Saturday, October 29, 2011

Liberal left Asshats don’t get it!

I really don’t think they do!  So it is going to be up to the rest of us! 

Pamela did you get this?  ;]  yep I did send this around and yes it is going viral!  Yes I will post it here!  Just like I sent the phone number and the Hayett cave-in to the sharia law!  Not siding with our American right to freedom of speech!  Shame on them!  They did hear from me and I hope that all I sent the email to did the same! 

Yes this is going to get ugly only because of the asshats against our great love for our freedom and country!  Shame on the liberals!  What is it going to take!!! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi dead ...there are more to get they are cockroaches!

YouTube cracks me up!  They actually said the video is offensive!  BWAHAHAHAHAHA... 

So were the folks jumping to the ground from the heat of the flames in the towers of 9-11!!!  So is pisslam trying to build on the cherished site of 9-11 to show pisslam conquered!!!  So is the fact morons are trying to change our freedom and our laws by a pathetic shariah law!!!  So is burning a US Flag!!!  So is getting in my face for MY freedom of speech against the same thugs that want to take this great country down!!! 

Yep it seems to me youtube practices left loon hate speech and censuring only on topics they are for and the left loons are for! 
I guess this was one of their own that died today!

Remember they eat their own too...

All I can say is another one bites the dust and...

It isn't over folks!
Go to Atlas Shrugs to read more!

You all know what I think on the: "Wall Street protester loons"

Friday, October 07, 2011

Wall Street and the Lowlife slim ball thugs occupying those of us with the American dream!

I will get names if I am harmed with this act of stupidity!  They hurt my income and I will sue the occupiers!  If they have a pot to piss in I will take that too!  They can have more to cry about!  Al O butthead is using these little rejects for votes and the other stupid group is just around the corner to recruit them!  They are the raciest!  Racist against America! 
These little parasites are unemployable and they need to move to Europe if they want socialism!!! 


Thursday, October 06, 2011

Muslima arrested in Minnesota

Hassan and Ali: contempt for U.S. law

She doesn’t recognize the authority of American law, only Islamic law. So her intentions in the United States are subversive only?  Heh yeah well have fun in jail stupid!

Um isn’t that a hate crime against our Constitution of the USA!  How offensive of them to come here and dictate their laws to ours!  Maybe we need to give a book of laws to these imbeciles before they come into our country!