Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Checking out displays elsewhere...

Thank you for visiting. Now that I started my own blog, it is just like at Christmas time when you want to go see every body else’s display and you don’t have much just a decorated tree.

I think I use it more for venting if anything. I’m so sick of liberals! Tiered of all the negative people at work about the Iraq population. Today it was like; well they are all tribes anyway. You can’t change them. I of course disagreed with them. So I’m betting on democracy! The march against segregation is interesting too, but do you think the thick heads will read that! Oh no they rather watch the liberal news cast, then get on their computers to just keep those worthless chain letters going around that are urban legions to begin with, like the one going around, against Starbucks and hurting business for the economy because of a few jerks protesting the company. Because (liberals) they feel the workers should be paid more! I don’t want to pay $10.00 for a cup of coffee so some one that lives in a lower cost of living area can do better then me. I’m living in the USA the cost of living is already high! Then my only luxury is a cup of java after work or when I feel like it. This was an urban legion but try telling these people anything is like talking to a wall! They want to hurt my profits in the stock market!

Well it was good to vent again! Thank you for visiting.

Sunday, November 28, 2004



The Christmas Season

Well it is Sunday now, and I’m not sleepy. I decided to post a second section on my blog site. We just got home over an hour ago from eating at the Space Needle and seeing the nutcracker in Seattle. (My husband and I.) What a wonderful time we had. We ran into this couple that was not sure on how to get to the new Macaw Hall. So as we told them to just follow us we began to talk. I asked if they were from here and they said no. They were from West Virginia. I asked if they were military and the young man answered, yes and he was to go out to Iraq the next day! He was in public relations. I thanked him for the job he is doing and commented on the democracy that is now happening in Iraq. I told them of the blog site to Iraq the Model. How lives are changing in Iraq. We both agreed it was a shame for the lives that were lost for this to come true. Hers to the brave military folks! May freedom reign for all!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Freedom reigns!

I’m very impressed with the brothers of Iraq. They are the founders of the Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party... that is taking place in Iraq. I’m sure this dream will be a reality. Let’s hope they will get the support from all countries. Not from just the USA.

"Iraq" the model is a very good site to go to. At this site I will try to be currant on posting of Iraq the model. My opinions will be here and my support for the brothers, Ali, Mohammed, and Omar.

I will always support freedom and peace. If not, out comes the razor sharp claws!