Thursday, January 29, 2009

Impromptu Jihad

I'm just one of the little blogs Pamela talks about. So fear me too ya jihads!


steadyjohn said...

Hi! I enjoyed the Atlas-Spencer video; I hadn't seen it before. I see you are one of the named contributors at Aijalon. I was invited by Mike H to be a contributor as well but I have plenty to do keeping up with my several blogs as it is. I was just wondering what his deal is; I see he is the only author so far. I am familiar with contributor RG though; we have a mutual interest in the Said sisters situation. In addition to Blogger I have 3 Wordpress blogs:
Keep up the good blogging; sincerely, John

dcat said...

Hello steadyjohn,

Thank you for giving me a look over. As I said in my letter to you I am not on much so this blog is simple compared to all of your blogs! Glad to see that you paid attention to the video! And yeah I am looking for Said before some leftard gets him first puts him in a comfy chair and fetches his slippers!

EVERY ONE should be outraged at the tragedy of those two young girls in the “HONOR KILLING RIGHT HERE IN THE USA “TEXAS”! Of all places! God it just gets me how dense some are!

Well thank you for stopping by and Mike H is a pretty nice guy to know. So please if you get a chance come on over and say hay! Take care.