Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Don’t Apologize Either

Well Yes we all have been through a lot.  But a business that will succeed is a business that runs a tight ship with management being organized.  Look to this post to see what I am talking about:  READ HERE”. 

The right thing was finally done and now I don’t have to bitch about it anymore.  However a person that is a good customer should have never had to be subjected to what I was.  I am just glad that the management was able to see it and correct it.  Unlike the stooge and company at the White House, they will never make it right!  Talk about bringing this country down! 
At least now I will have a better time drowning my sorrows at my favorite place.  Look at all I will be getting… Oh YAY!  A sweet deal:   
Hey Mug Clubbers!!
It’s that time of the year again!  Time to renew your mugs!  We will be taking the month of November to renew all current mugs.  You have from November 1st – November 30th to renew your mug.  Starting in December, all non-renewed mugs, or open mugs will be available to the public.  The steps to renew and the Mug Club perks are listed below, along with some new ideas that we have for 2014. 
As a Thank You to all of our 2013 Mug Club Members, we will be giving each of you a free 12 pack of our Audible Ale.  I know that this year has been tough with our remodel, opening and closing on random days, and we wanted to make sure we showed you our appreciation and gratitude to each of you.  You will be able to pick this up ONLY between 11/5 – 11/7 in the retail store.  You can only pick up the beer for yourself, no spouses, friends or family and you have to have your Mug Club card as well. 
Mug Club Renewal Info and Perks
-          Price $50 (and a free pint upon renewing)
-          Please renew with the bar tenders.  We will issue you a new Mug Card upon renewal, and this one will actuall fit in your wallet!
-          25% off food in the pub Monday – Friday
-          10% off Retail and Beer 2 Go every day
-          Mug Club dinner in the fall
-          $3.25 Mug fills
-          Monthly Raffle – 2014
-          Mug Club Happy Hour – 2014
-          Maybe new Mugs??? – 2014
Thank you again for all of your support.  We look forward to a great 2014 with all of you.
Warm Regards


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Could be Obama's Plan of Attack?

Obama is Arrogant!

And his followers are ignorant!!!

Dianne Reidy Disagrees So...

This is what happens to her...

God Bless! Ooh-Rah!

Obama is OUT of Control! Someone Please Shut Him Down!

Can You Say Revolution? Oh Yeah!

Dictator Obama Tells Us What To Listen To?

Yes you do need to listen to the blogs and talk radio!  Tyranny needs to stop in our country!  We the People will remind you Obama! 

Listen to the People "Here" The issue is America!  This is why Obama said not to listen or read!

We are under attack!  I will not accept it!

Obama Behind Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate Conspiracy

Also go to the web page: Here Impeach? No try PRISON!!!

Confederate Flag Waver? Really!? You Fools!!!

I agree with Alfonso!  How about them waving the Right Flag!!!

At Least Some Get The Message!!!

Oh how I would like to pop into that picture right now!

Report done by Atlas Shrugs

So True!

Left Loon Thugs!

Crazy libturds publishing Ted Cruz's address, threatening to do bodily harm and encouraging others to do the same. 

Read about the loons HERE

Such hateful comments by the left!  BTW Forbs stated that Obama care is dysfunctional .... HERE is that link.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Warning! Libturds in The Business world

The left wing idiots are at the work place of businesses that you may frequently visit! Apparently it is OK not to be PC and correct when it comes to running “redistributing funds of the hard working people”!  Beer is one instance tonight!  

Treating paying customers like crap is a no, no you fucked up libturds!  You with the body piercing and 'sorry I can’t hear a thing when watching that thing in your mouth go up and down!  I know I wouldn’t have a job anymore if I looked like that or talked down to customers like you tried to do with me tonight!   You lost!

The libturds and occupiers of shit!  They choose even if you paid for the drinking container and joined a club to support "the business".  You know they are against business to begin with but oh they need to:  "Make a living".  However all is not the same for everyone in the stupid culture!  Oh but they support the occupiers don’t they!  Now they have management jobs at class act businesses!  I found out all is not the same!  BTW they can’t manage and how in the hell they got that job?  “Management really!?  I work hard all day look forward to my favorite place and I have to have the same drinking container while others have "the new drinking containers"?  Never mind the new one's that hold more beer?  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!   Stupid is what stupid does! 

They decide what is PC as long as it is in their standard they really don’t care about equality at all!!!  Fair ?  What is that all of a sudden?

Jip ping paying customers because they can!  Bring your drinking container back or else method of business! 

FUCK YOU and all your piercings and I don’t like the way you run business!  Just like the Government they do need reminding on who is paying their wages!!! 

Reminder to idiots: “I will be in your face till you make it right and I am watching and making sure to share your stupidity!”  Never give up and I sure as hell won’t give in!  Your way is wrong you libturds of the future and others will remind you of it!  Even rub your nose in it!  So whatever you say “to twist” will be right back to remind you of more!
My letter to the president of the establishment is next!  Oh did I say I was a share holder?