Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Orleans Filling With Floodwaters

Grieving for a State!

Gee could be I'm upset about what happened in the US or does anyone really care!? Will we now get the same support as the tsunami victims? Or are the other nations ready to turn a blind eye because we are “America”! Never mind all the help the US does for others! I will be watching who will be coming forward to help!

Even if they claim they can't help will we even get an offer?! Common humanity, 'show us your true colors now! Oh never mind we are good at getting up on our feet right? Are you even going to find out if we will need more assistance?!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Media with a Commentary

I like this media coverage with a commentary a lot better then the original link that I posted on August 28, 2005! This link with the commentary definitely has more information to enlighten people.

No link between Iraq and terror

Hat tip goes to Mike's America I would pay his site a visit if I were you. This is very important. (Except for you Chris because I don’t think you could understand it. It’s a no wonder your parents kicked you out of the house!)

Washington Election Update

Looking at the election audit report was interesting. The auditors asked if the election officials were brain dead! "That could very well be the case."

This little tid bit was said on Local News on NBC. I don't think that comment will be published because it was on the idiot box I had on at the time. I had to do a double take. "I actually looked up from my lap top! LOL!

Reed Urges Election workers and voters click here for update

Read Full Report

Secretary of state link

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Everyone Needs a Vacation

Gee Geov Parrish Maybe we can follow you around on your vacation and see how you like that!

I happen to think that our commander and chief needs to have a vacation, ‘especially when mobs are attacking him with drivel such as Cindy! Seattle Weekly is nothing more then a news source to dishonor our president!

Now on to more important matters Mr. President by all means you are doing what I would have done!

Here is something for the uninformed! Hat tip to Bryan P: Saddam/Bin Ladin

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Mama Moonbat

Mama Moonbat Losing Compassion ….BWAhahahahahaha! ROFL!

Thank you Little Green Footballs!

I knew they would do this little bit "snicker"!

Egad More of the Cindy Crowd!

Documentary filmmaker Andrew Marcus of Chicago is in Crawford to cover the action; his site Lights Camera Protest has some good photos. Andrew notes the lavish funding that supports Sheehan's anti-American campaign: "Michael Moore and Ben from Ben and Jerry’s can sure afford a pretty big tent!"

Here is who Parrish is: Read the article that Cindy is afraid of.

"Artical was By Geov Parrish"

Hat tip goes to: To Power Line for this information.

My opinion of Ben and Jerry’s is they have the most horrible tasting ice cream I have ever eaten and I boycott them. I tried the goods once and decided that I didn’t like any of it. More so after I found out they were the loony left! It Figures.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Road Trip to Leavenworth Washington

Ok I think this should keep people busy for a while. I thought I would go away from the regular political scene for a while. See I do have a life after all even though it is only for a day. So with the road behind us it was on to the Cascades for the day! If you want anymore about Cindy go to20/30 Hindsight. There, is a new blogger in town!
This is where we had “beer thirty” as Andy would say!
A walk along the Wenatchee River
A friend along the way

Flags, Mountains, and the Bavarian Village
Mass Quantities of Beer!
City Street
River Drive

Keeping a Close Watch

Bush Administration Watches Iraq Closely

Hat tip: Cox & Forkum

Jordanians are Serious

Jordanians look like they are serious in stopping terrorists. Hmmmm, it looks like they have arrests and that terrorist come in all kind of flavors. Time to get that wok fired up Cowboy.

Here is the news on this episode. Arrests Made after Jordanian Rocket Attack and 30 arrested over rocket attack

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Iraq is Doing Fine

It is like always and a day the radical Islamist problem of getting past the “for the people” instead of Islam. They will be made to do it whether they want to or not! I don’t think they can survive the alternate. I will keep that point to myself.

I should have stayed in the Cascades today! I came home and what do I read but all kind of negativity. First from Iraq about the out come of their constitution, I am sure they will do well! After all it is a full moon tonight and I will be doing some of my special spells. I have no doubt that if they make the wrong move for the more modern Iraqi person such as the opposite sex… Well you bet your sweet biffy it won’t fly. There will be war among each other. Then they will go back to the drawing board to figure out a different solution. I don’t see the burka’s winning anytime soon believe me!

I think the Palestinians should not watch there back because I really don’t care about them and so why should they be warned. My sarcasms at work again so I do have a little taste for you in the news. Analysis: Jordan is another base of operations for Al-Qaida. Oh and what I have been feeling all along… While Abbas, a frequent critic of the armed uprising, is seen as the moderate voice among Palestinians, he is facing a severe test of his popularity from the hardliners of Hamas who are portraying the Israeli departure from Gaza as a "victory for the resistance." I guess we will just see about that one. Interesting outcome may be in the near future of the destruction of the Palestinians. Looks like you will have to stay tuned for that indeed! The world is, with eyes wide open now.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Doing a Good Job Soldiers

Here is some revenge! Our guys are doing their job! Take a close look loony left you care to offer these types walking the street some counseling?! Hey these are the guys that killed Casey or a few other Soldiers. This video makes me feel better how about you?

Oh and the Christian of faith praying for Osama Bin well hey with any luck he was with the crowd, or will be soon! They call themselves “Servants of God?” Give me a break!!! Like that is going to happen! RG you are right they have to except Christ first and I doubt very much that Osama Bin will do that! Like hell he will and then if he did don’t turn your back!

Hat tip to RG… *Click Here* ok Soldiers it is time to reload now and get some more!

This is for you Casey

Us supports our troops that are fighting for our freedom and for the freedom of all Iraqi people. Our Soldiers are fighting terrorism that, have set up camp there in Iraq and many other places. The 9-11 attack was well planned out in the ME, ‘for those of you that have forgotten. Once our troops finish the fight in Iraq there will be other posts to clean out. Unfortunately some will die in doing this great service for their country and the world. Have you read about the extreme Islamists? I didn’t think so!

I am disturbed at what this great Soldiers mother is doing! She needs to get her ass off of the White House lawn and maybe even leave the country! “Take all those loons with you too Cindy!” It is clear that she does not support our freedom! It is clear that she is being used by the Hollywood media! She was against her son being in the service and the so called other side of the fence! Well the only side of the fence I see you on Cindy are the bars, at the in sane asylum!

You want to impeach a president that decided not to just sit back and except the attack of 9-11? It was bad enough it took till 2003 to topple Saddam! Why? Because we had to build up military because of the Clinton administration! Not to mention, ‘remember that day when all we saw in the sky were military planes? Now get off the damn lawn and move the hell away! Our president has a country to run you BITCH! Your son is turning in his grave are you happy!?

Friday, August 12, 2005

Just a Reminder

To all that have forgotten that day of 9-11! Tapes are out and they said to fix it! That is just what our military is doing!

9-11 Audio

My Message to Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan

I am sorry for your loss. It isn’t easy to lose a child or a family member. How brave of your son to have joined the military to defend the country he loved. That was his calling and unfortunately he will not be here to see the progress of his fight. Right now we are in a difficult time and just think of how all the 9-11 victims’ family members feel. Just think if every parent felt like you during World War 1 or World War 11. That was his calling and unfortunately the enemy got him. This doesn’t mean his fight for freedom and peace should end. This is not the time to pull our troops out of Baghdad. Because once done in Baghdad it will be on to another place to fight the evil that has been unleashed on our world! We should be concerned about our own country at this time.

Cindy you should be upset with the countries such as France, and all the other’s that backed out! We need help and look at how they just stepped back! But soon as something happens in their country they will scream for US military to help them. You think there are killings now this will be nothing to what can be. Would you like it in your back yard instead? I don’t!

Ok so we pull our troops out then what?! I’ll be damn if I will give into Islam! I would die first myself! No way in hell would a dictator rule my life! I’m also angry at people in other countries that did in the first place! You think they are just going to say ‘oh ok the Americans are gone, now we can go back to raping women and killing people that don’t agree with us then we will build our military to get rid of the US all together. (BTW this is exactly what was being planned 9-11 was the start.) Will that make you feel, good then Cindy? Then they can build an army to come here and finish US off.

Life is hard and we have to have war to protect what we have. Would you like to live with socialism and dictatorship? I can’t live that way and I won’t! That is why I live in America! My hat is off to all our service personnel like your son. Sorry I can’t say the same for you except “thank you for giving birth to him.” Your son made the ultimate sacrifice for humanity by joining the service and people like you just turned their back on all of our brave soldiers. Stop thinking of yourself for a moment because it isn’t going to bring your son back show some support for your country now. You are not alone!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Another Al-Qaeda Video

Oh boy, get more popcorn Click here for the media hype!

NBC is just now showing the threat about more attacks to come. It looks like we will just have to be more precise in our targets then won’t we! I have seen this same video last week on another site. It finally made it to family evening news ‘how nice. With more of our guys being targeted and killed it amazes me that the Iraqi people in the country don’t know the culprits move.

Women dressed in Western clothing protesting for their rights on August 9th when the “black cloud” inflicted their self on the march makes me wonder if they were in drag. Only a few of them could have been real women? I think when they showed up our troops should have took em all out! EVRY ONE OF THEM!!! Or at least rounded them up for questioning and interrogation for causing disruption! But of course how silly of me! The political correct would probably cause a problem with that order! I just hope they were followed after the march! I am pretty sure that is what our guys are doing when they are being targeted by those sleazy desert rats!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Woman’s Protest in Iraq

The police stood between the two teams to prevent any conflict but one Islamist women yelled "No to immorality and dissolution".At this moment our demonstrators were so angry because of this accusation and a fight with words took place, the organizer of the original protest shouted at the black cloud saying "you want to drag us back to the dark ages, we are neither immoral nor dissolute but your way of thinking is backward".

Hat tip to Iraq the Model for the post and the pictures I lifted.

Oh my blood pressure I don’t think this is healthy for me!

If it was me at the protest and the rag bag came up to me to tell me anything I would have gone over and ripped that veil right off of her! (oops I know assault) There would be a knock down drag out fight!!! For one it was not to be the *^%#@!ing Islam jack asses protest!!! GEZZZEEE! I agree with the woman screaming at the dumb ass veil Islamic thing!

Again if it was me I would have attacked right then and there and no man better hold me back or he will get it too! DAMN! ARGGGGGGGG!!! Ok deep breath... I feel better now. I just hope that these rag bag types are out numbered! They have every right to be half ass if “they” want to but not all women want to be considered half a person! They should have the right to be free from that, religious brainwashing idealisms!

Click here for more FYI @ Mike's America!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Islam and Women's Rights

The Blue Angels are now gone so it is time to get down to blogging and putting my two cents in. Regardless how the rest of the world views me, it sure isn’t going to make me quit doing what I want! Maybe this attitude needs to be that of our Iraqi women friends! Ok girl friends “let’s roll”! Show the world what you are made of! You tell those Clerics the game is over! No I don’t think women take it too far! I still feel we can go farther. I am still hoping for Condi “for president”!

To me the radical clerics are at a point of losing respect from the world. If anything from where I see it, as if they give a thought to what I think. I will say it just the same! I know my tolerance is getting to the edge of disappointment. I know it is a culture and all that fecal matter however I don’t think a person should be held to a religion if they don’t want to. There are plenty of Christian types there in Iraq. Yet these clerics are going to insist on Islam to be the force of justice. I know if I was Iraqi I would move the desired distance away from it all! Just as I have moved far away from my own family's back end point of view and their own screwed up culture!

Rose Baghdad was once in Baghdad and now feeling safe in Dubai. I just read her post and she was concerned about enough doctors in Baghdad. Most of the doctors have moved out she went on to say. Now it is difficult to leave Baghdad. She still would like to return to Baghdad someday. Let’s hope this will happen for them.

The clerics are “to me” a bunch of old farts sitting around spreading there feathers and being male morons! They are afraid to give up any of the power that they think they have especially over the opposite sex! I hope that the women of Iraq finally snap out of it and this goes for the rest of the screwed up world! Here are some pictures of woman’s suffrage. We are going a long way baby and leaving you in the dust!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Monday, August 01, 2005

Bolton Named UN Ambassador

Hat tip for picture from Mike's America!
(I told you I was going to lift it hehehe BTW thanks!)
Yes Democrats Bolton is right for the job!

UN reform look out liberals. YES! You want a tissue libs? :)