Sunday, April 26, 2009

The far left is sooooo ... stupid! Nothing new!

I'll be! Hussain did the right thing! Too bad he waffled on the far left earlier!

I have had enough of the far left loons too!

The far left loons all have their heads up their asses and don't give a shit about the USA!

I noticed the far left loons won't admit to the talks not working! Idiots all of them!


JanaBanana said...

And your point is? :)

dcat said...

Well janabanana,
It is pretty obvious what the leftards are wanting to do to the USA! Don't you think after viewing the link! Pelosi is a dumb ass bitch!

A witch hunt, of the Bush administration never the mind about American lives and how Daniel Pearl, and others were treated!

Water boarding works! It kept another hit from happening in the USA is what I’m saying!

So what is it you are employing? The thugs rights to better treatment? LOL!

dcat said...

As you have noticed I don’t go around handing out daises and singing kombi a!

The liptards are doing enough of that garbage and it ain't working!

The others with the oppressed people will still hate USA and want to take USA DOWN!

I plan to fight!

Mike H. said...

My browsers are acting up so I can't get to the link.

dcat said...

Ok then Mike H.,
Go to Fox news O'Reilly talking points for 4/24.

dcat said...

I'll see you at the other place Mike H.