Saturday, June 30, 2007



The USA will be celebrating our 231st birthday! Independent day will be this coming Wednesday. Let’s hope that the new citizens being sworn in to this country will up hold our freedom! If not, I know they will be caught and dealt with! Just like the fucked up pussies that tried to bomb JFK!

Yeah I will continue to cuss because the boneheads in this great nation just don’t understand unless you use shock value! I mean they just love what the media puts out there! Ann Coulter I’m with you!

Patton cussed all the time and he was a great General! It’s appropriate when you deal with dimwitted tyrants! And if it means people living in the USA not understanding the value of freedom, one has that right to brow beat them into oblivion!

Offended? Too fucking, bad!!!

I will fight for this country from home! So troops stick to the program!!! Even when you, are back home! Folks at home set those cameras up NOW! CIA: make all the wire taps you want! And put some people on the net to patrol the bullshit out there! Hone in on them track them, find out where they live! So that AMERICA can stay safe and free from murderous thugs! Don’t give islamist thugs any rights they don’t deserve it!!!

Celebrate The 4TH!


Mike H. said...

Yup, don't give 'em a thing. Oh, maybe a swift kick in the ass toward their original rock.

dcat said...

They can land on their heads on the way too!!!

Anything to make them extinct!

Crazy Marzouq Redneck Muslim said...

Loved your message! Great clip!

xoxoxoo ;-)

dcat said...

State : New Hampshire
City : Plaistow

HA! I knew it!!!

You asshole!

GLAD you enjoyed Islams not for me you (_0_)! (_x_)kiss it!

Indigo Red said...

Added bonus this year - on July 5th, the 50 Star Flag will be the longest serving Flag in our history. The 50th Star was added for Hawaii statehood which was finalized Aug 1, 1959.

Why the nearly one month time delay? It was a government job that went to the lowest bidder.

dcat said...

Could you imagine what it would cost today! ;)

BrianFH said...

Was just reading your profile, and noticed you'd climbed one of the Big Tits. Yep, that's what Grand Tetons means in French; the story goes R&G were exploring the area, and when they spotted those upthrusting hills, one said, "Those look like two big tits!" And it stuck. Of course.

So, which did you climb? The left, or the right? (Or is it vice versa?)

dcat said...

Yes and now they are expanding it.

The left was Owens and the right was the highest point 13,366 is the close to exact height. Some round it out to be 13,770.

Not exactly the same in height as the neighboring peak but they must have been getting horny. What else does one expect from the French! ;)

I did the Exum rout.

Good to see you Brian H!

City Troll said...

Happy 4th of July

dcat said...

Happy 4th to you too troll!

You bet your ass ;)