Sunday, February 27, 2005

A Kurds View

Omar at Iraq The Model Posted a reference to his journey to Erbil and noticed the Iraqi flag was no where to be found. He said he didn’t blame them "the Kurds" for all the suffering they endured by Saddam. My feeling is “maybe a new flag will come into the new Iraq? Or the Kurds can be wise enough to figure out the new Iraq and accept the Iraqi flag, with the new democracy behind the symbol”.

Omar also talked about feeling uncomfortable with all the different parties, involved. The different parties do have plus and minuses. The constitution needs to make the changes to that. Ours aren’t perfect either. However to stay this way would mean disagreement and massive elections. It will work out with the right rules in place. It is a start that needs direction.

Military must always be built up, security of an area is important to protect the people. We keep having to build up ours after certain people are in office, in our country it is about making cut backs. It shouldn’t be in military though. Maybe a few Bureaucrats would be good. The people shouldn’t go hungry over military build up either like in North Korea!

Ok and at ITM another form of information that I too was guilty of, is getting on the band wagon of posting with others. I guess I can still get some laughs at the comments just not as many, also things like; “hey it is time to turn in”. “Sounds like some good ideas carry on”… and the like. YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! Just kidding, and keep the blogging alive and well gang. I will always turn to you all for an FYI or two.

Thanks again for the information. There is always the pub or even some of our own people’s blogs to communicate. Love to you all, you too Andy, Sleepless, Soda, Bob, Don, Mike, Brian H., (please I need your guidance), Brian K., Cowboy, Neon, Kung Fu Kat, Jon, not John, Burlyman, Mike H., Leap_Frog, Diane, Zac, the wiz, doorgunner, Glitch, Peter, Omar, Mohammed, Ali, you all know who you are! If I forgot I will update this as memory comes back to me.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Religion Should Have No Power

If blogs have power like Mohammed stated at Iraq the Model then I hope for the world to read what I have to say!

Again my opinion; “is that people should be left alone, to their own choice”. Any differences in belief always will cause complications with getting along. I don’t understand this anger of other’s differences. This idea of culture or religion needs to be addressed, and accepted as freedom of “personal choice”, through out the world. No one should have the power to say whether you are wrong or right in what you believe in! As long as it won’t physically harm others!

If people go around murdering each other in the name of belief of culture, i.e. religion, then they are the hypocrites and terrorists! If women want to wear the garb that goes with a belief that is fine, however “making a women, or man” fit into a certain category “when they don’t want to”, and not giving them freedom to vote, drive…etc is slavery! This is no longer culture, but entrapment! It is criminal in my book!

I do agree with only one concept of beheading, and that is when someone kills someone else, or commits to harm, rape, or steals from another human being.

Gender should not matter to whom one wishes to be with either. I don’t care as long as they (leave me out of the same sex scenario) are friendly, nice people. Now is that so hard to take?

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The State of Seattle

Well now Seattle wants to break away from King County! Oh brother! Liberal city to take things into their own hands with more taxes no matter what!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Splitting the State

Bone headed idea! “This is my opinion”. I love the way they try and sugar coat things. “Oh it is the different life style on the West side ”. Why don’t they just say there are more republicans on the East side of the mountains that don’t want to pay Seattle taxes?

Look out Bellevue snobs you will be carrying the burden along with “ahem” unincorporated King County people to pay for Seattle’s needs!

Liberals just love to pay taxes. They think it will hurt the rich but the reality is it, will hurt the poor more. I think they can cut back with the bureaucrats! Soon as we pay more some will get a nice little raise!

Latest Voting Numbers for Washington State
1108 criminals voted
45 dead people voted
5 jerks voted twice
(Yes I’m name calling, you want to make something of it!?)

Monday, February 21, 2005

The UN Investment in Failure

The UN: An Investment in FailureIn an address to CPAC 2005, Freedom Alliance President Thomas Kilgannon called the UN an “institution riddled with corruption.” With its disastrous Oil-for-Food program and debauchery in the Congo, “Poor Kofi is in a heap of trouble these days. On almost a weekly basis, a new scandal emerges from the United Nations.”

The Train

The train is not gonna stop, out of the way Syria!!!

Very well said by Diane at ITM's comment section. The train is rolling!

I wonder what the liberals will do when things start to take off in the favor, of democracy. Will they continue to bash the Bush supporters, or embrace us doing the right thing with democracy in the Middle East?

It will catch on, because who will notice will be the other countries people, under the dictatorships in their home land. They will want to embrace the freedom too. It definitely will be a domino effect!

Now, I’m really concerned with the Liberals that will need to have massive counseling, for being wrong about the war on terror. Will they feel shameful for their selfless acts against freedom for all? Or will they say things like this was not, what we meant and we didn’t say that… and we still hate Bush…bla, bla, bla. Denial and story changing will be my prediction.

They will be a sorry lot indeed! Go ahead prove me wrong liberals!

A Good Looking Group

Here are the regulars at Iraq the Model. "Oops", due to trolls this picture was canceled at this site!

Better to keep things a mystery. You never know how vindictive a troll can be if one of us, were to be spotted at a local mall, or vacation spot. Some of us are the CIA and have been accused of being behind ITM all along. Trolls feel the ITM does not exist!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bloggers and Comment Posters

Reading the blog spots, such as Iraq the model, since 2003, I have been more informed, then ever, before. The fun and the agony of posting has been a challenge. I found my site, to be a fun thing for me to do, as well as a form of therapy, in what I think. I surprised myself, by even starting, a blog.

Today, I even, started a blog roll! This was exciting and I will probably, update that with more blogs sometime. You can now just click back, to Iraq the model, from my site or even the others, if you would like.

I would like to acknowledge, the great people involved in posting at Iraq the Model at this time, and with some, having there own sites. I have been to all of them. A, person can entertain themselves, for quite, some, time, with reading all the comments, at Iraq the Model’s site. Soon as I think of something to say in comes my favorite to read: kat/in pajamas/Missouri. Now goes by: kung fu kat/Missuri. There are folks like Cowboy with all his famous recipes, for things like; “terrorist fricassee”, oops maybe he hasn’t tried that one yet? Anyway a blender is a necessary tool for all his recipes. Then there is Andrea, which is a very nice person to talk too by the way. Sleepless in Chicago, is taking on fighting, the dreaded trolls, and really doing a fabulous job! The last few days, I have gone on to read, Sleepless, was really kicking ass! Good for you Sleepless! Mike H is a good read, as well as soda pants, burlyman, Diane. I know I forgot a few like Brian H, Brian K, Soldiers dad, leapfrog, Modem, Neonknight, Jon not to be confused with (John the moron). All these people are good at doing away with trolls such as Rachel the brat, oh I mean brit. They tear, into the Anonyms, groups that have no sense of style, or guts.

The trolls get, what is coming to them! This cat, dcat, rather ignores them, until the urge to knock a ball, of yarn around, or shred a leg or two. The urge is now! Admit it trolls: your all a bunch of bed wetters, and don’t care about anything but yourselves! I mean, why should we care about other peoples' freedom? Or our own? You people would be just as happy with communism and socialism. Why don’t you just move out of the country and live some place else then! Leave America! “If your American” that is, because we don’t want you here! You have nothing, to contribute, absolutely, nothing! Oh, and by the way, we all just like playing with you, when we have time to waste! That is all your worth! It’s like twiddling. I had some twiddle time today.

You know, the war in Iraq, was done, the right way too! The, thing, is your all seething and are afraid to admit defeat! If the UN had it their way, we would be still waiting! Mean, while, the people, of Iraq, would have been under the dictatorship longer then necessary.

It was too dam bad it wasn’t finished years ago!!! But no we had to listen to the f*#(* liberals! Stop the crap about Rice too! You have no power here, so be gone with you horrible troll! Don’t hold your breath with Howard Dean he, is as off the wall as Wesley Clark is!

Hey fellow bloggers I love Polish, food too and make it all the time, keep up the good work! I’ll pop in now and then when I have twiddle time. Which isn’t very often.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Seattle's, Lauging Stock

His name is Ron Sims! If I was at that meeting, I would have laughed the loudest! He got slammed, big time, by the rest of the attendees, with a roar of laughter. His comment, on; “we have the most accurate, voting system in place! He definitely needs a baby, sitter, to watch him, along with all the rest of the Democrats, who pretend, to do their job, in the system! Yes Ron it is broke, and yes Ron it needs to be fixed! Bah, ha, ha, ha, I’m still laughing at his comment! I am so surprised they, showed this on channel 5! What a shock! Maybe, a few lefties in the media, are seeing the light?

Monday, February 07, 2005

What Everyone Should Know

The absolute truth

Washington's Governor ReVote

Dear ReVote Washington Supporter:
The past month has been an intense and fulfilling exercise in direct democracy.
The site went 'live' on December 31, 2004 and with only word of mouth - the petition had 5,000 by New Year's Day. The next day's petition had 10,000 signers - by that week's end the petition had 135,000 signers.
Yesterday, February 3, 2005 we turned in over 241,000 petitions asking the Legislature of Washington State to order a re-vote of the Governor's race.
We submitted the original 8.076 paper petitions and a CD containing the name, address and city of all 233,647 cyber petitioners to the Counsel for the House (Tim Sekerak). We also submitted a copy of the petitions and a CD to the Counsel for the Senate (Marty Levenger) yesterday at 1 p.m. in Olympia.
Both Counsel have informed us that the petitions will be considered public documents. The Legislators will be able to access all documents as they wish.
So, aside from the nearly quarter million Washingtonians who signed on with you, where does the entire state as a whole stand on re-vote?
Various organizations and media outlets throughout the month have conducted opinion polling and while the question varies, Washington voters have made clear they want the 'election mess' fixed with a revote. The Survey USA poll [posted on the site under 'Opinion'] had these results this week:
“Regardless of who you voted for in November’s gubernatorial election, would you favor another election for governor to resolve the election?”
Yes: 53% No: 35% Undecided: 12%
As a majority of state citizens clearly are still demanding a re-vote we are going to keep our website alive to help facilitate that effort.
So far we have raised just under $43,000 and spent close to 90% of that on TV spots asking for a re-vote. As we may need to raise our media campaign again in the wake of upcoming court decisions, please consider making a small donation - we will put it to good use. In any case, thanks again for your support…and keep up the letters, emails and word-of-mouth with your family, friends, and especially your TV, radio and newspapers. A re-vote will only happen if we make it happen!
Thank you!
Sharon GilpinThe Gilpin Group

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Death Threats

Now there is a death threat on Gregorie! What did I say about terrorist in our country? I think there are more ways to conduct disagreement, with an elect, without death treats! I don’t care, for her either, but really are death threats, necessary?!
I noticed, the judge with the erring, said no to the re-vote. Must be a liberal, you think? So good now it is going to the Supreme Court.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Vicious Media

Today the media was another disappointment. I have to stop going to the local news channels, just like I have given up on newspapers, if I want any truth!

I have noticed the media, the left, and the terrorists, attacking the blog sites. Boy, they are sure pissed off, aren’t the poor, little losers?!

The State of the Union

I think that, the speech went well. I think the President, had everything thought out, and I felt, that he covered the fears, of the public. The, social security, issue, is a sore point, with a lot of people. Thinking the system, will bottom out in the future, is a reality. It’s not that the Government, spent it, it’s because people are living longer and there isn’t as many, paying into it as there once, was. The baby, boomers are a large amount of people that will be retiring. They will be draining the system, so it needs to be addressed, now before funds, do disappear. At least the president, had, a fix. I also feel we will have a better system down, then people, think.

I have been in the stock market, for a long time. I started an IRA, when I was 21. Don’t you think, that people, should take responsibility, for their, own future? I happen to know people, that are offered 401K’s at work, but decline it. Scream, about taking a gamble, with social security, then turn around and go to the nearest casino! Go figure?

I was aware, at the democrats, tearing down, everything that the president, threw out there. He also asked; “if you have any other ideas, I’m willing to listen”.

The Day After

I felt, on Monday, the democrats, and the naysayer types, came out in droves, and some remained quiet, about the election. It was, almost like democrats, didn’t want, Iraq, to succeed! I know, it’s going to be a blood bath, and freedom, will happen, unfortunately, with a big sacrifice. Because, this is the world, and it’s, people, and the sooner we learn to work and live together the better off we will be. There is a choice for you, now go with that!