Monday, June 01, 2009

Obama talks to nothing but evil!

Nancy Reagan may talk to her deceased husband. At least that is normal!

Obama talks to Satan!

Shame on Obama for taking that potshot! What goes around comes around. He already shows signs of mental illness! Just like the commenter's of truthers and lefty odballs at Gateway Pundit... It's ok to kill a full term child but not a murderess Criminal! Hell the leftests throw parties for them!

RG said:

I read the story about the late term abortionist being shot in a "church". First of all, it was not a Christ centered church. It was one of those "anything goes", "feel good" "churches". There are a lot of those these days. Murder should not occur in a house of worship (of the Father) but I really don't believe you can call that a house of worship of the Father of all life. The wages of sin is death.

I agree only I call it karma! God's karma. It is a learning tool for those that want to listen.

Note: Obama supports late term abortions!


Tom said...

And he doesn't support soldiers killed & wounded by a Muslim prison convert.

Mike H. said...

It's bass ackwards. Tiller boasted of having done 60,000 abortions. But life is cheap for libs and progs as long as they're not the folks that are losing it.