Thursday, September 25, 2014

Raised Wrong In Public Schools

This was sent to me and how tragic it will be in the future:   

So I have this friend that told me about public schools. It’s a no wonder why the peasants choose to put their children into a private school or choose to home school! 
There would be war, if my child was being a victim of a crime of the other children committing thievery! In a city called Bellevue yet! 
Let me clue some of you in on the area. People of means and a prominent city. Obviously the have nots moved in and the parents are poor at raising children. Yes you heard me! It seems ok for their children to be stealing from others. Everyone is afraid to say anything about it. The public schools are teaching socialism. They have children buy paper pencils and supplies and it goes to the teacher so she can distribute the supplies. Mind you the fact that the child that bought the fun spider man pencils to contribute gets the plain yellow pencil. 
When I went to school kids shared. They weren't made to give up their supplies to be disbursed to others! Also if you have a nice mechanical pencil for your own use. Forget it because it will be taken from you by others. Don’t carry any cash either. 
What the hell happened that they don’t have lockers for kids own property and what are the public schools really teaching kids? I will tell you what it is and it is criminal! Please see to it that they do not brainwash your child like the media has their ignorant parents! Pay attention and call it what it is before it is too late. Pay attention! 
Or we will have more of this: Watch: Local News Station