Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hey Hugo Chavez!

Is this a show up or else! You think we are stupid or something!?! The students against you already hit the computer geek world you asshole!!! I herd all about the students being held hostage! The media can hide your screwed up fantasy but the real reporters will get the word out! Now everyone is hearing about you! It ain’t good either!

In Venezuela the Venezuelans do what Chavez wants them to do! Chavez warns other media outlets? Like WHOOOOO I’m scared! NOT!

Hat tip goes to Louise! Venezuelan Student alert. Please repost this on your blogs

Thank God we have our way of getting the truth! God is on our side you know not yours Chavass!

Nice Hot Air! And I like to call him a son of a PRICK!!!


Tapline said...

The people of Venezeula got what they asked for he was up from with what he was taking away. One of the first things they do is Nationalize the Oil companies. He has been making changes for quite some time. He had Reps from Cuba, Iran, etc etc, and the dye was cast. Now free speach is no longer free....Students protest and are locked up. leastways, they haven't tried and incarserated Bloggers as they have done in Egypt recently, (that I know of).

dcat said...

Students protest and are locked up.

Uh Yeah! He closed free speech down by taking hostages!!! I don't think the students had a choice!

Tapline said...

dcat: Sorry, my thought process got ahead of my typing fingers. I meant to say...He was up front with the changes he made. Telling them what he was doing and I didn't hear any decent from the masses. It happened,,,the genie is out of the bottle...Lots of luch trying to get it back in.....

dcat said...

I'm sure he "hugo" would have had them silenced if apposed to of what he was saying. Or better yet...killed!

chavez up front!? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA right! Sure I have a bridge you can buy!