Friday, June 15, 2007

The Iranian Women’s Movement

Today I got this email from an Iranian friend. She lives here in the USA and is fitting in nicely. Working hard and trying to make the American dream. She is not doing this illegally!

I know I have been cold but I can’t help it! They come here to the land of free not her so much but others, ‘wearing the tent! Obviously I have a problem with that! God did not give dress codes!!! This is all man made! Yes it is the man that has a bad time of it! It isn’t my problem if I make there little thing rise! That is a personal issue and I suggest to them “the men” a nice ICE COLD SHOWER!

I don’t understand why in the hell women over there go along with men like this! Why don’t they take notes about Women's Day or the Women's suffrage I wrote about already “scratching head and saying where did I put that?” Oh it is in my archives… someplace!?

Ok so here is the letter and I will look at this issue because why? I am a woman! I know you have to always fight for your freedom no matter what! It takes every ones cooperation. And it does not happen over night! Repression is all over the world and it isn’t just the women’s issue it is humanity’s issue! If you are a humanitarian you will fight for freedom for all not just for yourself.

Shame on the people that are against the war! SHAME ON YOU!!!


“My Dear Dcat,

I want you reflect the Iranian women’s movement against mullah’s regime. Here, No media has reflected the women protestations in Iran yet and it is a big question for me why!!!!!!!!.
I want you read the articles and watch the videos and with your own word write about the woman movement in iran.”


Now I’m pissed off my friend!

Seems to me iranian men (Middle Eastern) are the pimps and nothing more! As for the media “ha”… oh please! Give me a freaking break!

Woman for freedom of the back ass men’s world of iran need to keep fighting my friend!

I mean give them a real fight combat style! “Me personally” I choose death rather then live like the life style they have in iran! You have to have that mentality and if enough women overthrow the ass brigade then and only then will you have freedom. You need to get the black crows (other women who give into this lame life style for a pat on the ass from the pimps). Then when they are dead and out of the way take the men on! Haven’t you learned anything?! YOU CAN’T TALK TO THEM!

If it means your family turning you in then, they are against you! You need to act and don’t think “but they are my family”! Listen to me sister they will stone you for their honor! Is that not nuts!? You don’t need them! GET SOME FORTITUDE!

Ok I need to see the rest of these… Popcorn and beer anyone!

thank you, Love



HEY ROSEY YOU LOOSER! Go tell it to these people! That goes for the rest of you that just don’t get it!!!


City Troll said...

this is a basic issue that should be championed by all the womens groups here in the US. Yet their silence is deafening. Just as it was when if you follow the definitions of the statutes Monica Lewinski was a victim of sexual harrasment in the workplace.

The things that people know are right in their hearts no longer matter and I scratch my head as to why...

dcat said...

Hey troll!

Good to see you!

I am a strong woman and I do fight my own battles.

I don't believe in the woman's a victim thing!

A woman is a victim only if they allow it!

It is in my heart troll and I will always stand with freedom for all!

Some women out there need to know the difference on culture aimed at them! Then start questioning it! Take action and fight like mad!

Mike's America said...

I'm in favor of making the Burka mandatory for women's wear.

But only for women like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Cindy Sheehan.

dcat said...

LOL Mike! :D :D :D

The Griper said...

don't forget about the fact they should also be mandated to join a harem. that is, if there'd be a man that would buy them at an auction.

dcat said...

guys don't stop now... ROFLMAO!

The Griper said...

let's not forget the so-called men up on the hill. we all have our favorites that would just fine in a burka also, guys like reid, kerry, or murtha.

dcat said...


Men? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Let them keep thinking that.

They are definitely an albatross!

Indigo Red said...

Mike favors making the Burka mandatory women's wear for "Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Cindy Sheehan."

Well, there you go again! Picking on butt-ugly women is soooo sexist and looks-ist.

And Griper wants "reid, kerry, or murtha" in oversized dresses, too. Hey, BUB! These guys are REAL MEN, by golly. Murtha is the only Marine who is no longer a Marine, Kerry shot himself in VietNam - THREE TIMES, and Reid frequented the local whorehouse as a kid.

Besides, who cares about the women of Iran? They're only women in Iran, for Pete's sake!

dcat said...

Besides, who cares about the women of Iran? They're only women in Iran, for Pete's sake!

Yes but I don't need that shit happening here! Do you hear me!!!

It's time for a change for those that want it to have that choice of freedom!

I guess that will have to apply for some hen pecked men out there ;)

Anonymous said...

As long as any men or women are not free, the the freedom of all is in danger. I say that because the one's not free don't fight to protect a right they never had and those who are free get apathetic and don't recognize that those who made that other group "not free" see us free ones as a threat and will do all they can to bring us down anyway they can!


dcat said...

Yeah devildog6771,

& they ain't gonna win! Us free ones will!