Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Middle East Media LOL … Research Institute…

Ok it is apparent that this bozo isn't getting any.

Feel free to click on the above sentence to see what is spewing from men who think they know how to treat women! UGH!!!

He lay’s with circumcised women how would he know how to satisfy a woman? Wham bam thank you mam I suppose. HEH!

Still ROFLMAO! Who are these clowns and why are they on my planet!?


City Troll said...

yet the women groups in this country like NOW have no problems with Islam...

dcat said...

Well NOW still has their freedom that’s why. ]

Just like the fucking liberals here they just don’t get it until hit once again with another 9-11! Or laws that in no way will happen here in the USA because of folks like you and me!

Low life types don’t have a chance in hell and NOW should realize that aspect. Meanwhile our military people keep on fighting for there pathetic freedom of saying they are against the war. “They are saying they are against freedom is what they are really saying and to damn stupid to see it!!!