Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The nut cases in Olympia Washington are at it again!

Yes it’s a Christmas tree you crazy people in Olympia Washington! If you can’t call it a Christmas tree then DON’T PUT IT UP! I’ll just ignore you like I always do and give you my favorite gesture in return!

I vow this year to remind idiots with their “happy holidays” with its; "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME YOU MORON!" Just try and stop me!

I plan to drive those "PC" people nuts like I just love doing all year long!

So there!

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving!

A reminder I will post here from my love of my life Mr. Dcat:
The Pillars of Thanksgiving
An inhospitable environment wasn't the only obstacle to the Pilgrims' success at Plymouth Plantation. Until 1623, the Pilgrims were victims of their own bad policies. As Governor William Bradford explained in his memoir of 1647, the community suffered food shortages because its system of communal property rights had sundered reward and effort.
Once families were allowed to keep the fruits of their labor, the food shortages vanished. In short, the Pilgrims learned that prosperity requires individual effort, and individual effort requires individual reward. And we are the beneficiaries of that lesson.
"It is customary in many families to 'give thanks to the hands that prepared this feast' during the Thanksgiving dinner blessing," writes Independent Institute Research Fellow Benjamin Powell. "Perhaps we should also be thankful for the millions of other hands that helped get the dinner to the table: the grocer who sold us the turkey, the truck driver who delivered it to the store, and the farmer who raised it all contributed to our Thanksgiving dinner because our economic system rewards them. That's the real lesson of Thanksgiving. The economic incentives provided by private competitive markets where people are left free to make their own choices make bountiful feasts possible."


Mister Ghost said...

Hello Donna,
PC is very anti-Christian. I saw an article the other day about Pagans and members of Wiccan, and even they were complaining about PC and Christmas, since many of them were originally Christians and grew up with various Christmas traditions.

And speaking of PC, there was at one time a funny spoof video on YouTube by a group of Muslims gals called: Top Model in Saud El Arab, and of course, YouTube removed it, after a lot of complaints from Muslims. But, alas, it's difficult to censor things on the Internet, fortunately, and Garage TV has it:


dcat said...

Oh hello Mr. Ghost!

Frankly Mr. Ghost,
I don’t go along with any group. I just know what I like and dislike. I pray to God and believe in Jesus. I don’t care for the back ass groups such as Islam or Christians. They are just wacked people in my book! NUT cases really!

I do have gifts of my own but WICCANS are really liberal and I can’t go along with them either!

dcat said...

Here MG Pass this around!

Mike's America said...

No tree for me this year. I am going home to Ohio to visit my parents and really don't relish doing all that work if I am not going to be here to enjoy it.

But in any case, I'll say MERRY CHRISTMAS when the time comes!

dcat said...

Merry Christmas Mike! :)