Sunday, October 30, 2005

Trick or Treat

Smell my feet give me something good to eat! I was going to be a political trouble maker. How about sticking a flyer with the candy in a zip lock on how to scare a liberal! Mommy Daddy, look a 60 cent candy bar from a Republican!

I don’t know about you people but I would only go to the best neighborhood for my treats, because they had the best and biggest candy bars. I would also enjoy having hot chocolate and homemade cookies. Money would be another biggie there was one house that gave a quarter. I had an aunt that would put a hand full of all kind of candy in a wax bag and staple it to hand out! May, she rest in peace.

Times have changed all that and if I had a kid I would not allow them to go door to door. I would have a big party and conduct all the neighborhood parents to participate in helping. Pick a home and then have that party. We have all kind of nut cases out there. Not only a danger to the children, but to the people opening their door!

Since hubby and I are taking a nice little trip at the end of the week I would hate to have to stick around for police and court crap because of a fatale shooting to the moron that kicked the door open. If we were not going any place I would open my door and be prepared like I always have been. Now I need to make that sign and string it across my walk way saying: “For our safety we will not be answering our door.”

Oh and the trick is on me with my ballot not coming! I’m sure if it was a liberal that didn’t get their ballot it would be all over the media. Now they will probably say that my ballot wouldn’t make a difference anyway… ho hum!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hey Mr. Postperson

Sorry folks just thinking of this great song from the Beatles and now converted it to my ballot dilemma. Thank you Andy for reminding me of these great songs! If the gas tax wins I will be singing “He’s a Tax Man”!

Wait, oh yes wait a minute mister postmanWait, wait mister postmanMister postman look and seeIs there a BALLOT in your bag for meI been waiting a long long timeSince I heard from that Ballot of mine

Friday, October 28, 2005

Ballot Dilemma Day Four

No ballot for me...from the voting office of Nazis liberals!!!

I called and they said do you mind if we have an intern listen in? I asked to be transferred to Kelly and they said ok we will transfer you it wasn't even 4:30pm yet!!! The transfer was cut off and then ... our office is now closed. Press... I can't wait till Monday!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ballot Dilemma Day Three

Well this will really open eyes! I still don’t have my ballot but I got another nice person like I had on Monday when I called. Nothing like the moronic personal that tried to intimidate me and cause me grief yesterday! Kelly was most helpful with my situation and told me to ask for her when I went to call the number again. She was more then willing to help me.

I didn’t tell her anything about the call yesterday just that I didn’t get my ballot and she then went into the system and said tomorrow is the dead line and you should have it. If not give me a call and ask for me and I will personally send it to you. I said but what about the second one that was issued to me already and she said that there isn’t any second one issued at least not on her system.

Oh my! Another system but I didn’t say anything more about that. Then I told her I had the most unpleasant conversation yesterday with a young man that wasn’t helpful and I really wanted someone else to talk to but he wouldn’t transfer me! He even told me that he could not guarantee that I would get my ballot before my trip. She said no that I would get it before then. She sounded more experienced in age and concerned. I told her that he said “his system showed that I was issued two already”. So now I made her suspicious.

I guess I failed to tell all of you what happened in that conversation that I had asked for another person to talk to when talking to Mr. Moronic yesterday. I did fill her in to what went on from my yesterdays post Washington State Voting Poll is Corrupt. I also told her that he got me so upset that I couldn’t remember his name. I just could not believe what he was pulling on me! Even though she didn’t say anything to me about him, I sense she may have a good clue with who it could be.

I get this feeling that this young man is a trouble maker and is trying his best to jeopardize the voting process. He probably thought that I would just forget about it and move on. Well think again! I may not write well but don’t ever cross me! I am dumb like a fox and you will not win! At the end I told him that I would take matters further and that I had a blog and our little conversation will be made public! I also may have turned his little butt in! So THERE!!!

Sound Politics link Thank you for this link Mike H!

BTW this is how you carve a pumpkin!

The Results of too Much Kool-Aide

Democrats will be sorry for what they have attempted! You can count on it!

Here are the results of that Kool-aide! It just may kill you for good you far left loons!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Washington State Voting Poll is Corrupt

That is it! I have no faith in the system and I think that what the auditors said about the staff working at the voter’s poll in Washington State, are true they are really brain dead!!! I believe that now! I think I will be going public if I get my right of voting denied! Or if an investigation finds someone voted under my name! Yeah sure like they will have that information for me! They will do the same lame and dance they did when I had talked to them this afternoon.

It all started last week when my hubby got his ballot on Wednesday. I figured ok mine should be coming this week too. Wrong I waited till Monday the following week this week. This nice lady helped me and assured me I would probably have it on or by Wednesday “yesterday” this week. Wrong again! So I called and got press 9 for Chinese. You know what? You don’t even have to press 9 because it starts going on in Chinese! You all can just about guess what my temperament was at this moment.

Yes I waited and this moronic man comes on and tells me that another “another” ballot has been issued to me. My question was who has the first one? He tells me I was rude for interrupting. WTF!?! I didn’t say it but I asked; 'well I am concerned here! What is going to happen when and if someone else votes in my place!? He didn’t have an answer for me and said that one would be basically aced out “destroyed”! Um would that be my vote or the other guy using my ballot?!

I asked if I could be red tagged to let me know if they get a vote in for me. I was told they could not do that. There would be no way to tell. Again WTF!?! He also told me that he could not guarantee that I get my ballot before I leave on my trip out of the country! But asked if he could mail it to me at my destination? I said you can’t get it to my house but yet you want to send it to my over seas place of vacation!? I said to forget it! I can’t be guaranteed that they would get it back in time! No later then “Tuesday November 8th at midnight.”

He then said can you come down town and pick up a ballot? I said down town Kirkland? He said no Seattle. I was laughing by this time. I’m on the East Side. I work on the East Side. I know I would not be able to make it down town because of my job and traffic! Just think that would make three ballots out there floating around with one being mine!

True story people guess who is getting shafted with the voting process!? I’m planning to go further with this one I tell you! I will be fair and if I get my ballot I will let you all know. I can’t believe this is happening to me!? I won’t be quiet about this! I am sending it to the White house! My hubby is probably thinking “it figures, of all the people in the state of Washington it had to happen to her!”

This helped in taking out frustration -->click here<--

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Autumn Colors

What a beautiful day today on the way to a peaceful landscape of the University of Washington Botanic Gardens Washington Park Arboretum. Driving to that destination was a pleasant one after stopping at the Starbucks along the Lake Washington Juanita Park area about 5 min from our home. We even had the plush cushy chairs to sit in while enjoying that Latte. I thought boy this is going to be a great day!

After the Latte stop with hubby by my side, me at the wheel driving with the top down taking the lake drive through Downtown Kirkland. This was a wonderful drive until we had approached this stop light. While waiting for the light to change I peered to the right where there was this putrid yellow VW bug with all kinds of paraphernalia on it. Arrest Karl Rove I didn’t vote for Bush! I thought hmmm that person is going to have another three years of anger and misconception. Yellow was about the right color for that person to have if you get my drift.

Well with that being the only eye sore the other one being there was a game at the Husky Stadium. I didn’t mind that it took a half hour to get there to the Arboretum, because the Lake was beautiful and the Yachts were all out and the sun was out. Once we got to the museum parking lot the attendant was making sure we were not just parking there for the game. I said to the man no way that we planned to walk along Marsh Island then to Foster Island and to the Arboretum. He said ok you can park at the bottom and so we did.

We walked along and heard the roar of the crowed, because on the trail going along the water you could stop on the dock and look at the crowd sitting at the Husky Stadium yelling. This brought a little excitement into the air but not that I would spend it sitting on a bench watching a game. So the hike was the highlight of the day.

I Hope that Tom C. "TOM'S RANTS" and Mrs. C are having the time of their life this weekend as well. Oh I better check in to see if the undesirables have been visiting! Sorry Tom C. this is a wonderful Saturday for hubby and me too! Next a fire in the fireplace dinner movie and we are going to make s'mores. Have a great autumn week-end everyone and enjoy!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy Haunting

Scare the Liberals this Halloween with: The Peoples Cube
I saw this site last night and some how Mike made it even better!

He Is Guilty

Time to put the duct tape on!!! Shut the hell up Saddam! You are about to go to hell! That will be fair enough for you! Eh!



How You Can Tell

Besides by The Odor…

I’m so angry about the circus in the court system that I’m publishing jokes now! I love making fun of idiots!!! They deserve every laugh possible. The more laughs the better!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fashion for the Left

American Jihad Left

You have to check out The Conservative UAW Guy

At this time I would like to thank Mike's America for this information: “Thanks Mike”

Oh and I would like to announce some under cover work done by Indigo Red from Further Adventures of Indigo Red blog. Sometimes trolls will not give up and we can hunt them down! Well done Indigo!

More on...

Ahem “Excuse me while I throw up”… Fair…

I am having a problem with this fair crap for criminals where evidence is obviously in order! I am all for fair but people are trying to get false evidence to get criminals off in some cases causing tax payers to pay more for these losers! Court cases turn into a circus! It is obvious that the bleeding heart liberals are for this practice! Well anyway on Saddam I say:

“Let’s tape firecrackers to him all over his body and light them one at a time! I am starting to feel better now! Um let’s make it M80’s and cherry bombs!”

20/30 hind sight has more including Michelle Malkin

On another note:

Washington is one of the highest taxed States and no, “I will not vote on paying for a gas tax so the beurocrats can give themselves a raise!”

“Oh but it’s going for the roads!” La,la,la,me,me,me…

Yes well you believe what you want to Dorothy! Seattle just loves to pay taxes. Beurocrats need to be down sized!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Looking to the Future

I had the opportunity to visit MIKE'S AMERICA and I have to say that he really did a bang up job as always. Now it was too bad that he had to acknowledge the fact that moon bats were out already in droves getting ready for that big night when the full moon is present! Mike you know sometimes words have two meanings. I think you would like to say “fools all of them”! I sure do every time they come here to post! That is what I think of at any rate when they show up! Or maybe it’s WTF, ‘why do they even bother!?

I just thought that these pictures should be displayed all over just like hanging garlic on doors to chase the demons away. Well Mike this is what I’m going to use. Lets see if it works if not they will be cursed with a spell when they leave this site. A wink a smile and a promise!

Here we have the ultimate change for the future! This picture is definitely appropriate. Every picture tells a story doesn’t it!

Then we have the very thankful. This was the ultimate show of gratitude!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

History in the Making

New Update:"This Vote was a great Blow to the terrorists" Read it at LGF

This video is great! Thanks to “Omar” At ITM Friends of Democracy!

I bet they are still dancing in the streets! Thanks to our Troops!

Here is where Cindy is hanging out before that last earth quake!... Well a person can always hope!

Well, well look at this! Hehehehehehehehehehehe... While we are making progress look who is digressing!

Way to go Iraq!

The latest at Iraq the Model.

This picture is priceless! What a change from senior psychopath!

Friday, October 14, 2005

With a Little Help from My Friends

The Indepundit Has the Beginning! Talk of a civil war? I don’t think so!!! Mohammed talks of the “!!!” after receiving a pamphlet to try and convince him to vote no. Do I show enough of these “!!!” ? This is for you Mohammed! Terrorists are getting restless and Mohammed posted what was going on in Baghdad at Iraq the Model.

What an exciting time in history! It is not only helping them, but it will be helping the world to see good changes can happen!

Here was my comment to Mohammed’s post: “Amen Mohammed!It will be ok. Everything will be fine. Latter we will have a hanging! Saddam on a rope!!!”dcat/still at IT® Email Homepage 10.14.05 - 9:49 pm #

Our military have a good reason to be proud! WAY TO GO TROOPS!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Letter from al-Zawahiri to al-Zarqawi

This from al-Zawahiri:
"3-I want to reassure you about our situation. The summer started hot with operations
escalating in Afghanistan. The enemy struck a blow against us with the arrest of Abu
al-Faraj, may God break his bonds. However, no Arab brother was arrested because of
him. The brothers tried-and were successful to a great degree-to contain the fall of
Abu al-Faraj as much as they could.

However, the real danger comes from the agent Pakistani army that is carrying out
operations in the tribal areas looking for mujahedeen.

4-I want to keep corresponding with you about the details of what is going on in dear
Iraq, especially since we do not know the full truth as you know it. Therefore, I want
you to explain to me your situation in a little detail, especially in regards to the
political angle. I want you to express to me what is on your mind in regards to what is
on my mind in the way of questions and inquiries."

Hmmm anyone thinking what I am right now! "Earth Quake" I hope they were buried!!!

The letter seems so flowery I can’t stand flowery! What a looser!
If anyone is interested in Sooni read what she had to say and the comment I made! Regarding to the last card post.

Iranian Nuclear Program


Iranian military has effectively taken control of nuclear program.

Oh yeah this just keeps on getting better and better!

What Kind of Deal?

From Power Line

I have a problem with this one though! 10 NBC NEWS!

Saddam and other Detainees can vote! WTF!!! Well ok then we can hang them later!

News From Headquarters

New Update Click here! Hat tip to Bob

News Release
HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES CENTRAL COMMAND7115 South Boundary BoulevardMacDill AFB, Fla. 33621-5101Phone: (813) 827-5894; FAX: (813) 827-2211; DSN 651-5894

October 11, 2005Release Number: 05-10-37

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEIRAQI, U.S. FORCES SURPRISE TERRORISTS, DETAIN 57BAGHDAD, Iraq – More than 600 Iraqi and U.S. forces responded to reports of terrorists operating in south Baghdad and conducted multiple cordon and searches in the early-morning hours of Oct. 11. Troops detained 57 terror suspects and killed two others. U.S. Soldiers from 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment linked up with Iraqi Special Police Commandos to take the terrorists by surprise. AH-64 Apache helicopters soon arrived on site to engage in the firefight.Iraqi and U.S. forces focused on three objectives and began searching houses in the area looking for anti-Iraqi forces. These operations were mainly driven by Iraqi intelligence.The forces acted on a report that two men were on a roof overseeing a group of terrorists emplacing improvised explosive devices. THIS STORY HAS ACCOMPANYING PHOTOGRAPHS. TO RECEIVE THE PHOTOS: CONTACT THE TASK FORCE BAGHDAD PUBLIC AFFAIRS, SGT. FIRST CLASS DAVID ABRAMS AT DAVID.ABRAMS@ID3.ARMY.MIL.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Their Perspective

Cox & Forkum does it again
From AFP: Islam permits killing of 'infidel’ civilians: Zarqawi tape (via Jihad Watch).

I just love this site, they are so on target! The more liberals get to realize reality the faster this war will be over! It will be the effect of an ex smoker. Yes I know I am dreaming again!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Business as Usual

Typical Day?

NEW YORK — New Yorkers shrugged off fears of exploding baby carriages and went about their weekend routines Saturday as authorities debated whether a reported subway terror plot was a legitimate threat or an overblown hoax. Fox News

Like I said the USA will be vigilant and going on with business as usual thumbing their noses at terrorists. Some will be even enjoying that game today!

An Atta Girl

I got an award!

Neener, neener, neener!

Thanks Mike's America

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Religion of Hate

WASHINGTON - The American government is demanding that Saudi Arabia account for its distribution of hate material to American mosques, as the State Department pressed Saudi officials for answers last week and as the Senate later this month plans to investigate the propagation of radical Wahhabism on American shores.
The flurry of activity comes months after a report from the Center for Religious Freedom discovered that dozens of mosques in major cities across the country, including New York, Washington, and Los Angeles, were distributing documents, bearing the seal of the government of Saudi Arabia, that incite Muslims to acts of violence and promote hatred of Jews and Christians.
A Washington-based group that is part of the human rights organization Freedom House, the Center for Religious Freedom also found during its yearlong study that the Saudi-produced materials describe democracy and America as un-Islamic. They instruct recent Muslim immigrants to consider Americans as enemies and the materials urge new arrivals to use their time here as preparation for jihad. The documents also promote the version of Islam officially embraced by Saudi government and several of the September 11, 2001, hijackers, Wahhabism, as the only authentic Islam.
Senate Will Probe Saudi Distribution of Hat Materials

This cartoon from C&F:


Why Hillary Will Lose!

Why can't the Democrats capitalize? This little article was at MSN of all places.

By Howard Fineman
MSNBC contributor
George W. Bush’s presidency mired in the muck of hurricanes and doubts about the war, you’d think Democrats would be bursting with energy, eagerly expecting to regain power. But, in a roomful of well-connected Democrats the other night, I was struck by how gloomy they were. They can’t stand Bush, but didn’t have much faith in their own party’s prospects.
Looks like some folks are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! Bye, Bye Hillary! Moohahahahahaha!

Clinton's Scandals too MUCH! That goes for Hillary two of a kind!!!

And Freeh accuses Mr. Clinton of obstructing the FBI's investigation into the 1996 attack on the Khobar Towers, saying Clinton refused to ask Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah to allow the agency to question bombing suspects. A spokesman for former President Clinton calls that charge and the book itself, “a total work of fiction.”

I Love October

I just love this time of year and I love the friends that I have made blogging. Especially Mike from Mikes America. I just keep going to his site for more on issues that I have forgotten or didn’t even know about. Such as this clip: From 1973

I just have to post his comment because it is so true! The more information that is thrown at these far left embracing socialism communists the more they try to distort the reality of it all! Here was Mikes comment from today:

“As DCAT readers may have noticed, everytime we bother to lay out a congent response, the moonbats just come back and ignore whatever bit of reality shined through their fog and just launch another screed.It's the old carnival game: Whack A Mole! They just pop up somewhere else.Pretty obvious where Sofo is coming from: America is BAD!Forget that we pulled Europe's butt out of the fire THREE TIMES in the last century. Forget that everytime there is a disaster around the world we rush in to rescue and provide aid.If we followed the logical conclusion of the Sofo-Cindy Sheehan plan and withdrew from the world, WHO would take our place? PORTUGAL?Puhlease! Portugal might be a nice place to visit, but would you want to rely on them to save the world from terrorism, natural disasters or evil genocidal butchers?A while back, I posted a pro-American point of view from a CANADIAN: : Mike's America
In that post, I included the following link to a real player audio of a famous 1973 Canadian broadcast called "The Americans:"
It's as true today as it was then.And until the Sofo hate America crowd come up with an effective alternative, I imagine we Americans will just go on doing all the heavy lifting... And finally, if we're STEALING OIL, why am I paying over $3 a gallon for gas?

Mike and the true Americans are fighting against these Moonbats every day on blogs. I think now that Ramadan is in full swing the terrorist are really getting restless to the point of ‘well if we can’t blow anything up we can go and destroy their voice! Fat chance of that happening though you know why? It’s because of Mike, Tom C, Don, Bob, Joanne, Leap_frog, Louise, Andy, Glitch, dcat… the list goes on!

Now we are still having that nice weather here in the Pacific North West so I will go out and enjoy the day with the top down on the sports car! In your face spineless terrorists!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Question Is

I’m sure that Italy is working with terrorists! I mean really, ‘go look at the IP address and the site meter to see where they are all coming from. This morning at Midnight I was able to find that one of the comments that came from Chicken Little “Sofocleto” is from Portugal IP Address: 212.113.164# (TVCABO-PORTUGAL BACKBONE)! The twist and turns of the delusional thought process only convinces me more to go on and write! Yes even though I don’t hold that English major!

I have very broad shoulders and I can take it! These weasels just want you to keep busy answering them with the same stuff that you have already posted or that your buddies have posted. Someone isn’t reading but yet they want you to read them and so I shall!

My question is what is the point of answering a communist regime? What is it that they are tying to do!? I’ll tell you that it isn’t good! It is the same technique used by Warren Churchill and other socialist like him! Sofocleto and others “yes Steve you too” can do a little research by going to the blogs that I link if information is needed. That is why there is a blogroll. I have read some of the communist socialist articles to convince me they are all biased on thought from a very sick mind set! I could not believe some of the material coming out of this minority.

I feel Europe wants their cut of the oil and the reason why they pay such a high price for their oil is that they have to support their social welfare some how! Europe is in for a big economic fall in the next ten years or if they are lucky 15.

“Sofocleto” the commenter clamed that I was showing fear in my last post! He is way off because it is only showing me that we must be getting close to the enemy and they are the ones pissed off and scared! Then Sofocleto talked about the CIA!? There are so many CIA’s out there doing their job right now that we have to be close otherwise why would Sofocleto say anything about fear and the CIA!? That post below this one is far from showing fear! Nice clues there on your part “Sofocleto” good job!

The threats of terrorists are just that! We would be fools to not take any threat seriously. The USA will always take safety measures of investigating situations but we are not afraid. Some guy “after a terror threat said: “That if there is a game, ‘I will be on that subway going to that game!” The resilience of the American people is very strong! Terrorists are cornered and trapped like rats that they are! We the American People aren’t going to give up! When we are through with Iraq we will be ready for other parts of the world till it is free from terrorists! After all targeting innocent people like the terrorist have been doing is a coward’s game! The terrorists will lose!

So Sofocleto, how much are they paying you boy!?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Navy Releases Terrorist

Too Bad we couldn't put; Steve, Biranta, Sofocleto, & Chris in the car!

The US Navy today announced that it has released a senior Al Quaeda terrorist after questioning him extensively for 27 days while being held prisoner aboard a US aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea. In a humanitarian gesture, the terrorist was given $50 US and a white 1962 Ford Fairlane automobile upon being released from custody. The attached photo shows the terrorist on his way home just after being released by the Navy.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Or you will lose!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bush's Weekly Radio Address

The Cat's will get their rat's!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Good morning.
This week I met with the generals who are overseeing our efforts in Iraq — Generals Abizaid and Casey — to discuss our strategy for victory. They updated me on the operations in Baghdad last weekend in which Iraqi and coalition forces tracked down and killed the second most wanted al Qaeda leader in Iraq. This brutal killer was a top lieutenant of the terrorist Zarqawi. He was also one of the terrorists responsible for the recent wave of attacks in the Iraqi capital, which is part of the terrorist campaign to halt political progress in Iraq, by stopping this month's referendum on the Iraqi constitution.

Our strategy in Iraq is clear: We're hunting down deadly terrorist leaders. We're conducting aggressive counterterrorism operations in the areas where the terrorists are concentrated. We are constantly adapting our tactics to the changing tactics of the terrorists, and we're training more Iraqi forces to assume increasing responsibility for their country's security.
The growing size and increasing capability of the Iraqi security forces are helping our coalition address a challenge we have faced since the beginning of the war. It used to be that after we cleared the terrorists out of a city there were not enough qualified Iraqi troops to maintain control, so if we left to conduct missions in other areas of Iraq, the terrorists would try to move back in.

Now the increasing number of more capable Iraqi troops has allowed us to keep a better hold on the cities we have taken from the terrorists. The Iraqi troops know their people and their language, and they know who the terrorists are. By leaving Iraqi units in the cities we have cleared out, we can keep those cities safe, while moving on to hunt down the terrorists in other parts of the country.

We used this approach recently in Iraq's northwest region where Iraqi and coalition forces targeted an area that was one of the main routes for foreign terrorists entering Iraq from Syria. During operations in the key town of Tal Afar, Iraqi security forces outnumbered coalition forces for the first time in a major offensive operation. Because of our joint efforts, hundreds of insurgents and terrorists have been killed, or captured, or flushed out, and our continued efforts will make it more difficult for foreign terrorists to enter Iraq.

As part of our strategy, Iraqi forces have stayed behind in Tal Afar to ensure that the terrorists cannot return and regroup. And coalition and Iraqi troops are pursuing the terrorists in western Iraq, working to deny Al Qaeda a safe haven there, and to stop terrorists from crossing into the country through Syria.

I'm encouraged by the increasing size and capability of the Iraqi security forces. Today they have more than 100 battalions operating throughout the country, and our commanders report that the Iraqi forces are serving with increasing effectiveness. In fact, this week coalition forces were able to turn over security responsibility for one of Iraq's largest cities, Karbala, to Iraqi soldiers. As Iraqi forces show they're capable of fighting the terrorists, they are earning the trust and confidence of the Iraqi people, which will ensure the success of a free and democratic Iraq.

More difficult and dangerous work still lies ahead. The terrorists have a history of escalating their attacks before Iraq's major political milestones, and two elections are fast approaching. In two weeks, Iraqis will vote on a democratic constitution, and if that constitution is approved, they will return to the polls later this year to elect a fully constitutional government.
As Iraqis take these next steps on the path to freedom and democracy, the terrorists will do everything they can to stop this progress and try to break our will. They will fail. Defeating the terrorists in Iraq will require more time and more sacrifice. Yet all Americans can have confidence in the military commanders who are leading the effort in Iraq, and in the troops under their command. They have made important gains in recent weeks and months; they are adapting our strategy to meet the needs on the ground; and they're helping us to bring victory in the war on terror.

Thank you for listening. (In this case reading)