Thursday, November 05, 2009

My prayers to our Brave in Texas!

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How I see what is going on:
I am fucking pissed off at the media it isn’t even funny! It isn’t like they are concerned about the victims!

“Oh he was upset about going to Afghanistan” lalalalalalala mememe!

Nothing like getting the people against soldiers going off to war to defend democracy for the ones without a voice! No they have to turn against that sort of ploy!

We are finding out there is a group “going on for quite some time” against America that is out to take us down. They have plants in all organizations in our own Government! Yes people even in the health care bill! I have had it with the thugs in office against our great nation and WE THE PEOPLE WILL WIN! It will be to the death!

I can’t wait to see the losers on the other side! Oh wait they will all be in hell burning for all eternity so never mind!

God I am ready for you! Do you hear me!? You can come anytime because I am yours.

From a close friend that gets things real fast:

As MSM all across this nation continues to attribute his massacre to "stress", a site that may be the attacker's blog refers to an American soldier who died for his friends, so that others may not die. He then goes on to explain why it is important for one to catch your enemies off guard, to kill 100 of them so that they cannot kill your people.

On his blog is a link to an article "Martyrdom in Islam vs Suicide Bombing"


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