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Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official Music Video)

Communist Flag of China Raised on Boston's City Hall Plaza - 9 29 19

The Hero!

Who To Trust

     Isn't it funny, how you go to other social media, supposedly like minds to post your own information to a comment section?  All the while thinking, the person that has the page is a friend of yours also.  Information that you have witnessed first hand, that you can now share.  Maybe even warn them.  

     To me it is pretty irritating when someone takes offense right away to your comment, without any real research of their own.  They just go on their feelings.  Right away to start gnawing at what you have commented.  Meanwhile, you are thinking what is this thing?  This thing to just come out of nowhere?  A friend of the person, that you yourself thought was a friend as well to you?  You soon find out who is your friend!  Sometimes you find out in a split second.  Other times you just hang around to see the truth of the entire group.  It can be pretty ugly when it's all revealed to you.  

     Seeing, that you annoyed the "real" friend you quickly take your comment down and move on.  Oh but that isn't good enough!  Oh no!  For the wounded little "real" friend needs to see blood!  So hurt by your freedom to speak that they block you!  Oh and it doesn't end there!

     Evil sets in to keep destroying the outsider.  The threat to all that may like that Conservative far right person.  They keep up the poison forked tongue till they make you leave completely!  If not then they block you!  

     You would think I would have got a clue, from the first time I said I was against abortion.  Out comes from their mouth, well sometimes you don't know blah de blah...  Strike one.  Then stating I was Conservative since I could vote.  Here it comes strike two ... "we were all long legged and young, and didn't know anything."  What a mistake by linking me or assuming me to be  in that same category!  I do know plenty!  The third strike was drugs and smoking.  I really can't stand it! So I should have never pursued that friendship.  Yeah, so here we have strike three!  And as for sticking up for one another?  Alex I'll pick "what's a loser for $200.00."

     I really don't feel they know what Conservatism is at all.  They just proved it to me.  It isn't like that person doesn't have my email.  You would think I would be getting a dear Jane letter, telling me how horrible and rude, I was for speaking out!  Shame on me I guess.  I should have known they were never to be friends in the first place.  Nothing relating or familiar as a friend would be.  

     Make sure you have that MAGA hat, and banner so you can fit in... Oh and hit the share button and don't forget to fund me...  This stuff isn't free you know!  Meanwhile, oh gee, you have a blog too?  Or you have a page?  Oh that's nice, bye!   

     How dare I disagree!  It all leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  You start to notice who the ignorant people really are!  My advice to myself from now on is always do research.  Share the good stuff.  Have a good life because hell!  I sure deserve it!  I worked 40 + years!  Now I can leisurely share with others without taking a dime from them!   

     I want to know what happened to God in this country?  What happened to supporting the Constitution of the USA, or implementing the laws for criminals?  Respecting a duly elected President?  In who, I voted for this time!  What the left have done to this country does not sit well with me.  Obviously Obama did this to the weak minded horde!  Treason by the last administration and the ones in congress, really do need to be convicted!  Orders need to also be carried out for that treason!

     If people keep blocking those of us fighting for our Republic and Constitution of the USA as Christians, then I see no hope at all.  The left want to destroy history, so they can just do whatever the heck they want to and destroy this country!  Pretty pathetic and those doing evil to others will be met with karma, right down to people blocking freedom of speech just because it is against their narrative!  

Really socialist, commies there are countries with your plans already in place, so do us all a favor here in the USA and move!

Mike's America: Trump Directs Attack Killing ISIS Leader

Mike's America: Trump Directs Attack Killing ISIS Leader: Had Trump been President eight years earlier ISIS, which Obama described as the "Jay Vee team," would never have existed! Pre...

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Supercalifragilisticexpischadenfreude Edition 27oct19

Borrowed from James T. Harris

Karma is a B...

I'm seeing the left wing nuts, socialist, commie scumbags spewing hate for the man I elected as MY President!  Pity that they are that hateful and miserable.  

Karma will be getting them all soon right down to the ones that block me.  I guarantee it!  

Here is the vile crap going on in fatawabook hateful loony land:

"Watched #45 on t.v. this a.m. Listened as he slurped saliva while speaking about a book he wrote mentioning he warned about the need to "take out" Bin Ladin when nobody knew who he was. Well...of course...#45 did.

I couldn't even watch it I can't stand to hear him talk although I did see a clip on Face the Nation. Showing him saying that he watched the whole thing. Who in the right mind could sit and watch something like this take place. I guess I just answered my own question he's not in his right mind.

What do we believe? Can’t believe a thing that comes out of this president’s ugly mouth!"

Trump confirms death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Went out, screaming and crying like a baby!  GOOD!

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Yep Have Each Others Backs

Gone Fishing Edition 23oct19

Tito Ortiz shares why he supports 45!!

Trump Supporters With the Scoop

Happy Halloween, Happy Fall! The Fall of the Socialist Left!

It's been a long time since I posted my thoughts here.  Just giving you updates on videos.  That is how I roll these days.  Conservative and still fighting!  As you see a picture of me being blocked and they can't even tell me for what on fatawabook.  This makes 22x's!  This tells me we are winning!  So now I will leave you with some pictures and what I am preparing for the little goblins coming to my house!  Oh but look at my Iris sill in bloom!

President Trump Delivers Remarks at the 9th Annual Shale Insight Conference

Rep. Gaetz, Freedom Caucus hold a 'transparency' press conference

Glazov: When Migrants Scream “Allahu Akbar!”

Mini AOC - Sanders/Warren 2020

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