Saturday, January 31, 2009

Islam is insulting me, Robert Spencer and worse THE USA!

Listen up people! Don’t go to sleep! Especially during the next 4 years! You need to pay close attention to those that want to destroy America’s culture! We don’t need to appease the real hate mongrels because they are the enemy within trying to pacify us while they take over!

Islam should be polled a hate religion and a hate crime of humanity as we know it! Quote the verse and shove it to islam bring them down before they bring your freedom down! Don’t dismiss anything islam has to offer attack it with your rights and hold to it! Don’t let islam silence your voice while they speak ill against your beliefs.

See the movie Fitna

I will not submit!

Friday, January 30, 2009

CAIR go fuck, yourself!

Or each other!


That is because they don’t respect our constitution! But yet they come here. Guess what fools they want to take over the USA!

Fat chance of that happening with folks like me around!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Impromptu Jihad

I'm just one of the little blogs Pamela talks about. So fear me too ya jihads!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Metropolitan Police humiliated at the hands of Muslim demonstrators in London ½

You know it is time to shoot when this attack goes on with the authorities running! This is SICK! Palestine, hamas, islam needs to be stopped now! We need to put these people where they belong and throw the key away!

I think what would be a great thing is if the citizens came to the aide of these officers! I think this is what we should be thinking about if it happens here! No one but no one has the right to overpower the law like what happened in London! This video is evidence!

They refuse the laws where they live and twist them to their screwed up ideology! They have to be STOPPED!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Netherlands are becoming unjust!


ISLAMIC VULTURES DESCEND: JORDAN ANNOUNCES ‘Within 10 days arrest warrant for Wilders’ ... the Global Nazi March

How dare they convict a man for speaking out against hate of Christian, Jews and any other religious group! How dare they be unjust to the ones speaking out against a sick cult killing the innocent hiding behind women and children! The Netherlands are being seen as one sided and running scared with the thugs in the driver’s seat! Pushing this so called hate crime issue against Geert Wilders ! No one should give into this cult of extreme Islam! Islam is manipulating the freedoms of all the lands it can get away with! And now the Netherlands are letting that happen!

I thought the Netherlands were anything goes! I thought they were strong in freedom! All I know now are that the people of the Netherlands are weak and are falling for sahria law! It’s time for people to see this and may those that google The Netherlands see my post!

It’s true that this isn’t a popular site. And frankly I don’t care because it is mine! However just one more needs to see the injustices of the islamic cult! This site will be just one more fighting for freedom! We all need freedom of religion without being beheaded, bombed or controlled in a twisted life style of someone else’s thought pattern! We have freedom of speech here! May it continue! And it will! As long as the ones that believe in freedom stand up to this kind of sick and twisted controlled life style of Islam and socialism! Don’t give in! Be willing to die for freedom! If our freedom ever changes then it will be time to fight! It will be harder to conquer if we wait! Don’t give islam an inch! It’s time for the people of the Netherlands to fight for Geert and others like him! Why? Because no one wants to be repressed to thugs! I know I wouldn’t do well! I would rather die then live that way! This is what we need! Fight the hate of Islam! You don’t get respect for your religion till you respect others!!! Furthermore the islamic justice is lacking in fairness! In other words their laws suck big time!

Stupid little leftists complain of unfair treatment of killer thugs at Guantanamo, but the hell with others “innocents” killed under such a strict and twisted faith! The hell with those that want out of the twisted faith! And when they want out of the twisted faith it will mean DEATH by their own family members! I’m really sure that children at the age of nine want to be raped by a dirty old man in their 50’s. Oh it’s what every little girl dreams about! GIVE ME A BREAK HERE! It is sick!

Anyone saying that Christian and Jews must be crushed anyone that talk about Hitler didn’t do a good job or chant back to the ovens and anyone that is hanging gays anyone that are killing women in honor killings “such as Yasser Said right here in Texas in the USA! Should be struck down! You idiots out there! Those are all HATE CRIMES!!!

Don’t become a victim to this sick belief system!!! You need to be strong and say: “NOT IN MY COUNTRY”! If faced with this threat it has to start with YOU it has to start with ME and it has to start with EVERYONE FOR FREEDOM! Fear is not an option when freedom is involved otherwise we all lose!

THIS IS A WAR ON TERROR! Be nice to them!? Yeah ASSHOLES!!! I will not give in! I will not be wearing a BURKA!!! I’ll be the one with the heat! GOT THAT! Good Lord help us!

If people don't want to integrate, they shouldn't be here.

Islam is a dangerous, totalitarian ideology equal to communism and fascism.

Real neo-Nazis hate Jews and love Islam

People Against Hate Speech and Anti-Semitism

CAIR'S Blood Libels

Islamic anti-semitic lies and the useful idiots who report them as fact. How low can these tools go? HAT TIP ATLAS

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Can you say Iranians being fired up for a talk!?

Oh yeah and this was only the first day!

ISNA Good LUCK with that one!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama nation Defacing of our flag!!!

I saw this first at Michelle Malkin's I feel disgrace to our nation!

Will we even survive the 4 year stench! Come on! People I am not racist I am though toward stupidity such as this! I would have hated even a Republicans picture defacing our flag! Oh this is so SICK!!!

Talk about PINHEADS!!! They sure are not patriots!

Well I guess it's not as bad as burning it! :p

BTW: Copperhead ?… Great post GATEWAY PUNDIT!
I always thought of the deadly copperheads back home in IN. 10 min away from the Chicago area! LOL.

Obama will be anointed on Tuesday

Oh and I love the cheap shots! Love it Ann keep up the good work!

I already see the so called ahem …”intellectuals?” Kos crying foul along with the rest of the loony, cry babies of the left!

On that Tuesday I will take a bathroom break! A warning: He, best not screw up this country’s fight against thugs!!! Water boarding needs to stay in place and anything else that needs to be done to bring hamas and ilk to their knees!!!

Isn’t his name Obama? Ok so he doesn’t like his name or what? I will call him Obama! If he does well then he will be getting my respect at the end of four years by saying farewell and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! I hope for the sake of the country the Gun salesman of the year won’t f-up!

Friday, January 16, 2009

History on islam 101...

I’m hopping islam will go down in flames!

I wonder if al-youtube will pull this!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The 2012 Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition

I think we are really off to a good start this year! A good start to bashing the global morons of the left that is! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Monday, January 12, 2009

To Our Commander and Chief George W. Bush!

I say thank you for keeping us safe! I know it was the democrats that caused 9-11! Thank you for keeping any further hits from the candy ass hamas, islamic "or an ideology, thug (what the hell ever they want to call themselves)!

To Our Commander and Chief President George W. Bush

May you and Laura have a great life! I pray that America will stay America and nothing less after your departure. Hey George they can’t blame you from here out it’s then the next guys head ach and it just fell back on their sholders! I will do my best to stand tall for our country we don’t need to kiss up to THUGS! A big hug to you and Laura!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Get the Hamas and Hamas lovers out of our country!

Come on America don't let freedom down! Now is "not" the time to get all repressed and everything on your country!

We need to step up our freedom a bit and drag the sorry little creeps to court if they attack our rights! Don't let the little brats take your voice! You go and throw everything they use against your freedom back at them! Don't you DARE give in! Or we all will lose!

I think repression of a voice is closer to our country then one thinks! If it’s not in your neighborhood then it has to be propaganda! WRONG! They can hate us but we can't dare say one word?! WTF!

How much information do you need to get the big picture!? Or how many of you are simply saying: “Oh it won’t happen here!” And turn your back to all that is really happening right under your noses! but, but, but, HAMAS seeks PEACE!!

Uh you need to see this too: Home Land Security

I will never be repressed and I will never own a paisley scarf either! I always did think that pattern and color was UGLY! If I see it in the store it will be...oops! Oh well job security for folks working at the store to pick it up off the floor! Oh me I stept on it too! What a shame!


My info: This ain't hell,
Yup right here in the good ole USA Washington DC!

And shame on Germany!

Thanks to Pamela from Atlas Shrugs! For the video and the information!

I find putting this information out again for just one more person to see, is the thing to do!

Hamas folks will come up with a counter attack of their own propaganda; however one does not need a PHD to know who is right and who is wrong! For God’s sakes Hamas praised Hitler!

More on the Rally HERE!

Yes folks you will see asses in the air all over the place! Even a few from CAIR!