Sunday, April 26, 2009

The far left is sooooo ... stupid! Nothing new!

I'll be! Hussain did the right thing! Too bad he waffled on the far left earlier!

I have had enough of the far left loons too!

The far left loons all have their heads up their asses and don't give a shit about the USA!

I noticed the far left loons won't admit to the talks not working! Idiots all of them!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Janeane Garofalo Wacked out Journalism

Left loon Janeane Garofalo Makes an off the wall poor hypothesis on the issues of paying taxes.

Since when is it racist to protest against paying taxes? Does anyone besides this left loon know? I know for a fact that there were both parties involved in this great protest! It’s about pork barrel spending Janeane! Its about the Government doing what ever it wants to with our tax dollars Janeane!

YOU JANEANE must have your head up your ass!

Janeane Garofalo is out of touch with reality and is a pinhead!

It’s about hurting the taxpayer by cutting peoples need and giving those in Government positions power to advocate mindless spending! Spending our hard earned money on projects that have nothing but their own agendas in mind! One may even be testing why people are losing their job and doing poorly in society, hiring shrinks that are nuts themselves! Finally giving Government officials themselves raises while the little tax payers suffer by paying more! That sounds like 1984! Big Government is not a good thing because you don’t want them running your life you want them working for you! Not against you!

They shut down parks and other public needs used everyday by most hard working taxpayers, only to make people think that they need to pay more taxes for their pork barrel spending! Open your eyes people! Dig deep into what is really going on!

I think the cut should start with people like Janeane Garofalo! You have to be a real moron whether black or white to go along with such a hateful extreme, far left wing garbage such as what Janeane Garofalo is spewing! She is against the people! We the people are protesting against these loons before they run the country into the ground!


Talks aren’t working either. The king got humiliated by the thug’s one of them being Hugo Chavez! HANDING A HATING AMERICA BOOK TO THE KING!? WTF!?!

I would have told Chavez no thanks but you can use it to wipe your ass with it! All those pages will then have a purpose!

Obama has no balls!

Those countries will always hate America they can’t get out of their own problems so they hate us. Dictators that are anti American are not the people to cozy up to! Be a good neighbor and do the right, thing BE A LEADER! As long as you are in the lead and doing well having freedom other countries will hate you! That is because they all are thugs! Let’s fight to not let this happen to the USA! We are better then that!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tea anyone!

From Joe the Plumber

South center Wednesday BE THERE!

I just threw this one in: