Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No I Won’t Calm Down!!!

This is to a blogger calling himself a Crazy Marzouq Redneck Muslim:

“You must be male and you think that everything is copasetic with your religion. I feel that it isn’t! It’s a cult!!! A cult against women and anyone else that is a meat eater! If you think your religion is so wonderful why are your women protesting!? Why are Jews hated? I don’t hate Jews I think they are hard working and have a good sense for business. I checked out where you came from and I see the site meter.

You bet your sweet ass I love USA! I will not tolerate any religion to dictate my freedom! I only have to answer to GOD himself not you or anyone else!!! I will fight and if it means in this manner I will! I will not be put in my place by NO MAN or WOMAN! So don’t send your black biddies over because I will brow beat them and be harder on them then you, for not knowing any better!

Let’s get something strait here! This here is my blog and I will not tolerate anyone to talk down to me! Most of all not by a Fucking CLERIC! As long as you have that strait in your little mind we just may have a chance in getting along. I am an equal! You’re pissy ass religion… and please do not hash out Christian religion to me because the women in the USA have fought them already and won. I will not look back only forward! But I do pay close attention to history. Fool me once shame on you! Fool me twice shame on me!

So what are you people going to do about your bigotry toward others? Hmmmmm? Remember we were attacked and yes there is Timothy McVegh and other brain washed idiots! Weak minds do this kind of shit! The world is full of psychopathic criminals.

I have yet to hear more Muslims in the USA come forward and say that 9-11 was a big tragedy!!! NO, they come from other countries and become USA citizens and plan attacks! Just like on JFK! I guess I am no better then a black person! I WANT AN APOLOGY and more! I was never a racial person until 9-11!!! I am careful about all religions and groups so that does not make me racial. I call it being more aware.

Here is some history: ‘the Japanese did well after WWII! We got attacked! Remember Pearl Harbor? It’s you Crazy Marzouq Redneck Muslim, which needs to look up references!

This is a different war and I know what you are playing at here! And it won’t work with me! Consider this a dcat dry run!

I have a passion for life and human kind. I love nature. What will your agenda be Iran and all you in the Middle East? Show me you can build your country up to a livable standard. A standard with, places to stay that have swim up bars and that will treat visitors with bikinis well and I just may change, my mind! Until then the Islamic type religion is shit to me! That does go for all just incase you missed it! It was interpreted much too many times by man for my blood!”

You posting, a comment was a grave error!!! DON’T THREATEN ME AGAIN crazy Marzouq Redneck Muslim!!!

Thanks for the link bg!


Mike H. said...

Where did he comment?

dcat said...

It's on it's way to you Mike H.

City Troll said...

you know they fear our army, but what they should really fear is our women ... you go dcat,

God Bless the Women of the West

dcat said...

Stay alert troll,

This is how they will attack and work the blogs!

Send me an email and I will let you in on this mess going on.

This guy is a real James town waiting to happen.

Joanne said...

Holy Cow, I think I blew a gasket for you.

Marzouq just wants you to not be ignorant and know the truth and the path you should take, whether it be to conversion to Islam or to a slice with a dull knife.

Marzouq, if you tune in, it doesn't matter which way you look at it, Christians follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and Muslims follow the teachings of Mohammed; Muslims cannot follow the teachings of both, they are at opposite ends of the good/evil spectrum. Although I do believe you love your Allah, I also believe you love Mohammed - scary stuff.

dcat said...

LOL Joanne ;)

Can you believe this shit!!!

Hey can't wait to see the wood floors!

Don said...

OK dcat how do you really feel?

dcat said...

And where in the hell have you been Don!!! ;)

don said...

I'm always slurking around somewhere. I don't visit some of the old places anymore since the disappearance of Andy and Bob and the visiting of someone's chhildren and grandchildren every day.

dcat said...

Ooooook Don so what happend to Bob and I know about Andy's issues.

It's really too bad.

I'll be around myself. I don't have the luxury of kids or grand kids. Thank God!

I have never been a groupie anyway's. I do my own thing as you all know.

Gosh Don you even get up early on Sundays! ;)

Let me know how you and the missus are doing from time to time. I do miss all of you!

Heather Wilder said...

oops ha ha that was something someone else said. ha ha well maybe the blonde does come through after all at times. anyway, pass that along to the guy who wrote that then. thanks:)

dcat said...

Yeah heather I'm a bitch too! Haha!