Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama nation Defacing of our flag!!!

I saw this first at Michelle Malkin's I feel disgrace to our nation!

Will we even survive the 4 year stench! Come on! People I am not racist I am though toward stupidity such as this! I would have hated even a Republicans picture defacing our flag! Oh this is so SICK!!!

Talk about PINHEADS!!! They sure are not patriots!

Well I guess it's not as bad as burning it! :p

BTW: Copperhead ?… Great post GATEWAY PUNDIT!
I always thought of the deadly copperheads back home in IN. 10 min away from the Chicago area! LOL.


Tom said...

But would you expect anything different from supporters who create "The Office of the President Elect," an emblem resembling the Presidential Seal, and elevating a person along the lines of a deity?

I don't...

dcat said...

They are a disgrace Tom!

Mike H. said...

The office of the president elect? Who the hell came up with that piece of garbage?

dcat said...

That's the office of the leftists for ya!

Indigo Red said...

I remember that during the campaign McCain signed a flag as did Bush some time ago.

We need to teach actual flag ettiquette and respect. It's not hard.