Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tea Party in St. Louis a HUGE HIT!

and ...Go Israel! Yes we can I loved it!
We have to depend on Israel because, Our country is too damn busy! It has it's head up their PC asses!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ideologies of islam and socialistic communism are what we are fighting in the USA!

You need to watch all of the parts that I have posted here!

Thanks to Atlas Shrugs Pamela Geller for this! Pray for Rifqa.

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Part five

Part six

Part seven

Part eight

Part nine

Part ten

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The nut cases in Olympia Washington are at it again!

Yes it’s a Christmas tree you crazy people in Olympia Washington! If you can’t call it a Christmas tree then DON’T PUT IT UP! I’ll just ignore you like I always do and give you my favorite gesture in return!

I vow this year to remind idiots with their “happy holidays” with its; "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME YOU MORON!" Just try and stop me!

I plan to drive those "PC" people nuts like I just love doing all year long!

So there!

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving!

A reminder I will post here from my love of my life Mr. Dcat:
The Pillars of Thanksgiving
An inhospitable environment wasn't the only obstacle to the Pilgrims' success at Plymouth Plantation. Until 1623, the Pilgrims were victims of their own bad policies. As Governor William Bradford explained in his memoir of 1647, the community suffered food shortages because its system of communal property rights had sundered reward and effort.
Once families were allowed to keep the fruits of their labor, the food shortages vanished. In short, the Pilgrims learned that prosperity requires individual effort, and individual effort requires individual reward. And we are the beneficiaries of that lesson.
"It is customary in many families to 'give thanks to the hands that prepared this feast' during the Thanksgiving dinner blessing," writes Independent Institute Research Fellow Benjamin Powell. "Perhaps we should also be thankful for the millions of other hands that helped get the dinner to the table: the grocer who sold us the turkey, the truck driver who delivered it to the store, and the farmer who raised it all contributed to our Thanksgiving dinner because our economic system rewards them. That's the real lesson of Thanksgiving. The economic incentives provided by private competitive markets where people are left free to make their own choices make bountiful feasts possible."

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Collages and all schools to make Sarah’s book a must read!

OH NO! NOT MY CHILD the liberals will cry!
Yeah that would be good since they “made” everyone read Obama’s book of CRAP!

Click on the picture! I dare you! And then have your credit card ready!

"There is plenty of room for all the animals in Alaska! Right next to the mash potatoes! "

Ain’t that right Al!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Muslims with tantrums and bugs up their asses again!

I don’t think they should be invited to France or anyplace else for that matter! They are very poor house guests and know nothing but destruction where ever they go!

Atlas Shrugs
Muslims Riot Across France - A soccer game game was played in Cairo ,Egypt. Alergia lost the game, so ....... so muslims decided to trash Marseille, France. Violence in Marseille over Al...

Thanks Atlas for showing this and having the story posted! And for this story: freedom of religion regarding Rifqa Bary against the the stealth jihadists and islamic supremacists!

I wish I would have been there with you Pamela!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obama’s ass in the air like he don’t care!

Obama Bows to Emperor - Disgraces Presidency Again -

Once again he is showing his best side! Thanks Indigo for giving me a chance to get on that band wagon of posting the idiocy going on in the White House. It still is called that isn’t it? Are we still the US?


Saturday, November 07, 2009

Muslims afraid?

And they should be! Get off your ass and check on CAIR!

I don’t care for a religion of so called peace trying to take MY freedom away or calling me an infidel! I use to be ok with this religion and the people till I found out their true motive. Looks like the leftist media here in Seattle still doesn’t get it!

What I feel isn’t a hate crime its reality! Those in the religion are so hell bent on sharia law they can’t see strait! I don’t want that kind of law in my country! I call a hate crime on them not people like myself! I don’t want that kind of change thank you very much! I have plenty of evidence on my blog about these people. It all seems to be swiped under the rug while they muscle their way into our society! Remember if you haven’t read the Koran it said to get your enemy off guard. They are able to lie drink what ever it takes to take their enemy down. We probably will see more of the valance from this so called religion of peace. I won’t be surprised if the demi news stops telling us what religion the criminal is! Till we all accept this kind of activity it will take over little by little! Eventually it will completely take over our laws and our freedom.

Amazing how the media “briefly” talked about the young lady too westernized for her father is now dead because he killed her by running her over with a car in Arizona. No I don’t trust them and I don’t need them changing MY way of life! I don’t feel they need to change our American culture! They best get used to ours or move back and let Israel take care of them! London best get with the program too!!! It’s about human rights and the law! Our law not theirs!!!

Just an FYI they recruit other thugs to do their work so we have a lot of house cleaning to do in this country! Not to mention closing down all of their camps! If you don't know anything about "the camps" do some research they are just about in every state! Don't keep your head in the sand! They also love seeing your kid on drugs.

I'm here to keep Christianity alive! People of their own faith are under attack and don't realize it! I'm not so much into Christianity because I don't go to church however I have a belief and I have that right!

Update:Earth to all citizens of the US/West..IT'S OFFICIAL: THE JIHAD IS HEREMuslim radicals call Hasan 'Officer and a Gentleman'13 deaths were 'pre-emptive attack;' 'We do NOT denounce his actions'["Every day is Fort Hood for the world community due to USA policies and their tyrant totalitarian puppet regimes," the activists proclaimed. "Rest assure (sic) the slain terrorists at Fort Hood are in the eternal hellfire and it is not to (sic) late for YOU to change your policies," they said.The website's mission statement states, "Revolution Muslim is a message and movement grounded in the sayings, deeds, actions and understanding of Ahlus Sunnah wal jama'ah (The collective body of those Muslims that adhere to the ways of the Prophet (SAWS) and the first four generations of Muslims)."It continues, "We pray that we may witness the dismantlement of western, secular dominance across the world as we hold it to be pagan and idolatrous in the majority of its presumptions. We seek a resurrection of the just example set forth by centuries of Islamic rule throughout the ages and we hold it to be self evident for the objective soul and mind that Allah is One and that Muhammad ibn Abdullah is His Prophet and that the religion offers the solution to all of the world’s ills and afflictions."The base commander said soldiers reported they heard Hasan shout "Allahu Akbar," or "Allah is the greatest," while he was shooting.]no one has been heeding the numerous warnings, namely the MSM, most especially our Congressmen/Women, Homeland Security, DOD, DOS, etc.. & our so called President.. The Third Jihad(a must watch/listen FREE 30-Minute Version)much more here..

Friday, November 06, 2009

All muslims terrorist?! OMG!!!

We don’t mean to discriminate! Heavens no! Just because every terrorist has been a muslim!

Like gee what else should one think then, 'you dip shit liberal baby killers that want to give criminals and thugs a good life! Oh and PLEASE NO WATERBORDING!!!

After all it wouldn’t be fair to make thugs give out vital information that would save innocent lives!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

My prayers to our Brave in Texas!

Click here for what is known The story

How I see what is going on:
I am fucking pissed off at the media it isn’t even funny! It isn’t like they are concerned about the victims!

“Oh he was upset about going to Afghanistan” lalalalalalala mememe!

Nothing like getting the people against soldiers going off to war to defend democracy for the ones without a voice! No they have to turn against that sort of ploy!

We are finding out there is a group “going on for quite some time” against America that is out to take us down. They have plants in all organizations in our own Government! Yes people even in the health care bill! I have had it with the thugs in office against our great nation and WE THE PEOPLE WILL WIN! It will be to the death!

I can’t wait to see the losers on the other side! Oh wait they will all be in hell burning for all eternity so never mind!

God I am ready for you! Do you hear me!? You can come anytime because I am yours.

From a close friend that gets things real fast:

As MSM all across this nation continues to attribute his massacre to "stress", a site that may be the attacker's blog refers to an American soldier who died for his friends, so that others may not die. He then goes on to explain why it is important for one to catch your enemies off guard, to kill 100 of them so that they cannot kill your people.

On his blog is a link to an article "Martyrdom in Islam vs Suicide Bombing"

The Government is Scared!