Saturday, June 23, 2012

Here is my Coexist

“C” is Colt

“O” is Glock’s logo

“E” is Beretta’s logo

… not sure of X and I

“S” is Smith & Wesson

“T” is Mossberg logo

Who in the hell cares about X and I  The Colt, Glock and the Beretta should take care of the conversation!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CAIR you pisslamic turds, Did Ya Hear?

June 12, 2012 The victories keep piling up!

  Dear Dcat,

It began in Texas in 2010—and it was unprecedented. Then it was Minnesota. Earlier this year it was Georgia. Now it’s Kansas and "Washington" state. (ok so how is your state doing?  You best find out and do something!)

Five state Republican parties have now added resolutions opposing sharia law or foreign law (which includes sharia law) to their platforms. And ACT! for America chapter leaders and members have been instrumental in leading every one of these efforts.

• ACT! for America chapter leaders and members spearheaded the successful effort to pass ALAC (“American Laws for American Courts”) legislation in Tennessee, Arizona and Kansas.

• ACT! for America chapter leaders and members in Minnesota, in an organized grassroots effort, helped bring an end to a state-run sharia-compliant mortgage program.

• Early this year, over 21,000 people signed the ACT! for America open letter to Congress calling for the Purple Heart to be awarded to the victims of jihad at Ft. Hood and the Little Rock military recruiting center. And the U.S. House acted—passing a defense authorization bill that includes language awarding the Purple Heart to these victims of jihad! These victories are what Brigitte Gabriel envisioned when she founded ACT! for America in late 2007. That’s why she named the organization “ACT!” for America.

Yep you morons we are on to you!

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and Here We know all about your crap! CAIR you and your cronies will be finished soon!!! You all can thank little hate monger me! This will be viral!