Saturday, June 30, 2007



The USA will be celebrating our 231st birthday! Independent day will be this coming Wednesday. Let’s hope that the new citizens being sworn in to this country will up hold our freedom! If not, I know they will be caught and dealt with! Just like the fucked up pussies that tried to bomb JFK!

Yeah I will continue to cuss because the boneheads in this great nation just don’t understand unless you use shock value! I mean they just love what the media puts out there! Ann Coulter I’m with you!

Patton cussed all the time and he was a great General! It’s appropriate when you deal with dimwitted tyrants! And if it means people living in the USA not understanding the value of freedom, one has that right to brow beat them into oblivion!

Offended? Too fucking, bad!!!

I will fight for this country from home! So troops stick to the program!!! Even when you, are back home! Folks at home set those cameras up NOW! CIA: make all the wire taps you want! And put some people on the net to patrol the bullshit out there! Hone in on them track them, find out where they live! So that AMERICA can stay safe and free from murderous thugs! Don’t give islamist thugs any rights they don’t deserve it!!!

Celebrate The 4TH!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No I Won’t Calm Down!!!

This is to a blogger calling himself a Crazy Marzouq Redneck Muslim:

“You must be male and you think that everything is copasetic with your religion. I feel that it isn’t! It’s a cult!!! A cult against women and anyone else that is a meat eater! If you think your religion is so wonderful why are your women protesting!? Why are Jews hated? I don’t hate Jews I think they are hard working and have a good sense for business. I checked out where you came from and I see the site meter.

You bet your sweet ass I love USA! I will not tolerate any religion to dictate my freedom! I only have to answer to GOD himself not you or anyone else!!! I will fight and if it means in this manner I will! I will not be put in my place by NO MAN or WOMAN! So don’t send your black biddies over because I will brow beat them and be harder on them then you, for not knowing any better!

Let’s get something strait here! This here is my blog and I will not tolerate anyone to talk down to me! Most of all not by a Fucking CLERIC! As long as you have that strait in your little mind we just may have a chance in getting along. I am an equal! You’re pissy ass religion… and please do not hash out Christian religion to me because the women in the USA have fought them already and won. I will not look back only forward! But I do pay close attention to history. Fool me once shame on you! Fool me twice shame on me!

So what are you people going to do about your bigotry toward others? Hmmmmm? Remember we were attacked and yes there is Timothy McVegh and other brain washed idiots! Weak minds do this kind of shit! The world is full of psychopathic criminals.

I have yet to hear more Muslims in the USA come forward and say that 9-11 was a big tragedy!!! NO, they come from other countries and become USA citizens and plan attacks! Just like on JFK! I guess I am no better then a black person! I WANT AN APOLOGY and more! I was never a racial person until 9-11!!! I am careful about all religions and groups so that does not make me racial. I call it being more aware.

Here is some history: ‘the Japanese did well after WWII! We got attacked! Remember Pearl Harbor? It’s you Crazy Marzouq Redneck Muslim, which needs to look up references!

This is a different war and I know what you are playing at here! And it won’t work with me! Consider this a dcat dry run!

I have a passion for life and human kind. I love nature. What will your agenda be Iran and all you in the Middle East? Show me you can build your country up to a livable standard. A standard with, places to stay that have swim up bars and that will treat visitors with bikinis well and I just may change, my mind! Until then the Islamic type religion is shit to me! That does go for all just incase you missed it! It was interpreted much too many times by man for my blood!”

You posting, a comment was a grave error!!! DON’T THREATEN ME AGAIN crazy Marzouq Redneck Muslim!!!

Thanks for the link bg!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


It isn’t banned here! Heh!

BOOMB BOOMB BOOMB click here for that great song!


The Return of the Amnesty Bill

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sicko by Michael Moore

The clueless and reckless Moore strikes again!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Middle East Media LOL … Research Institute…

Ok it is apparent that this bozo isn't getting any.

Feel free to click on the above sentence to see what is spewing from men who think they know how to treat women! UGH!!!

He lay’s with circumcised women how would he know how to satisfy a woman? Wham bam thank you mam I suppose. HEH!

Still ROFLMAO! Who are these clowns and why are they on my planet!?

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Iranian Women’s Movement

Today I got this email from an Iranian friend. She lives here in the USA and is fitting in nicely. Working hard and trying to make the American dream. She is not doing this illegally!

I know I have been cold but I can’t help it! They come here to the land of free not her so much but others, ‘wearing the tent! Obviously I have a problem with that! God did not give dress codes!!! This is all man made! Yes it is the man that has a bad time of it! It isn’t my problem if I make there little thing rise! That is a personal issue and I suggest to them “the men” a nice ICE COLD SHOWER!

I don’t understand why in the hell women over there go along with men like this! Why don’t they take notes about Women's Day or the Women's suffrage I wrote about already “scratching head and saying where did I put that?” Oh it is in my archives… someplace!?

Ok so here is the letter and I will look at this issue because why? I am a woman! I know you have to always fight for your freedom no matter what! It takes every ones cooperation. And it does not happen over night! Repression is all over the world and it isn’t just the women’s issue it is humanity’s issue! If you are a humanitarian you will fight for freedom for all not just for yourself.

Shame on the people that are against the war! SHAME ON YOU!!!


“My Dear Dcat,

I want you reflect the Iranian women’s movement against mullah’s regime. Here, No media has reflected the women protestations in Iran yet and it is a big question for me why!!!!!!!!.
I want you read the articles and watch the videos and with your own word write about the woman movement in iran.”


Now I’m pissed off my friend!

Seems to me iranian men (Middle Eastern) are the pimps and nothing more! As for the media “ha”… oh please! Give me a freaking break!

Woman for freedom of the back ass men’s world of iran need to keep fighting my friend!

I mean give them a real fight combat style! “Me personally” I choose death rather then live like the life style they have in iran! You have to have that mentality and if enough women overthrow the ass brigade then and only then will you have freedom. You need to get the black crows (other women who give into this lame life style for a pat on the ass from the pimps). Then when they are dead and out of the way take the men on! Haven’t you learned anything?! YOU CAN’T TALK TO THEM!

If it means your family turning you in then, they are against you! You need to act and don’t think “but they are my family”! Listen to me sister they will stone you for their honor! Is that not nuts!? You don’t need them! GET SOME FORTITUDE!

Ok I need to see the rest of these… Popcorn and beer anyone!

thank you, Love



HEY ROSEY YOU LOOSER! Go tell it to these people! That goes for the rest of you that just don’t get it!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Michelle versus Geraldo on the amnesty bill

Enforce the law! I agree Michelle.

Hey Geraldo! Michelle is of Oriental back ground so shut the f#@!% UP ALREADY!!!

Yes and Geraldo did avoid the question!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hey Hugo Chavez!

Is this a show up or else! You think we are stupid or something!?! The students against you already hit the computer geek world you asshole!!! I herd all about the students being held hostage! The media can hide your screwed up fantasy but the real reporters will get the word out! Now everyone is hearing about you! It ain’t good either!

In Venezuela the Venezuelans do what Chavez wants them to do! Chavez warns other media outlets? Like WHOOOOO I’m scared! NOT!

Hat tip goes to Louise! Venezuelan Student alert. Please repost this on your blogs

Thank God we have our way of getting the truth! God is on our side you know not yours Chavass!

Nice Hot Air! And I like to call him a son of a PRICK!!!