Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Analogy of Iraq

So the tactic is getting more and more aggressive and devious. No surprises there! Like I said before rats trapped in the corner.

As one of the commenter’s posted at IRAQ THE MODEL under the title Following - yesterdays raid

"These thugs know what is coming, that is why they have resorted to faking the scene and filming propaganda films. They know they cannot win any fight with either the Coalition forces or the new Iraqi Army. They fear the ISF, which is a good sign." Thanks thewiz!

I have to agree with this and what Omar had to post. Of course you will have the commenter’s such as nemo screaming the blog is not real! I know it is because I have had proof from the start! The fake is actually nemo some sorry ass journalist lefty working for the terrorists! Poor little nemo! I think the cat's claw just might get him! ^..^

Oh and here is my favorite of all posters at ITM now he is real because I even talked to him by phone. His wife is just like he is "wonderful"!:

Dear Omar and MohammedPlease tell us if this blog is paid US propaganda?I am not paid by the US, who is on this blog, please declare it?Are Ghandi or nemo real people who come up with this statement or simply simple people who cannot stand in front of the tide of freedom and Liberty?' Among those who have always lived in a democracy, the storey of democracy and the power of freedom to overcome tyranny and terror really raises many eyebrows. After all, in the free world, the competition of ideas and of parties flourishes, and allegiances are often based on a single common principle or purpose that struggles against a competing point of view.Though generally healthy for Society, this competition can be quite dangerous if we lose sight of the fact that there is a far greater divide between the world of freedom and the world of fear than there is between the competing factions within a free society. If we fail to recognise this, we lose moral clarity. The legitmate differences among us, the shades of gray in a free society will be wrongly perceived as black and white. Then, the real black and white line that divides free societies from fear societies, the real lines that divides good and evil, will no longer be distinguishable.A lack of moral clarity is why an Israeli journalist compared a kippah to a prison. It is why people living in free societies cannot distinguish between religous fundememtalists in democratic states and religious terrorists in fundemantlist states. It is why people living in a free world societies can come to see their fellow citizens ( and elected rulers) as their enemies, and foreign dictators as their friends' unqoute.Scott of Oregon, Ash, Eddie and the like please note.Do not support Al Sader, he has a grievance against freedom, because he wants to establish a shariah type government ( a dictatorship to thwart the American/British plans so that the Americans will fail and get out of Iraq and the region and return to the USA, with their tails between their legs and not succeed in their goals, in their rightful mission in Iraq.You are not just unpatrioatic you are aiding and abetting the enemies of freedom and democracy against your own troops and fighting men.It war and don't you forget it.When I was in Michigan last year I stayed with my Americans friends by a frozen Lake with few summer houses in a small hamlet. One day I went for a walk with my wife. I saw yellow ribbons on the tree trunks and on the postal boxes and some on the doorways and over the garages- the street is called wildwood Avenue and the place is called Biteley. Below one of the trees, there was an American Flag, also there was a board written on it in bold lettering the phrases.I AM PROUD I AM AN AMERICANSUPPORT OUR TROOPS.On the TV that night We watched some Military men from Michigan being reported killed in Iraq. It was very sad for us and we thought of theri families, their freinds and relatives especially as it is Christmas, and they some have left young familes and childern behind, and we saw women and men sending videos messages from Iraq to the families, relatives and friends from the services, men and women in the front in Iraq, and we saw some Military groups coming home for Xmas and the new year, meeting their loved ones and crying with joy for their safety and they were the lucky ones then. It was moving I can tell you.It was touching and heart rending.Then we returned to UK in January, and I opened my computer and read at ITM, such stupid and unbelievable comments being written by high almighty american or where the hell they come from idiots and punks, against the war of Liberation in Iraq?Am I living in two different worlds here or what? I asked my wife?Perhaps some of you Ladies and Gentlmen can tell this naive but free Iraqi, thanks to your military action in Iraq.What is going on? And why? How come so? Please?Kind regardsHameed Abid Homepage 03.28.06 - 6:52 pm

Europe Old or New

The real issue is the economy of Europe as a whole. Let’s just sit and wait to see what happens. Don’t do anything just be in leadership and that is all one has to do. This was in the cards I believe and I personally wonder why it didn’t happen sooner?

Oh yes the wait and see game... I remember now.

Um is the weakest link still on the air?

French Riot Police Try to Quell Paris Protest

Monday, March 27, 2006

A Great Sound!

Number one at Top of the charts!

The entire song is found when going to MIKE'S AMERICA I loved it! He has done the best with the immigration crap too!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Clueless Carter

Not only should Carter be censured but so should a lot of mealy mouth journalists, religious fanatics and my list goes on!

Here is something worth reading!
No compulsion in religion. Thank you Indigo Red!
Dem Dirty Trickster Working for Senator Schumer Pleads Guilty Thank you Mike’s America! Chapel Hill Attackers Islamic by LGF

How ever the America I know is not going to let this sort of thing happen! Only at my blog will I censure idiots such as Steve! You see the far left started this and now they want to see us lose the war! They would love nothing better then to see America fail! They are the ones that are helping terrorist succeed!

It made me laugh to see that on CNN (while I was working out at the gym) they listed: President Bush Censured. How upset they were to find out that it is truly the media’s fault! There is no one else to blame. Those televised half ass polls are more likely “the majority of the loony left!” They are the majority of morons sitting and partaking in the polls like a church of truth so it must be true! I never take part and I doubt that other “normal” Americans do either!

A little while back I got an email from a friend and how true this was! It is so dcat so I will post it! Enjoy and do get your name on the list. ^..^

It is time to Censure Carter!


Several days ago I authored a column in which I expressed the ridiculous notion that the Congress was considering motions to Censure President Bush for his efforts to wiretap suspected terrorists.Meanwhile, former President Jimmy Carter is running around the globe denouncing the United States and urging the United Nations to vote against U.S. interests. The column I penned for WorldNetDaily created a firestorm of interest from citizens all across this great nation.Many asked if I would be willing to take my call to "Censure Jimmy Carter" a step further and actually launch a petition drive calling on the Congress to issue a formal resolution of Censure.In response to these requests, and in keeping with my own passionate view that it is time to hold Jimmy Carter accountable for his shameful conduct, I am proud to announce that we have officially launched the "Censure Jimmy Carter" website:http://www.CensureCarter.comPlease, go online and sign the petition. And then send it to at least 10 other people, ask them to sign it and forward it along as well.We will present these signatures to the Members of Congress and speak to every single one until we have an official sponsor for this resolution. And when we do, we will rally the American people to support this effort, to stand up once and for all and proclaim that we are not going to take the America-bashing any more. We aren't going to allow people like Jimmy Carter to hurt this country, to undermine the mission of our troops, and to praise known terrorists without facing the consequences of his actions in the form of rebuke from the American people and their representatives in Congress.Please, sign the Censure Carter petition right now and then forward this note on to at least 10 friends.http://www.CensureCarter.comThank you for your efforts.Sincerely Yours,Melanie Morgan"Censure Jimmy Carter"http://www.CensureCarter.com

Monday, March 20, 2006

I Made the Right Choice

My choice was to go and enjoy! What a “SPRING” day!

Monday, March 13, 2006

For A Free Iraq....She Deleted My Post!

Ok fine! I will make it all happen here! Rose of ROSEBAGHDAD had very little posted. Her title read: "Sorry will not be enough”

"I have nothing to say. It is all written here by my sister. I'm so angry now and in need for an explanation." (Here is the sisters blog and it is called Emotion.) Rose did not delete my post at her site but her sister did!

Ok first we have all lost a lot in this war! I was sympathetic until the sister started to bad mouth America! I thought wait just a minute here! If you want to be mad, be mad at Al Qaeda!

Well anyway I did comment and I know that in her grief she lashed out but she lashed out at the wrong party here! Our soldiers are dealing with deceptions right and left! I’m surprised not more innocent people were killed on this day! It still won’t add up the destruction of our security and safety of 9/11. Oh and yes I will post my comment that were deleted below!

RG said...
Was it the Iraqi police unit that said this tragedy was the result of the American Military?And who told the Iraqi police the American Military did this?Evil and dark forces have been killing people and then trying to blame other factions or groups.If this was done by American Military, the soldier who shot him must be brought to Justice. The other Soldiers who left him behind for the must also be brought to Justice. But this does not sound right. American soldiers do not go around randomly murdering people. Al Qaeda and other groups do terrible things like that all day long.A thorough investigation MUST be done.
7:44 AM

mama said...
RG , I know they did that for sure, otherwise I will not write they did.Yes ,the american soldiers shot him ,in a residential neighborhood ,the police were with the troop , there were inspection in that neighborhood , his wife talked with them they said that was a mistake and left her in the street . as well as his daughter ,she saw them taking pictures to car and the victim ,they told her to go away roughly ...
8:13 AM

RG said...
Mama,Supply the military with the time and the place. All patrols and who are on those patrols are logged. If it indeed occured, the soldiers that did this can easily be found and will be charged with murder and put on trial. As an American, the American troops that did this, if found guilty, must be punished.
11:02 AM

dcat said...
RG,Yes never mind about the Al Qaeda they are just wonderful human beings! Something must have spooked the soldiers. It isn't like people can be trusted there! Especially talking hate now for the Americans Hmmmm?
3:30 PM

dancewater said...
I am so terribly, terribly sorry for your loss.I was visiting my Representative's office last Friday, and I brought Aunt Najma's story. I asked a man working in that office to bring it to Representative Taylor's attention and send an email of sympathy for your loss. He asked me if I was joking. What he doesn't know is that I am going back this Friday to see if he did it or not.I am sure the shooting was an "accident" but the reaction to it does show how little some Americans care. The US/UK troops need to get out of there asap.
7:54 PM

dcat said...
Just as much as 9/11 honey!!! Yes maybe we should give you Saddam back and make a perimeter around you so you all can just stay there with him and others like him then!How many of you care for the children Saddam took out? Or our soldiers? Anyone? I can't hear you!!!!!!!!

I guess she heard me and deleted my post!

People in the Middle East were too damn lame to get off of their dead asses to do anything about the little tyrant and his cronies! Now they are blaming America!? Some gratitude! This family must be with Al Qaeda!

I am happy to report not all of Iraq feels like this they know it is war and lives will be taken!

A sympathizer tried to tell me that they are grieving.

Yeah well so am I! For our own!

BTW: BRAVO GWB on your speech today! Defeat IED'S!
Terrorists will not succeed! Got that pee brain!?

ITM's site click here for their update! This is real news! Not Emotions!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Only Little Bitty Weasels Make Threats

Threats made against Atlas Shrugs! Thank you for reminding us FURTHER ADVENTURES OF INDIGO RED of this little tyrant Karl!

Come here Karl so you can face me! Then I will kick you so hard you will have to pull it out of your ass to pee! Come on you little weasel!

Oh and I do agree with you Indigo lets get them all out of their little holes! We all can just keep on giving them more cartoons to irritate them even more! Their little wicks are short and soon they can just go and blow the hell up!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hollywood Hate Spreading Worldwide

Davids Medienkritik
« Gedmin on Anti-Americanism at the Berlinale Main SPIEGEL: "America's Shame: Torture in the Name of Freedom" »
US Hollywood "Stars" Zane and Busey Spreading America-Hate Worldwide
(By Ray D.)
No Consequences for Gary Busey and Billy Zane in America?The big movie blockbuster in Turkey today is "Valley of the Wolves Iraq." The film, which vilifies Jews and Americans, has become so controversial in Germany that Bavarian Governor Edmund Stoiber has called on movie theaters to stop showing it and unleashed a nationwide debate. In just ten days the film has attracted 200,000 primarily young Turkish immigrant viewers.
So what makes the film so controversial? For starters, American soldiers are portrayed as violent, brutish, trigger-happy, civilian-murdering, hyper-religious, sadistic gun-nuts. The star villain is an arrogant, murderous character named Sam Marshall (played by American actor Billy Zane), who is killed by the Turkish protagonist at the film's end. Another stereotypical villain is a Jewish doctor (played by American actor Gary Busey) stationed at Abu Ghraib prison who extracts human organs from prisoners for export to Israel, England and the USA.

I won't go and see it! Thanks Mike and Hat tip to you!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Women’s Day

This is a nice song for that day ‘Our day women’s day… by Peter Gabriel. I still enjoy the shock the monkey from his other wonderful album. But I am sure that Peter did this piece just for the occasion for Women’s Day. And it is our day! No one can take that from us!

Women in the New Economy

International Women's Day March 8th

United Nations are in on this one!? I still can’t trust them as far as a slug can crawl in a second! The money isn’t going to the right place if the UN is handling it! We need a new avenue! Some one that can do the job right! Not a bunch of slackers pretending to do something good!

UNIFEM/USA link from Dec 2004
Upcoming dates for UNIFEM/USA

Dear friend;
Please see attachment for poster in Farsi and English , and forward the message to the other.

International Women's Day Walk In Atlanta
March 8; 4:00pm., across from CNN Building

International Women's Day on March 8th is an occasion marked by women's groups around the world. This date is commemorated at the United Nations and is designated a national holiday in many countries around the world.

On this day, despite being divided by national and continental boundaries, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences, woman come together to honor a tradition that represents at least nine decades of struggle for equality, justice, peace and political reform.

Unfortunately, the years of struggle for equality, justice, and peace are not evident in the lives of Iranian women. They are still struggling to gain equality and unfortunately, International Women's Day still does not apply to Iranian women under the rigid patriarchal Islamic laws in Iran:

“Under Iranian Islamic law:
·A woman needs her husband's permission to work or travel abroad.
·A man's court testimony is considered twice as important as a woman's.
·Men can have four spouses at once.
·The family of a female murder victim receives about half the average compensation, known as "blood money," paid to a male victim's relatives.
·Iranian men can divorce almost at will, but a woman who wants to divorce must go through a legal battle that can take years and possibly lose her rights for divorce.”

On International Women's Day, the Iranian women of Atlanta ask their Atlanta community to join them and support their struggle in gaining women's rights in Iran.

Please participate in the March 8th walk, at 4:00 P.M., in Atlanta, across from the CNN building.

It looks like Washington State will be host to a march on this day as well.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Max Friedman's: The betrayal of America

This column is a rant, not a soft, cuddly piece of fluff opinion. It is going to tell the truth like you have never heard it before. To quote Jack Nicholson from the movie "A Few Good Men" - "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth" - but I'm going to give it to you anyway.

So, as your mother used to do to those of you readers who are old enough to remember, hold your nose and take your medicine, because the doctor is in, and he's operating with a chainsaw.

After 35 years in the news/journalism business, from D.C. to Vietnam, I can honestly say that most of the leading Democratic Party politicians and their far-left support groups are traitors to this country. Besides the few who are deceased or out of office, today's DP is loaded with leaders who have sold out this country to the communists, to the Islamofascists and to their egos. Others are just plain stupid, addle-brained and knee-jerk jerks.

(I'll get to the Republicans in a minute). Here is the link: Nice find Mike H!

For the link just clicky, clicky here!