Sunday, January 30, 2005

Aasha Al-Iraq….Aasha Al-Iraq….Aasha Al-Iraq.

Way to go Iraq!

Yes this was victory! Iraq will do fine for the future.

Omar and Mohammed said the bombs went off and it was like people didn't pay attention, almost like they didn't hear it! They were in good hands all the prayers and chants to the almighty proves this. More important, the determination of having freedom! It makes one deaf to danger. Read -->Iraq the model and Free Iraq


Fox reported some suicide bombings however everything is going well for the Iraqi voters. They said there could be more attacks, but because of reporting they don’t know of any yet. (Sorry Liberals, you can go back to bed now)

It’s a late night for me. I am going to bed regardless and will find out more in the morning just like I know all of you will. Then we can dissect the media’s wonderful reporting together.
Speaking of reporting, I heard from a blogger that the one channel actually said something positive about bloggers. Hmmmm? I don’t trust em!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

The polls are Open!

No Terrorist yet. Big bro must have that covered!

Open, Open, Open,

Count Down

Two hours to voting! Pacific time.

The candles are lit in your honor Iraq.
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Sleep fast Iraq

Iraq will be voting, sleep fast Iraq you have a big day tomorrow!

In Ali's post, you may want to read what he has to say, go to his site. About Saturday in Iraq before the big day. Ali and democracy

Friday, January 28, 2005

A fight for Democracy!

A chant for peace hear us,
I call on the innocent souls that have parted, hear us,
Who fought and believed in this freedom, hear us,
Come forth to avenge the living, hear us,
To take down the disbelievers, hear us,
To end the terrorist evil, hear us,
We ask for them to be dealt with, hear us,

Oh mighty, peaceful spirit of life everlasting, defeat the evil against these good people and all good people here on earth, that have suffered so long, hear us,

We would like the terrorist dead, we would like them all dead, and we want the evil with them to descend to a place only you can destroy, with your almighty hand, to the everlasting fires of hell. Oh Lord of Lords we pray, and may they never surface again, may you keep them in the darkness, of all eternity. (Keep repeating)

So much for the virgins! So give it up, you loose, you scum sucking terrorist!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Northwest Voices

It’s Sunday! As usual I get our liberal paper to get a good laugh. The poor journalism, by the commenter, which I had the opportunity to come across, was ill informed, like so many are. I bet this person has no clue about Iraq the Model or Friends of Democracy but yet this person is spewing off at the key board! Since the paper won’t publish anything I have to say, I figured on blasting this person here.

All one has to do really is write to the people of Iraq to find out that what we did was help them! Yes people did die, but would have it been better to continue with dictatorship and terrorism? I think not and neither did they.

Here is the mindless dribble to this person Jay Smith from Kirkland:

No Dancing in the streets
Listening to George Bush give his inauguration speech, all I can think of are the thousands of people who are dead because of us; because our Congress failed in its duty to control the abuse of our military, because our people allowed fear to overwhelm intelligence, and because our president put greed and personal agendas over life and right.
Now we are going to kill hundreds more in order to hold an event that will resolve nothing. The upcoming “election” in Iraq is poorly timed and unwise. It will be meaningless and without value to everyone except the Bush administration, which is thoughtlessly driving it and the insurgents who will use it as a focal point for violence and death.
To the families and individuals who will die for this sorry and ill-conceived sham of democracy, I can only say I am sorry. For all our sakes, am very sorry.

My Voice

Yes well, first of all Jay you have every right to your voice, unfortunately you will be sorry! Sorry you didn’t have more faith in the Iraqi people and that you didn’t reach out like I have to know them! Don’t you know about doing research before you blast off?

You say insurgents? They are called TERRORISTS! Get that right and yes you really are an induvidual alright!

Now the rest of us, individuals will be celebrating, with our American & Iraqi friends when the election is finished. Here is to a free Iraq! Good job US solders, keep it up!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Our Soldiers

I would like to believe that men and women go into the service to fight for freedom. Not just for our country but for others. I happen to believe this is true, otherwise, why, be in the service? It isn’t like we had a draft. Can’t be just for benefits, or a career, could it? That would sound selfish, and I give our military, more credit then that!

For those that have loved ones in the military, that are now gone, my heart goes out to you, and let it be known they didn’t die in vain. Those, of you, which have, lost a loved one and go on, in anger, spewing, out, against, others, and the war. You are all of a sudden, claming to be the victims! (Instead of giving out pride, for what your loved one believed in). Shame on you! Aren’t you doing a dishonor to them? Then you not only Dishonor them but you become a typical drama queen in self pity. Speak of them proudly, and be proud, of them. This wasn’t about YOU! It was “them” trying to get a better life for someone else.

We need to back these Soldiers and not ridicule them or go on to disagree. (That is a freedom by the way), however it can be taken away if it wasn’t for our brave men, and women, in the military. Kudos to them for a job well done, in fighting terrorism!

If a draft does come about, I hope that these people that disagree have a different point of view by then, about the importance, of freedom, and what it means.

Protesters against War

Why are Protesters so against the war? It isn’t like we have a draft. “Yet” anyway. We haven’t had one for quite some time now. Are they afraid of being pulled off the street to fight for freedom? Do they want their freedom to go away? Remember that we fought for this freedom to protest against fighting for freedom.

Enjoy your freedom protesters! The rest of us are for freedom for all! NOT JUST YOU! It isn’t about YOU!

Free Association

Ok I’ll have to change the way I write. It seems people have ADD and can’t handle more then one subject in a post. It was easy for me to write this way, but I guess I better do it subject at a time. It is like talking slow so some get it I guess.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Media and the Inauguration

Well as usual Mohammed had the good post on the media so I won’t go into it here, however you can read the post at Iraq the Model .

The media is only out to print a story, no matter what it takes even though it isn’t the facts! They can say something positive one time and change course the next day! Just to throw off the bloggers.

I was happy to see some of the festivities of the, presidents inauguration today. When I got home to see the news, it was all about the protesters against the president! Not that much on the supporters! How bias can you get? I wasn’t going to say anything about the media, but I couldn’t resist. Yes I lied! But hey it’s my blog!

Well some moron called animal control on a cougar in the city limits in north shore. Which, for the cougar, is a good thing, because, now they can go and relocate it to another safer area, for the cougar. Maybe not until it finds his way to downtown Seattle, to devour some of the protesters. Yes, you are right, that would be bad, because then they would have to kill the poor cougar, instead of relocating it. ? I don’t understand that one! It is a wild animal after all!!! Why can’t we do the same to criminals? I think animals should be exempt from the death penalty!

The count down is on for a free Iraq! Yes other countries are next sorry, liberals! Terrorist won’t have a chance from our brave men and women. The evil are people against freedom for all! Most say; “It’s not in my yard so why should I care about terrorism”? You better! It can even happen here. In fact I feel it is, because while people move here they slowly can change freedoms it already is happening! Just look at the democratic, party!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Eastside Journal

Here we go, it was suppose to be a nice Sunday and it was till I read the Eastside Journal! I knew I was just asking for trouble when reading the comment section, on Social Security. Some moron named Marci was commenting that the rich should not get their Social Security check; “remember this is money they have put into also, so why shouldn’t they get it”? Well this Marci person said that they don’t have to live off of it like a person without means does. Well first of all Marci needs to go back to the school of economics.
1.Social Security was never meant to live off of.
2.Social Security was to be a supplement in addition to a savings account to retire on.
3.Some of us have had an IRA since 21 and put into it plus now have a Roth and a 401K! So if some of us get to be in the “I’m rich” bracket you bet they will want what they put into even though it is a supplement!
4.It isn’t up to the poor to be telling a person that is in the “rich” bracket what to do with the money either!
5.Most of our wealthy are the ones that have donated to the disasters or run fund raising clubs for the poor.
6.This list can continue for all the arguments against the rich.
7.I think this Marci person has a vindictive view of the rich and is very jealous, people like her just don’t get it, they don’t think of our economy in the US depend on the wealthy to create jobs…
8.This person Marci is a prime example of a socialist Liberal!
9.I wouldn’t put it past this Marci person “or anyone else, like her” if she even is the kind to abuse the system!
10.Social Security wasn’t meant to live off of, so Marci get a job and start a savings account like the rest of us!
11.I plan to go out to lunch with friends, that will be still living, with the money I get from Social Security.

Going to the dreaded Costco was another horrible time. My question is; “are we really saving that much money on the aggravation invested in going to an over crowded crazy mass of people, store”? I don’t even go to the movies unless it is on the last leg of the showing just to avoid crowds and anxieties. Then when you see something you want at costco it is never a one item thing, no! It’s, buy, one and get the other thing even though you don’t want the other thing so are you really saving money?!

Ok so I’m raving again what else is new? Kirkland (mind you the unincorporated part are not included and that is where we live) is having a 100 year anniversary that will last all year. So some of you that do read my site may want to go to the web site and here it is… just click on the site here-> Kirkland 100 Yr's it is all interesting information on the history of the region.

One more note on behalf of Iraq. I believe the election will go on and it will be well guarded. I think that the Iraqi people have much to loose if this election doesn’t take place. I also happen to think that the terrorist are too chicken shit to show themselves in fear that they will be seen and taken out permanently by our troops. We have already disabled a good portion so this time it will be no prisoners. This way the bleeding heart liberals can’t complain that we mistreated the low lives, scum of the earth!

I want to wish blessings to our troops, to keep the election going and blessings to the free Iraqi people, in their history making progress. Also to keep up on the current events, you can go to visit at -> Iraq the Model

Oh I guess I’m not done yet! Some Democrats at work were moaning about the money spent on the inauguration of our President George W. Bush. All I had to do is mention the money spent twice for Clinton and I got this icy stair. I just wanted to share this with you all. Thought it was funny even at the time, I had to keep from laughing in their faces.

I kept it up too, and by the way the re-vote on the Governors race won’t cost as much as letting the current so called Governor have her term! She will definitely cost more to the state to keep her. After all she lost money once and she will do it again given the chance!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bravery and Coward ness

Nothing to really report, except the bravery of the brothers at Iraq the Model's site, how impressed was I? Very, impressed to say the least, my thoughts and prayers are with them, for their courage will be shown a free Iraq.

Now about gregwire (gregoier) or what ever way you spell her conceded ness corrupted name.

Look out capitalist here she comes! Now she not even wants to shut down Air Bus but she even is trying for a socialized medicine. Here we go folks!

Well at least Cecilias is still working at Redhook! I miss you MO!

Take what you can and give nothing back! ARGGGGG!

Friday, January 07, 2005


Iraq the Model Seems to be doing better then what the media here is saying. For the information just click on- Iraq the Model, -I know I had some problems with the site in the past however I have since fixed the problem and now it works.

Well it seems now the radio station that I listen to is corrupt. Yes by all means let’s just get on with it. “The Governors race,” it is over and done with. Let’s move on, by all means! Never mind about the voting dead, because every vote counts, by gregwire here in Washington State! Does this mean I can vote for a president or Governor in the same year of my death? What about years after? I hear I can talk to someone over the TV or the computer after I die. They are finding evidence of this!

You know I think after I die, I think I want to be as far as I can from this planet! Why would I care who is president? Are they going to tax me there too?

Well gregwire you have it! Fine! One slip up and all of us will be here to really cause you problems. Maybe even some dead friends of mine! Have a nice term. Because it isn’t going to happen again! You won’t get away with it again!!!

I know that the democrats were angry about the presidential election, but now they are trying to manipulate the Governors race here in Washington State, and got away with it!

I remember distinctly too, that if you mess up your vote then it can be denied or thrown out. Did the democrats go dumpster diving? Now they are pissed that evidence was found and are denying it! Can you say CORRUPTION? I know you can.

The sick thing is the station played gary locks statement that nothing is proven… it was a clean race… it isn’t corrupt… lets just move on… I had to turn it off so I would not scare the person next to me at the light or get in a wreck!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Well, Well, Well!

Could it be that the democrats are trying to manipulate things just a little bit? Because it sure happened here in Washington State!

Oh, Michael Moore, eat shit and die!!!

My, family, were democrats, in the past till they were smart enough to see the little changes happening.

I'm still not for one party or the other, however I do think we need to keep things in check. I will lean toward the republicans this time. If I have to choose.

It isn’t good folks! We may be heading to be a socialist country soon?

Redhook I need a Redhook! Mo here I come, get my table ready!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Caught in the ACT!

Well at Iraq The Model they show a TERRORIST not (an insurgent) getting caught in the act!

Every picture tells a story, don’t it! What a scum bag!!! What did they do to him I wonder? I hope that they didn’t just slap his hands and let him go!

What ever you do, Iraq don’t, get him, a bleeding heart lawyer, or a Liberal jury!!! They don’t care about the victims, “why that man could have not been breast feed for heavens sake”! He will need counseling and lots of help!

We live in a strange society! It shouldn’t take a lot of money to keep scum like this alive. It shouldn’t take a lot of money to give him the death penalty either. Just think of all the money we spend on criminals could now be helping the real victims of the world! Especially the ones in the Tsunami!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Start of A New Year

Happy New Year!

Starting the day off right was this blog and of course, my all time brothers at Iraq the Model. They are both a good read. You just have to avoid the trolls at the comment sections. The bloggers site is all that matters anyway!
Just click on the two below (don’t forget to read the rest of my raving post).

desert smink blog spot on the Iraqi boy wonder

and of course

Iraq the Model

Now, it’s on to my post, for the, New Year. I have just about had it with the “they gave more for the relief fund mugets”!

Ok folks this was a very tragic tsunami, and to even say or point fingers at people “countries” that did give something, as saying “we gave more then…” is a very, well lets just say a misinformed thing to say! It is very low too! Yes we are doing ok in the US and such however we are giving all that we possibly can! One blogger stated in a comment section at a blog site that if we were really, really wealthy there wouldn’t be any problems in the world. I have to agree with him on that in that I believe that the American people are giving people and we all pay into relief funds with our taxes and such. Then you have the people that are doing well in life reaching into their own pockets to pay for more. Or donating their time to help! Now that to me is something. The people pointing fingers aren’t doing anything but that, pointing and making things seem worse for all concerned! This should not be happening in time of crisis!

It took people from the US to see what they had to give and then they gave. Phones were ringing off the hook for the past week one of the relief volunteers stated in a blog site. What is it with these finger pointers anyway!!! ? What in the hell are they “the finger pointers” so pissed off about that they have to find fault in everything and turn it into a big deal? Are they trying to make, “themselves”, look good by tearing someone else down? Because they just proved to this blogger, that they are a different life form all of their own, and that isn’t a good thing! They are not a good form of a life form at all!

My respect is always people, which do well, and work behind the scene. The people that beat their chest and constantly get in your face to prove they did well are the ones to question, if the job was done right in the first place. Then the question of motive, self gain maybe? “I’m so wonderful and full of shit I can’t stand myself” or what! Is that what those people want? Ok they got it!!! The Morons!

Giving anonymously is the best way always because there are those that are lurking to say “Oh they could have given more they have more to give”… You know what? To no matter what amount it is! They could always give nothing at all! Would that be better? !

Oh my last post no I didn’t miss spell gregwire’s name it is right along with ben knothead so if you don’t like it? It’s like I give a shit? No I don’t! It could have been spelled worse believe me!!!