Sunday, November 15, 2009

Muslims with tantrums and bugs up their asses again!

I don’t think they should be invited to France or anyplace else for that matter! They are very poor house guests and know nothing but destruction where ever they go!

Atlas Shrugs
Muslims Riot Across France - A soccer game game was played in Cairo ,Egypt. Alergia lost the game, so ....... so muslims decided to trash Marseille, France. Violence in Marseille over Al...

Thanks Atlas for showing this and having the story posted! And for this story: freedom of religion regarding Rifqa Bary against the the stealth jihadists and islamic supremacists!

I wish I would have been there with you Pamela!


Mister Ghost said...

HUH?!: Geller “Anti-”Honor Killing Rally Features Mother Who Conspired to Kill Daughters

How do you go from–less than two months ago–rightfully condemning a mother for sending her daughters to what she knew would be their murder by their Muslim father . . . to making her a featured speaker at your anti-honor killing rally?!

Mister Ghost said...

Personally, I think Pam has done a great job with the Rifqa situation,
based on what transpired, although it would have been better if Rifqa had stayed hidden until she was 18, but this seems to be a serious lapse of judgment on Geller's part.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving Donna and remember the poor Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq. Within a generation or two, they will all be gone.

dcat said...

11:53 AM & 12:04

Lets just see what Pamela has up her sleeve. You know that Pamela interviews all don’t you? I smell a hen fight.

I know from being on line that it is still a doggie dog world out there and one needs to stay focused on issues only with detail and good reporting with facts.

Some blogs don’t sit well with me for the fact that they just about trip over each other for that atta boy beat ones chest political style of recognition. Sort of like the politicians. Never mind about freedom, constitution… we need the vote kind of crap!

Or are you someone important bam lets be friends. I don't play games!

Also Rifqa was questioned by her father. Who knew maybe the old man had a husband for her and well you know the rest don’t you?

Some people are just so quick to conclusions! (O's favorite lately)

If we don’t fight now we won’t have a generation in THE USA EITHER!

Yes thank you I plan to have a great Thanksgiving with lots of meat for the holidays just to piss al gore off!

Mister Ghost said...

Well, LOL, here's an update. Although Pam or someone (whomever was responsible for the list that appeared on the poster) at one time had Patricia Said appearing at the rally, which you can see from this screen cap at Debbie Schlussel's post on the subject, Said's name was later removed and she wasn't there. Well, that makes sense now.

And apparently it was a good rally.

dcat said...

Don’t forget about the surge right here in our back yard! BTW Canada isn’t doing much better neither is England!

How in the hell can we help other counties when we have THUGS in the USA!!!

Anonymous said...
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Mike H. said...

We take them out. ;)

If they want to contest it then we contest. Let us not forget, "The sword is mightier than the pen!" etc. etc.