Monday, January 12, 2009

To Our Commander and Chief George W. Bush!

I say thank you for keeping us safe! I know it was the democrats that caused 9-11! Thank you for keeping any further hits from the candy ass hamas, islamic "or an ideology, thug (what the hell ever they want to call themselves)!

To Our Commander and Chief President George W. Bush

May you and Laura have a great life! I pray that America will stay America and nothing less after your departure. Hey George they can’t blame you from here out it’s then the next guys head ach and it just fell back on their sholders! I will do my best to stand tall for our country we don’t need to kiss up to THUGS! A big hug to you and Laura!


Mike's America said...

It's amazing that President Bush can be so gracious to those bastards in the press. If I was giving this press conference I would have run out of four letter words for that scum.

dcat said...

You and me both Mike!

And asholes wonder why I am such a bitch! Go figure with morons all around what else can one be but!

OT: Love the Ann Coulter's attitude!

I think we are related! Only she writes better then I do and it is too damn bad the media broke her spirit to simple words!

RG said...

He really is one cool cat. I do disagree with several of his policies, but he worked hard on keeping America secure. Today I heard that Osama, oops, Obama will immediately order Guantanamo to be closed.

I was conforted last night when reading in Ecclesiastes that even though the branches and bows of the misguided may grow, those in the right will see their downfall.

dcat said...

Oh and I can't hardly wait RG!

Don't you worry we will all be there for it when it happens to pick them up by the boot straps!

Indigo Red said...

Never had to wonder about where Bush stood on any subject, he would just tell us straight. Never had to wonder about what Bush would do, he would just do it.

Will be long time til we have that kind of honesty again.

The Griper said...

he was a man that studied the past and didn't repeat the mistakes of the past, tho he made his own mistakes.