nancy Reagan may talk to her deceased husband. At least that is normal!

Obama talks to Satan!

Shame on Obama for taking that potshot! What goes around comes around. He already shows signs of mental illness! Just like the commenter's of truthers and lefty odballs at Gateway Pundit... It's ok to kill a full term child but not a murderess Criminal! Hell the leftests throw parties for them!

RG said:

I read the story about the late term abortionist being shot in a "church". First of all, it was not a Christ centered church. It was one of those "anything goes", "feel good" "churches". There are a lot of those these days. Murder should not occur in a house of worship (of the Father) but I really don't believe you can call that a house of worship of the Father of all life. The wages of sin is death.

I agree only I call it karma! God's karma. It is a learning tool for those that want to listen.

Note: Obama supports late term abortions!