Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tea Party in St. Louis a HUGE HIT!

and ...Go Israel! Yes we can I loved it!
We have to depend on Israel because, Our country is too damn busy! It has it's head up their PC asses!


Mike's America said...

There was a Turkey Weekend Tea Party? I'd be too stuffed to go!

Mister Ghost said...

Hello Donna,
DC Watson has an updated list of Jihadists in the US - scroll down

Poor Rifqa, I see where she is supposed to meet with the parents and discuss religious beliefs. I wish she had stayed in hiding in Florida until she was 18, even if she had to move from one place to another, but if her father tricked her as you say, I guess it was not meant to be.

dcat said...

Know this MG I plan to live my life and fight when I need to and I fucking will! Not a threat just best leave me alone!

Go worship a rock but you have no right to use it on me or your ass will be grass!!!

BTW the fuckiing prick didn't trick her he threatened her and this threat would have taken place if she had not left! The blood will be on the child protection agency! This will not be ignored and folks like myself will have more amo!

The sick ass religion of psychos will be put into place!

The Griper said...

a speech made after my heart. good post babe.

dcat said...

Thank you Griper!